Friday, 20 July 2018

Is the Dublin Airport Executive Lounge worth the price tag?

Airport lounges are not something I had ever experienced until recently. Previously, I had been under the (incorrect) assumption that they were the places only celebs or business class travellers got to frequent but a recent travel article by fellow travel blogger, Nadia from opened my eyes to this chill space and ''all you can eat'' concept.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the airport you will find the executive lounge located. We booked online however you can pay at the desk. The online price is €25 each and if you book in person on the day it is €29. Initially I really wasn't sure about the price, not that its so steep but I really wasn't sure what we would be paying for. But let me tell you we made the most of it!

The lounge itself is a long room full of comfy armchairs and low tables with the food/drinks area at one end near the reception area. The first thing you notice when those heavy doors at reception swing closed behind you is how quiet and peaceful it is inside. The next thing we noticed was - food and drink!

The concept of the bar /  buffet area is serve yourself which we very much enjoyed. I was suffering with a really sore throat the morning we travelled so I promptly made myself a hot whiskey with some honey and lemon which really helped take the edge off!

Now depending on what time of day you access the lounge what is available food wise changes. Luckily we got there towards the end of the breakfast time and coming into lunch time. While the breakfast options were basically the same as you would find in any continental option at a hotel, the lunch is where the lounge really shone. Tiers of little sandwiches and wraps were brought out, as was soups and little mini desserts like the chocolate brownie which was divine.

All in all we both would definitely agree that the Dublin Airport Lounge is definitely worth the price tag - when you factor in the expensive obligatory airport pints and lukewarm fry up you can get in the bar this place definitely wins hands down if you just want to chill and unwind before your flight with no hassle of waiting for drinks, etc.

I'll also add there are bathrooms with toilet and shower in the lounge if you want to freshen up. Only downside is, if you are a smoker there is no smoking terrace but that is literally it! We would definitely book the lounge again.

For anyone flying Stateside there is a new lounge called 51st and Green which is available to book after US PreClearance and I've heard it includes a full bar service with cocktails and an American style buffet  - think not the pancakes!

My family and I are heading to California in August and I am so tempted to book this lounge! If I do I will make sure to take more pictures next time.

Have you ever booked any of the airport lounges? Do you think they are worth the money? Let me know in the comments.

*Disclaimer: Paid for this experience myself but 10/10 would book again*


Sunday, 1 July 2018

72 Hours in Budapest: Things To Do

Hogy vagy?! For the record that's how you ask someone how are they in Hungarian, the native language of people from Hungary, capital city Budapest. We visited Budapest as part of our summer holiday this year along with Prague in May. We chose Budapest because I actually lived there when I was younger and had always wanted to go back. I loved the city even at that young age and remembered that there was so much to see and do in such a beautiful easy accessible place. 

We chose to go in May as Hungarian summers from my memory can reach crazy soaring temperatures such as 40 degrees so I definitely didn't think we would want to do much exploring in that weather. We booked an Airbnb which luckily ended up being located in such a fantastic spot near all the 'ruin bars' and restaurants with lots to see and do nearby. The famous Szimpla Kert bar was only a five minute walk from our apartment so I highly recommend the area we stayed in circa Gozsdu, Dob utca, Kacinzcy utca if you want a location right in the middle of all the action. 

Our first night there we took a stroll down to discover the ruin pubs after some traditional Hungarian food in the Kazimir bistro which is located very nearby in the Jewish quarter. There are so many beautiful buildings near here so it is well worth a stroll and to see the famous synagogue nearby. 

A ruin pub for those who don't know is basically a 'pop up' style pub created out of a derelict building. They are always unique and have something to look at in every corner. For example in Szimpla kert there is an old Trabant, a car popular in the Communist era in Eastern Europe that has the top taken off that you can sit in and have a few drinks. Other ruin pubs have things like bicycles covered in fairy lights strung up on the ceiling, it's also a great place for people watching and extremely casual - so girls leave your body con and stilettos at home. 

