Monday, 23 January 2017

Origins Feeling Rosy Smoothing Face Mask Review

January throws a spotlight on skincare - after all the harsh wind and winter can really dry out the skin and make it appear rougher than it should be.

Face masks are often something I especially don't bother with, but after receiving a sample of this rooibos tea and rose face mask from Origins I decided to give it a go. I especially was taken in by the fact that you mix it yourself with two teaspoons of water.

It is very easy to apply, some recommend that you use a flat foundation brush to apply face masks but I just used my hands. I wasn't exactly sold on the smell... the combination of rose and cold tea didn't exactly do it for me but I was trying this for the skin care properties so I powered on. 

The mask claims to smooth the skin, lightly exfoliate and also is suitable for sensitive skin. 
Of course I had to take a picture with the mask on for posterity, blogging is as glam as it seems.

The lovely red colour brings out the green in my eyes but apart from that I don't think I would be going anywhere outside the confines of my bathroom with this on!

The texture is a little clumpy and grainy and it did dry to where it was hard to move my face. Once I washed the mask off with warm water it really did leave my skin feeling smooth, soft and with a glow about it.

The Origins Smoothing Face mask retails at around €35 in Boots which is definitely a little steep for a student budget - even though I am no longer a student I don't think I would repurchase only for the fact that I am not a massive lover of face masks. I would much rather spend my money on a serum or a decent moisturiser.

Let me know your thoughts below, would you try this face mask? Do you think its worth the price?


*This was a sample I was given to try for myself free of charge with no expectation of a review* 

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