Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Bargain Beauty Haul!

I just can't help myself when I go into a chemist these days! They always have great bargains and a lot of them even give you a student discount unlike Boots. 

I stocked up on a few different strip falsies, and individuals. They were fantastic value, I just couldn't pass them up at €3.95. They didn't include glue however. 

I also hit up Catrice and Essence, the former being my favourite budget beauty brand. I picked up their prime and fine anti-red base. I'm not sure about how well this works longevity wise, but it certainly works as a cheap colour corrector. I picked up a highlighting pen, and a eyeshadow pencil. The colour is a fantastic bronze called Mermaid It! 

My Essence buys included a lip liner in Satin Mauve. It is a very natural nude-y colour as I find most nudes to be on the pink side. I also bought their Road Trip lipstick crayon and lip tint. They are both gorgeous  creamy colours and apply easily. 

So delighted with my budget beauty buys! Have you tried any of these products? if so, let me know in the comments below ;-) 



Wednesday, 23 July 2014

My first GlossyBox Revealed!!

If you read the title and thought- what in the hell is a Glossybox well let me let you in on a little beauty secret...Glossybox, along with Powderpocket and the Chic Treat Club are all beauty subscription box services. You can sign up to a rolling monthly subscription and get sent a mystery box of beauty treats once a month! You mean I'm paying for something that I won't know what it is until it gets here? Yup! But that's the beauty of it! Anyone who loves surprises will love a Glossybox.

This July was a stars and stripes special edition box as it was the 4th of July, Independence Day in America. The theme was American favourites products which was faaaabulous. Let me just say I ordered, and it came exactly a week later which was perfect. And...it was wrapped absolutely beautifully I was afraid to open it!

 It comes with a handy leaflet that details excatly what was in the box and how to use it :)

Some products were old favourites such as carmex lip balm, the rest I hadn't actually tried so that was brilliant.
There was an oil free eyeshadow primer that I will be using as a cheaper dupe of my Urban Decay primer potion.
A set of imPress press on nails which I have yet to try, but they are a gorgeous wearable pinky coral colour which I am happy about as I saw some Glossybox receivers got a disgusting blue nail polish.
A Bellapierre mineral lipstick in Catwalk. This is a super wearable pinky nude shade that mimics my natural lip colour. I am so happy I amn't stuck with a disgusting coppery or brown castoff. It applies so smooth and creamy.
Last but not least I got a sample size of Pur minerals dirty girl face mask. I can't wait to use this as with all the sun my skin is in need of a good mask!
All in all, I am extremely happy with my first Glossybox! Will I be subscribing again? You will have to wait and see.... ;-)

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Updated: What's in My Makeup Bag

I don't know about you but I loooove reading posts about what other beauty bloggers have in their makeup bags. You can pick up some great ideas of products to try or buy and in general it's just nice to have a nose at what pretty products are residing in their makeup bags. So first things first, I did a post like this already but I have completely overhauled my makeup bag since then, to read what was in my old makeup bag click right hurrrr 

from left to right....
Smashbox Photofinish primer - It's definitely worth the price tag. This primer has been voted time and time again the best, and I can testify that it has definitely played a huge part in keeping my makeup on my face!
Mac Studio Sculpt NC25- I switched to this gel based foundation recently as this formula is supposed to work really well with dry skin and is extra hydrating. I really have noticed a difference with how my foundation looks but it could be all down to my Real Techniques Expert Face brush. I'll get on to that in a min.... ;-)
Mac prolongwear concealer compact- I picked this up in New York last Christmas and it has been a great addition to my kit. I use the yellow and peach tones at the bottom to colour correct. I use the yellow to conceal any redness on my nose and the peach for my dark circles. I also use the darker shades occaisionally to contour.
Real techniques expert Face brush- My absolute fave brush to use on myself! This is fan-flipping tastic if you are after full coverage. I pat and stipple my foundation on with this brush. It allows me to give extra coverage where needed.

