Friday, 13 January 2017

Bare Minerals Skincare for Combination Skin Types


Starting off New Year can be tough - what with resolutions and harsh chilly weather your skin can take a beating. I've decide to review the skincare I have been using for the past few months. 

I have chosen the Clay Chamelon cleanser by Bare Minerals and also their Smart Combination moisturiser. Normally I would say that I have quite dry skin but when I tried this brand for the first time a couple of months ago I had begun to break out again so I decide to try a formula that is specifically formulated for combination skin. 


The product that sold it to me was the clay cleanser. The smell alone - it contains Brazilian red clay papaya and bamboo extracts plus mineral sea salts - sold it to me. It smells divine like all of the skincare products. They really promote a spa like feeling to the senses. This cleanser is great because it removes makeup, can be used on dry skin and can also be doubled up as a mask. 

You apply it to a dry face, then using damp hands work the product into the fade which is where the Chamelon part comes into play...the white product turns red on your skin and leaves a lovely smooth texture to the skin. 

This retails for €23 and I think it is definitely worth it if you like a nice creamy cleanser great on sensitive skin that can also double up as a mask. 

The Smart Combination moisturiser is a lovely light formula if you don't like the feeling of thick greasy formulas. It claims to 'bring beautiful balance to skin'. While I like the texture of this moisturiser and feel like it is perfect summer moisturiser I definitely think that I need something thicker and more moisturising in the winter. 

It is powered by "intuitive mineral moisture technology" and to cut through the bullshit it means that more water is infused in the moisturiser as opposed to oil as when skin is a combination skin type it tends to need more water to hydrate it as opposed to loading it down with oil. 

This retails for €40 which is a bit steep but it is a 50ml bottle and a little goes a long way. 

Another plus point for the brand is that they have really upgraded their packaging game lately and the slick white and rose gold bottles will make any dressing table look Insta worthy. 

*My little disclaimer is that I used to work for Bare Minerals and recieved these products for free as part of my allocation however these views are entirely my own and I wasn't approached to use or review the products*

Have you tried any of these products? Do you use bare Minerals and will you consider their skincare in future? 


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