We fell in love with the laidback vibe of these pubs and highly recommend a visit to not only Szimpla Kert but some of the lesser known on the opposite side of street. There are so many to explore you could go to a different one every night. Some you can sit under circus tents, some play heavy metal music, others have a Mexican theme with pool tables - there quite literally is something to suit every taste. And of course you will have to do some shots of the local liquor palinka while you are there!

One thing we didn't realise was we had arrived over a bank holiday weekend and bank holiday weekends in Eastern European countries generally mean EVERYTHING closes. We had planned to go to Szechenyi Baths but my LOVELY boyfriend had forgotten to pack any swim trunks so we literally spent close to two hours trawling around the city to find a shop open to buy some. In the end we came up with nada and decided to just head along to the baths as you can actually rent them there handily enough. 

Sure there I am there now...these outdoor thermal baths are the stuff of Instagram worthy dreams. We had a slightly expensive drink and sat on the steps near the pools watching people take photo after 'candid' photo to try and capture the perfect one for Instagram it was a bit depressing to be honest. We got a fantastic day weather wise for the outdoor baths however it was insanely crowded in the chill out pool (other pools like the one behind me were for lane swimming) and honestly if you want a dip and to chill by a pool for the day you are better off heading to Margaret Island (Margit Sziget) which we did on the second day. 

I love Margaret Island, it has a massive water park on the man made island which is 2.5 kilometres long. You can also rent bikes and cycle around the island and there is a water fountain feature there which is timed to music which is just really cool to see. Plus, if you are on a budget if you get to the water park from 5pm to 8pm its waaay cheaper and the sun is still out and its way less busier so you are still going to be able to get a lounger. 

Definitely for me, Margaret Island is a must visit for those of you reading this. So many quirky cool bits to see around the island and perfect place to chill out. Its located right between Buda and Pest - yes the city is divided in two halves. It's on the river Danube and very near to the Parliament buildings so as you get the tram back over in the night time you will have the perfect view / angle to photograph the Parliament as the sun sets.  

For those of you interested in the history and culture of Budapest a visit to the Hospital in the Rock is highly recommended. It seems to be one of the lesser known attractions for want of a better word but it is so, so interesting and also for fans of conspiracy theories you will be interested in the history behind this place. If you are under 25 you simply need to show ID to get discounted entry. 

I don't have any photos of this place as you aren't actually allowed to take any but it was really interesting and great to get away from the heat of the day as you will be in an underground cave / bunker... I'll say no more. 

The Hospital in the Rock is perfectly located in the Castle District which leads us on to Fishermans Bastion and the cathedral which are also popular sights to see in Budapest. 

The view over the city alone is well worth the climb up to this location and the towers almost look like something out of a Disney movie. If you're feeling peckish after all this, visit Jamie's Italian nearby. Honestly the most delicious pasta and dessert we have had in a long time. This is one fo Jamie Olivers restaurants so it technically is a chain but you don't get that feel at all and the food was so tasty and reasonably priced for the quality. 

We really were blessed with the location of our Airbnb apartment as on Sunday as we strolled around looking for something to do we came across the Gozsdu street market which is well worth a visit to pick up some decent souvenirs. There is the usual tourist tat but there are so many unique handmade pieces also. 

Other sights to check off the list in Budapest would be places like Heroes Square and Vajdahunyad Castle. Luckily they are a stones throw from one an other so if you don't have to much time to spend in Budapest places like these are fantastic as the two above and Szechenyi baths are all within a little triangle which is basically ten minutes walk of each other. 

I've probably forgotten a million other things we did while we were away but those were the main ones and we were there for three days, four nights so we really did pack a good bit in along with nights out so it really is a city you can sightsee till your feet fall off, have some rest and relaxation in their thermal baths and then party until the early hours then do it all again. As I said previously I really would recommend Airbnb, it was the first time we had used it for both Prague and Budapest on the trip and we lucked out with absolutely gorgeous apartments. 

For €30 FREE travel credit on Airbnb simply click on the link to sign up. This post is in no way affiliated with Airbnb but we had such a good experience and want to share the perks they offer plus when you complete your stay Airbnb will give €15 towards our next trip so it's basically a win- win! 

Where to next?