Starting from the top left hand corner...
Catrice Matte bronzing powder in medium bronze
is my absolute favourite bronzer, I have broken all ofthe ones I have owned however!
Catrice defining blush in Apropos Apricot
This is a stunning blush. It has rose gold tones, flecks of gold within the peachiness of the blush and it really suits almost everyone! Peach instead of pink tone blushers are great for concealing redness
Catrice Prime and Fine Mattifying Powder in Translucent
I love this powder as it doesn't add any extra colour to your foundation. It is in shade 010 Translucent. I wouldn't say it is waterproof as it claims to be but it is a great bargain buy for mattifying on the go.
Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle
This adds a gorgeous shimmer ot your cheekbones and a different dimension to your face. Just pat it on and your good to go!

I received the above mascara in a goodie bag from the Cosmetic Outlet. It is a brown mascara which is great for day and the curved brush fits perfectly to my eye shape! It makes applying mascara so much easier. This mascara never flakes off and does the job brilliantly.

Maybelline baby Lips
If you haven't heard of baby lips or baby skin or other baby body parts where have you been living? This has been moisturising my lips to perfection since I picked it up in a supermarket while on my hols in Portugal.
There you have it, these are my everyday makeup bag essentials!! Are you going to try any of these products out? Let me know in the commentds below ;)

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

How to Make Your Make-up Last All Night

One thing I have always struggled with is that no matter how well I applied my foundation, come five hours later it would be patchy and have sunk into my skin leaving me with little to no coverage. It used to always frustrate me, but now, and hopefully I don't jinx myself I think I've found a cure!

First of all, you have to make sure your base is prepped. Your base meaning your skin. If your skin is dry, and in need of attention it doesn't matter if the foundation that you are putting on top of it cost three euro or thirty. My skin is on the dry side, and as explained to me by a skin expert if your skin is dry it will just suck up all the foundation and moisture it can get which is why my foundation always seems to dissapear into the skin. 

Now I have never been one for fancy creams, and I will admit until recently I didn't moisturise regularly. I've shook up my make-up habits and started using a miracle product from....Aldi. 

The AQUA-Complete serum from their Lacura range is formulated for normal to dry skin. It lists aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, and glacier water amongst its ingredients. And best of all cost me about four euro. The latest big beauty trend seems to be serum this and that, so I decided to give it a go. 

The bottle is a gorgeous frosted glass, and one pump gives enough to cover the whole face and neck avoiding the eye area. It dries into my skin super quick. Nothing I hate more than having to wait to apply my moisturiser/makeup. 

Next I apply Simple light hydrating moisturiser which also sinks into the skin so easily without leaving a greasy feeling. 

Then I use my most favourite primer and the most awarded primer the Smashbox Photofinish primer. It really is worth what you pay for it, and I have tried many a primer. I think it's best to apply primer with a clean foundation brush, but most of the time the fingers will do. 

It really just melts into the skin leaving it velvety soft and ready for makeupping! :) 

This three step routine I have been following along with switching my foundation to MAC Studio Sculpt, a gel based foundation formulated for normal/dry skin and applying it with my Expert Face brush from Real Techniques has really made a huuuuuge difference to how my makeup looks and how long it lasts. 

Give it a go if your skin type is on the dry side!



Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Review: Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray


Beachy hair year after year is an obvious summer hair trend and the last word on achieving this is usually: sea salt spray. Try saying that after a few cocktails. 

I picked up the Toni & Guy texturising sea salt spray from Boots in a handy travel size version. I had read a few reviews online and I was confident in sun goddess style surfer waves. 

Not so. I sprayed this into my damp hair, scrunched it up and...yeah well I looked like I had been dragged out of the sea like a drunken mermaid. It gave a crunchy effect that exactly mimics the texture of your hair after one to many swims in the sea. Sure, if I wanted that I would just go for a dip! I thought it would leave my with some tousled waves, but still super sleek hair. Maybe I was naive but I didn't like this product atall atall. 

Save your pennies, and stick some sea water in a spray bottle. Does the trick. 

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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Shop with me Saturdays

Hey ladies! So I don't know if this will be a regular thing, but hoping to make a regular blog post on a Saturday on what I bought during the week be it make-up or clothes. I am a total shopaholic so I'm sure we won't have a 'dry' week! 

Get in losers, we're going shoppppingggggg


I hit the River island sales hard. I am so delighted I went in as I found unbelievable bargains. Now I am telling you, I am one lucky girl to have a mam like mine. She is so good at finding amazing bargains and things I would never consider that always end up looking deadly on me! So she is actually the raging fashionista behind most of these fashion picks today. All personal shopping/styling I credit to my mammy Mary. 

