Thursday, 27 April 2017

The Best Steak in Dublin?

Non meat eaters look away now... I don't think you will want to read on about the most delicious steak I have had the pleasure of chowing down on recently in Dublin.

The weekend just passed myself and my boyfriend spent a night away in the Conrad (more on that in another post) and being the steak lovers that we are, for dinner we just had to try Featherblade.

Tips to note before you decide to pay the eatery a visit:

1. Book ahead - the latest sitting they had available on a Sunday evening was at 5.40. This place is small, so booking is essential. We arrived about 10-15 minutes late for our booking as I was attempting to walk in six inch heels but it wasn't a problem for the staff. They were lovely and friendly yet did advise that they would need the table returned by 7.30. This was no problem at all which leads me to my next point...

2. The menu is extremely small and limited. If you don't like steak then don't go as the entire menu consists of two types of steak for mains - the featherblade and the hanger steak.

We picked both steaks to share and taste and also added gorgeous garlic prawns for €5 to make it a surf and turf.

The steaks are only €13 and €14 respectively and served medium they were perfectly seasoned and melted in our mouths.

There are also two starters - a beetroot and goats cheese salad and ham hock croquettes. A variety of side dishes exist to add to your steak and leaves - creamed spinach, beef dripping chips, truffle mac and cheese to name a few.

The service was extremely quick, efficient and friendly even for ordering drinks and just topping up water. For the quality of the steaks and the efficiency of the service we are already planning our next meal there! This time we will order more sides to try.

Definitely finish off your meal with their incredible chocolate mousse brownie raspberry dessert - it was honestly one of the best desserts I have tasted and not too filling, just the right size after your meal.

Sauces and sides aren't included so it can add up but for the value and taste of the steaks alone this is a little gem worth visiting!

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