Wednesday, 18 April 2018

I'm walking for... Darkness into Light Pieta House

Mental health is a phrase that has been mentioned so much in the media lately. A spotlight is finally being shone on those who are in the darkness in the hope that literally and not just metaphorically shedding light and bringing attention to those who suffer with their mental health will bring them out of that darkness and help them find the light again. 

As someone who has suffered/lived, depending on your viewpoint, with mental health problems the most scary thing isn't the darkness you can descend into but more the fear of not being able to find the light once more. 

Anxiety and depression is a scary place and the two feed off each other in the most horrible of ways. In my own experiences I chose to pursue talk therapy instead of medication. Unfortunately medication was too quickly and readily suggested as opposed to just the act of talking to someone and exploring the root cause of my feelings. I by no means am advocating not taking anti depressants or anti anxiety medication it's just that I felt that I would rather try other things first. Depression is of course a chemical imbalance in the brain which needs help to correct in the form of medication.

Depression runs in my family, my extended family. It's not something that is ever spoke about apart from once or twice briefly mentioned. Unfortunately it has such a stigma still attached to it that we find it easier to take about other people affected by things however it would be extremely difficult to speak about someone we know personally affected by the same issue. 

This is a blog post to explain why I am taking part in Darkness into Light. My family will be doing it and so will my boyfriend, one of my biggest supports. I will walk/run for myself and everyone who has struggled and continues to struggle with any form of mental illness on a daily basis. It's not something I think that ever goes away but it is something that you learn to manage, recognise the signs of that dark cloud coming over you and learn ways to combat it or protect yourself through self care. 

Sorry if this blog post is a bit all over the place but as it is a very personal one it can be hard to get my feelings and reasons out there without descending into a blabbering mess. Basically, I just wanted to briefly explain my reasons for doing Darkness into Light in the hope that you may sponsor the next person in that dark, dark place that just needs someone to tell them it will all be alright. Maybe in time, when I feel more comfortable I will be able to talk about it more but for now I would love you to see the person behind the blog (or the smile) and whatever you have, even if it is a euro or two to sponsor me in the link below.


Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Products I'm Loving (or Hating) This Month

Thank god the sun came out (briefly) and I could take some product photos outside. I'm never gonna be a picture perfect Instagram flat lay kinda gal so this is as good as you are going to get, people!

I've had a few hits and misses with beauty lately yet have been fortunate to try out a wide range of products and brands. Out of the products I've chosen a couple that I LOVE and a couple that are a bit, meh or that I downright hate and will never use again. 

Hopefully by being perfectly honest I will save some of your hard earned cash on those products that  just aren't worth it (in my opinion) despite the hype. And if you love the products I would really love to know why, maybe I'm using them wrong! Always open to suggestions. 

So let's begin. First product up to bat is The Ordinary Coverage foundation.

Don't get me wrong, I love The Ordinary skincare range. It's fantastic value for the quality of the products but while this foundation was cheap as chips it just didn't do the job for me one bit. It calls itself a high coverage foundation and while it feels smooth and satiny to apply it just did't last on my skin at all. I would have dry skin and it just sunk into it and disappeared so I wasn't very happy with it to tell the truth. Now it is only €6.70 and some people might say you get what you pay for in terms of your foundation however I have used budget foundations many times and this just doesn't hold up to them at all. It's available on Cloud10 Beauty however if you want to have a look and are still interested in purchasing to give it a try.

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow is a much loved product of mine - as you can see above I've unfortunately already hit pan on the bronzer side. This shade is so perfect I even double up the bronzer as a crease eye shadow colour and the highlighter as an eyelid shadow colour plus it gives such a gorgeous glow. I definitely will be repurchasing and I think it's worth the €65 price tag. You can check it out here.

Next up is the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette. I feel like this palette is like Marmite, you either love it or hate it. Or your like me and have no particular strong feelings either way. To be honest with you I really regret buying this palette. I thought I would love it with all of the warm shades and the fab glitters but I feel like me, maybe 3 year ago would have loved this more. My makeup style has changed, I no longer work on a beauty counter so tend to wear more natural looks and I just feel like this palette is kind of wasted on me. I also find the glitters really chunky and there is a lot of fall out. That being said this eye shadows have incredible colour pay off so if you are looking for good pigmented shadows check this out on online. This also retails at €65.