Bear in mind: I am in no way a model, was just having the craic taking some photos but thought looking at the clothes hanging up wouldn't be too much fun now would it? :)

Excuse the close up of my bum, but like...if ya got it flaunt it...haha #bigbootybitch

Jeans are River Island Amelie Mid-Rise Superskinny jeans. They fit so goddamn well. I find it so so hard to buy jeans that look nice on me, and these fit so perfectly and are a great length! They were reduced from €50 to €30. Scoreeee. 

The top is a woven coral top and was reduced from €25 to €12 also from RI and a 'Mammy' find. The back looks kind of weird in the above pic, but it is super flattering from the front. 

Ah god, super awkward pose but sure...

What do yiz think of my flatforms? ;) I hear all the huns are wearing them and they look super comfy and 90s so I picked them up. They were a bargain, €24 down from €55. 

I'm wearing a blazer which I loooove that I picked up also in the sale. I love the zip detail you can zip them up for tighter sleeves and it is so flattering. I love the tailored look and you can wear a blazer with anything! It used to be €67 I think and I got it for €30. Awh yeeah!

I went on into Penney's because you can't go shopping and not go to Penney's in my opinion anyways :P
I picked up these white top with sheer panels and I love it. I didn't realise it was quite so fitted so I probably could have gone for a size up, but sure look it. The sheer panelled white top was €13... bit dear for Penneys?

I also picked up this sheer black 'kimono' type cover up that I just think will be so handy to throw on over everything. When I am doing someone's make-up I like to wear black as well so it will go perfectly. This was €9 and is really comfy. I got it in a size Small which has a funny story behind it. I automatically picked up an L and this random woman saw me trying it on and was like' ah I think medium would be grand for you' and we swapped, and then she said 'sure try a small we're always buying clothes too big for ourselves,' and small fit like a glove! When buying oversized its actually better to go smaller, at least then it shows your shape! :) 

Just such a random funny encounter with her, she was flying through penneys whipping tops on and off on the shop floor haha 

You can see the sheer detail a bit clearer in the above pic :) 

Hope you liked shopping with me! :)

Do you like what I bought? Get any great bargains lately? I'd love to know... :) 

Total spend:
Orange woven top €12
Jeans €30
Blazer €30
Flatforms €24
Sheer white top €13
Black kimono €9

= €118 

Saved myself €101 !!!! 



Friday, 11 July 2014

Review: Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Eeeeeee!! I LOVE this brush, like seriously it is just so smooth and seriously cuts down on make-up application time. I ordered this lil baby of cloud10beauty a few days ago and it arrived so quickly that I was delighted and couldn't wait to test it out. I was a bit worried at first because it seemed a bit smaller than I imagined, but once I swirled this silky smooth brush against my skin I knew I was on to a winner. 

This is the first Real Techniques brush I have bought, and I believe the hype. They are gorgeously made and fantastically priced brushes. This one retailed at €11.99. The way they are made means it can balance standing up which is very handy. 

The bristles are densely packed meaning it really can pick up a lot of product. I felt the best way too apply it was with a patting motion onto the skin. It literally took so much less brush work and blending than it usually takes. 

The brush promises to give you a high definition full coverage finish and it really does what it says on the tin. Most of all it lasted me all day! Delighted to say the least :) 

I even included a before and after pic for y'all;-) #NoMakeupSelfie

The Lowdown: 

I used my Smashbox photofinish primer then dabbed on some green colour corrector from dermalogica. 

The foundation I used was MAC Studio Fix Fluid mixed in with a Collection foundation to lighten it up a tad.

 Translucent powder from Catrice to follow, Iced caramel machiato blush by CATRICE, and MAC lipstick in 'Toying Around'. I also used a lip liner in Prince Cherry from CATRICE, it wasn't a match to the lipstick but it did the job.  Eyeshadows are a mixture from Inglot, mascara is CATRICE better than false lashes. You can tell that I love a certain budget beauty brand...haha! Rumour has it that their blushes are made in the same place as MAC ... ;-) 

You can purchase the expert face brush at cloud10beauty.com or at realtechniques.com where I hear even with postage from America it works out cheaper! thanks for the tip Pam ;)

Peace out xx

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Most Talked About Make-up Haul

After listening to so many beauty bloggers go crazy over some of these products I decided it was high time I invested in them, both for my kit and for my face. So while I was in town for a day out with my bestie, I decided to do serious damage to my bank balance and treat myself!