Speaking of budget foundations earlier...Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 hr is a foundation I find myself always going back to. Its comfortable on my dry skin, it's perfect coverage, it isn't matte, it's long lasting, it's a great match for my skintone (I buy shade 200 soft beige) and it's a bargain!I bought this in Superdrug Liffey Valley for only €8.95 and I am so happy I did as I am loving it as I had before and not sure why I ever strayed away from it.

As I mentioned above, I love The Ordinary Skincare and I adore this high-adherence silicone primer so much I bought two just in case with my last order. It is such a great primer for the price. It creates a silky smooth canvas on your skin for your makeup to glide on and also improves the longevity of your foundation. It is fantastic value at only €4.90, my only gripe with it is the size of the tube.I go through them! Seriously, add this to your basket now. Available on Cloud10 Beauty here.

If there was one product I was to say absolutely DO NOT waste your money on it is this mascara above. I just found it absolutely useless.The wand was terrible - no volume whatsoever. I'm just glad I got this in the Meaghers beauty selection box at Christmas and didn't waste any money on it. I love mascara and switch mine up all the time, so I know what I like and what I don't like and this was a firm no. 

Last but definitely not least, I couldn't wait to try some of the Fenty Beauty range available at Harvey Nichols. I saw the mini lip and face set on another bloggers Instagram before(can't remember what blogger for the life of me or I would have tagged!) and I had to try it. I just think its a great idea to try a new brand and also good value. I got mine in-store in Harvey Nichols Dundrum for €24. 

I couldn't find the lipgloss for my product shot above but both the highlighter and lip gloss are FABBBBB. The gloss is just gorgeous, it's not sticky and fab over a lip liner or by itself and the highlighter is a beautiful rose gold. These are great little travel sizes or to use them on the go and well worth it.

That rounds up the seven products that I have either rated or hated this go pick your faves and treat yo'selves! 


Friday, 16 March 2018

Seafield Hotel & Spa Resort | Take a trip to the ''Sunny Southeast'

Wexford is often called the sunny Southeast however as we drove down on Wednesday just gone, it wasn't sunshine beating down on the car windows - it was lots and lots of rain. The visibility was terrible and I was just happy that we arrived alive to Seafield ready for relaxation - and a stiff drink.

I booked and paid for this trip myself  through Pigsback as they always have fantastic deals on, so if you aren't looking to break the bank and can travel midweek I would definitely recommend having a look as there are some gorgeous hotels with deals available online for half the price of booking direct! 

First impressions of the hotel: it has a very opulent lobby filled with blacks and gold which can make it come across quite dark but once your eyes adjust it has a very cosy feel.

We arrived at about half past 2 and we were able to check in straight away. The room wasn't the standard of what I had booked so after a quick word with reception we were moved to a different room on the same floor which had a lovely balcony/ terrace with an amazing view of the golf course which you can see below. This was when the sun decided to make an appearance before we checked out.

High points of the trip include the Village Bar & Grill where we decided to have dinner for the night.
For starters we went for the charcuterie board to share.It had salami, prosciutto, chicken liver parfait, olives, sun-dried tomato relish and bread. I missed out on the fact that there was no cheese but it was delicious all the same and filled a gap.

For mains we both decided on steak.I went for the mohawk steak, which was a literal mountain of food. It was paired with sun blushed tomatoes, chips,onion rings and we also got a side of mac and cheese to share. 

The food was amazing if a little bit pricey. (The steaks were around the €32 mark).We both got dessert- I went for the chocolate mud pie which I was a bit disappointed in to be honest as I was hoping for more of a gooey chocolate fondant and he went for the sticky toffee pudding with get this - 'roast banana ice cream' - it was delicious.

The Oceo spa is probably what Seafield is most known for. Regrettably we didn't go for any treatments (despite getting €20 off each with the deal) but the spa itself was amazing.The outdoor thermal pool was a favourite - it felt like such a getaway to be able to sit outside in a heated thermal pool in Ireland cocooned by greenery.