In the above pic I am wearing MAC lippie in 'Toying Around' from the MAC Playland Collection! I'm feeling lucky because some of my other blogger gals told me it was all sold out on the BT website, so it was just chance I got my hands on it! It looks quite red in the picture but it is actually a hot coral pink. It is actually stunning, my god. I have never seen a lippy like it. You really need to try it on to see for yourself. It illuminates you and it looks almost neon! But in a good way ;) 

The MAC artist Jenni, in Brown Thomas Grafton St paired it with lip liner in Dynamo. You really need a structured lip when you are rocking a bright colour.

She also made up my face with Studio Sculpt foundation in NC25. I have never used this foundation before as I usually would go for Studio Fix Fluid but she told me that since I have normal to dry skin, the studio sculpt foundation is gel based and would be more hydrating. I don't know how true this is, but she made my skin look so so amazing so I bought it. Haha!

One thing that frustrates me when I get a foundation tested out on me is that I can NEVER manage to make it look as good as they do! I use primer, have good quality makeup brushes...and yet I never seem to achieve the same full coverage flawless finish without seriously layering it on...What is this trickery?! Answers on a postcard please...

I had heard so much about the MAC Fix plus spray for hydrating the skin, locking in moisture and keeping your makeup on. Instead of splurging I bought the travel size, which was smart as after one use, I am not overly wowed at all. It refreshes your face, I don't know how much it does towards keeping your makeup on though!

So just in case this didn't work out I purchased the Urban Decay All Nighter makeup setting spray! I know, I know...I spent a lot but sure I barely ever spend big on make-up and I will use it for my kit, so it's an investment. This was €12 for 30ml which I think was quite good! I haven't tested it out yet, but the science behind it has me intrigued! It has a temperature control technology which lowers the temperature of your face by 20% so you don't sweat that perfectly applied makeup off. Here's hoping it works!!

Let me know if you have tried any of these products out, and if my review talked you into purchasing! I don't mind being the enabler when it comes to makeup ;-)

Check in with me on www.facebook.com/bloggingitbeautiful for all the beauty buzz


Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Style Edit

Here are some of the pieces I am loving this summer....

This dress will be so flattering on all figures with it's fit and flare shape. It's available in a range of candy colours, my favourite being this pinky coral shade fab against a tan. 

I am head over heels with these strappy metallic platforms!! Comfort and style means these are a winner for me! They are available as a Web Exclusive only on riverisland.com

These jeans are the slim fit distressed roll up jeans that are so easy to dress up or down. A pair of cons with an oversized tshirt will make it perfect for college. A fitted top and the above heels will make it work for a night out!

This rose jacquard print skort is so flattering on a pear shaped and can ensure all you ladies will be able to work the skort style! I saw plus size model and blogger Louise O' Reilly wearing something similar recently.

All pieces can be found on the River Island website. Happy shopping!



Friday, 4 July 2014

14 Day Teatox

I am not one to buy into the latest fads, be it weightloss or beauty trends but the one that I have been hearing most about lately is the Bootea detox or the 14 day teatox. It doesn't involve taking pills or milkshakes or so called 'meal replacement' bars it involves eating normally and the only change to your routine being drinking a detox tea every morning, and a bed time cleanse tea every second night.

Instead of spending my hard earned dollah on one of these detoxes online I had a look around my cupboards and found my unused Pukka detox tea and my aloe vera colon cleanse tablets.

The Pukka detox tea promises to cleanse and revive and contains cardamom, fennel and aniseed. They recommend you drink this first thing in the morning after leaving it to brew for 5minutes.

The aloe vera colon cleanse tablets are from Holland & Barrett and I purchased these back when I was suffering with stomach problems. I don't know how true it is but they are meant to rid your gut of bad bacteria. You take one nightly or every second night like I would be doing. The colon cleanse is meant to flush the toxins out of your system over night.

The online "teatoxes" are supposed to produce a laxative effect which is why I suppose it can lead to weight loss but if it is cleansing your system doing it for two weeks of the year can't hurt!

I'm giving this a whirl anyways ladies, feel free to join me! I will post updates throughout the two weeks and at the end of it to let you know if I notice any difference.

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried anything like this before & Join in on the chat on Facebook at Blogging it Beautiful

Stay fabulous xx

Thursday, 3 July 2014

~Makeup Artist Tips & Tricks~

Hi girls, as you may or may not know I am a qualified makeup artist or MUA as they are known as. I completed the ITEC earlier this year and I trained with Niamh Martin, she is an amazing makeup artist and she now has her own makeup brush brand, Nima brush!

I just decided I would do this little post to offer up some tips and tricks I have learnt from my 'little' obsession with makeup! So here it goes...

  • Dark Circles - So you look like you've just gone three rounds with Mike Tyson after a night out hey? Don't worry all you need is a peach concealer to mask those blue circles! The colour wheel best explains how this works but basically red cancels out blue so a peachy/orange toned concealer will do a fab job of getting those peepers looking back to fabulous
  • Redness/Rosacea - I suffer from this myself and I am slowly learning how to work with it in makeup. I don't like to mask my skin, in fact I lean towards a more natural look with makeup. I use a green colour corrector - Dermalogica or No7 do a great one - then if I am using blush I used an apricot toned one as a pink blush would just make me look like a tomato! Yellow concealers also work well at covering redness as like green they are in the cool colour family.
  • Fine lines - Many women suffer from lines around their mouth. Taking a light reflecting concealer and drawing over these lines will deflect the dark shadows, brighten the area and make them disappear. Magic!
This is just a little short post to start off, but I will hope to be turning this into a weekly or monthly series answering any questions I am asked makeup/beauty/skincare related.

If you want your question answered leave a comment below or email me at bloggingitbeautiful@gmail.com with Beauty Q&A in the subject line.

Le grĂ¡,  

Portugal in a Nutshell

I've been neglecting the blog a bit of late but that's because I was away on my holliers! Forgive me?

 Here's a pic of a cat to speed things along ;)
I went to Alvor, Montes de Alvor to be exact. It is in the Algarve in Portugal. Spain is usually my destination of choice, and while the countries are so close together I think I may actually prefer Portugal because it hasn't yet gotten so over touristy. The people are friendlier than I thought they would be and my only quibble was the food. I got food poisoning! Well, at least I think I did. It was either that or all the cocktails that created a bit of a vomcano....
We stayed in my aunty's gorgeous apartment (bonus: free accommodation) there was a swimming pool next door, palm trees swaying in the breeze and best of all it wasn't too hot.

The weather was about 28 degrees and sunny for the majority of the time we were there. Luckily only our last two days were cloudy and since I was hugging the toilet bowl I didn't mind too much.
I got a great tan anyways, with thanks to some sunburn which wasn't all that fab since now I'm peeling but sure we get so little Vitamin D year round in Ireland I had to go hell for leather on the tanning!
Drinks of choice: Cocktails & more cocktails! Caprinha's are a type of Portugese/Brazilian cocktail which are so refreshing made with lots of mint and lime. I am also extremely partial to the Atrium 53. It's a bar/restaurant on the strip and their bespoke cocktail is to DIE for!
Things to Do: Definitely visit Portimao for some shopping. The Aqua Portimao is a huge shopping centre with tones of fab shops! They even have a Primark! Their Bershka, Pull & Bear and H&M were all so good and all of them were having sales! Scoreeeee. I bought loads, I will do a haul as soon as I collect all my pics.
Cons: The food....I just couldn't eat anything after my bout of food poisoning and to be honest a lot of the food we ordered was so bland and plain. On the plus - came back five pounds lighter! It was that and the 1.5 km hike into the town centre that did it haha
I survived on tinned sardines, ham, cheese and bread. Not a bad choice.
Also you can't drink the tap water so make sure you buy a 5L drum of water so you stay hydrated :)
Anyways that was a little snapshot of my travels and what I have been up to!
The day I flew home I went straight over to a hotel to makeover my friend and bride Niamh, she looked stunning on the day if I do say so myself! Check out my makeup page here at www.facebook.com/katiewheelermakeupartist  if you ever need a makeover for an event and are in the Meath/Kildare area I am your gal :)
Keep on blogging it beautiful
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