The next day we decided to go for a walk down to Ballymoney beach and I am so glad we did as the hotel have such a cute little beach walk laid out.

There was amazing views and it was well worth the short walk. 

All in all we had a great time. It is a little bit of a drive - coming from West Dublin it took about one hour fifteen minutes straight through driving fast - that alone would put me off staying for just one night however it is a gorgeous location and for the spa alone I would love to come back for a visit and experience a treatment there in what has been voted  'Spa of the Year' numerous times.

Have you ever visited Seafield Spa & Resort before? How did you find it? Let me know in the comments below.


Tuesday, 13 March 2018

My Current Style Crush | Fallon Carrington of 'Dynasty'

A 'new to me' show came into my life recently as Netflix have decided to re-imagine the iconic TV show, 'Dynasty' from the '80s and I couldn't be more intrigued. Think scandal, love affairs, murders and dodgy dealings and pair it with some killer fashion, extremely good looking characters and a fantastic soundtrack and that just about sums it up.

The main heroine/villain of the series is none other than Fallon Carrington, a lady with a wardrobe after my own heart. She has influences of Balmain and Gucci throughout but as I don't have a billionaire daddy or my own multi millionaire empire (yet) I thought about trying to emulate her style through more affordable pieces.

As you can see from the photos below she is no stranger to prints paired with flares or structured tuxedo style dresses and suits.

She is also partial to the colour red: you see her wear at least 3-5 stunning red dresses or suits throughout the series. Red being the colour of blood and fire; symbolic of love and lust - it even represents cupid and the devil. It's definitely a daring stand-out colour which is why I believe the costume designers on the show choose this so much for Fallon.

The stunning silk asymmetric dress she is wearing above was one of my favourite outfits of hers in the series. It's just a dress that would be so flattering on so many shapes and is just so feminine and sexy.The real deal is by designer Juan San Carlos and at sale price would set you back 681 euro according to this website here 

For more affordable versions however check out my ASOS picks below:

This gorgeous silky dress above is reduced to only €21.62 and is available in sizes 12-18 here.

This beautiful chiffon style draped dress above is €60.81 and is available in sizes 4-18 here.

Come and get your power suit here ladies - €40.50 at Missguided. 

It may not be red and it may not be Gucci - but it is FIERCE. Thank Warehouse for this stunning tropical print co-ord which you can shop here.

Last but not least - your Fallon Carrington inspired wardrobe wouldn't be complete without some high waist fuchsia pink flares. PrettyLittleThing came through with sizes running up to a 16 and at €33.78 you can shop them right here

Not going to lie, I am so tempted to shop my own post right about now...happy clicking!

Image Credits: Pinterest | ASOS | Google Images | PrettyLittleThing | 


Monday, 29 January 2018

This Month I...

It's the start of the new year albeit it being the end of January but I've decided to dust off the keyboard and do a blog post on the first month of 2018. I haven't blogged since July...eek but it is something I've been thinking about getting back into regardless if people read it or not!

A family event that brought me and my extended family together recently made me think about starting blogging again. My aunty who I didn't realise even knew how to use Facebook(!) let me know that she missed reading my blog posts and asked me when I was going to start blogging again - all it takes is one person to read and show their appreciation to give me the lust for writing back again.

So to kick it off I've decided to do a blog post looking back on this month; it's certainly been a long one alright! It's been eventful though and I'm so grateful to have the opportunity for everything I got to do this January.


Galway! After a missing passport escapade putting our thoughts of going to Edinburgh to bed we decided to not let the days booked off pass us by and decided on a midweek getaway to one of my favourite cities. We hopped on a train at Heuston and took the trip to the West.

We stayed in the Residence hotel, a small boutique hotel on Quay Street, smack bang in the middle of the action. I booked this on and even though it was so last minute we got a great deal.  It was such a quirky little hotel, and big pluses were Netflix and Youtube on the TV and a Nespresso machine! Also neon signs like the one below on every floor.

This is a link to the room we stayed in at the Residence hotel

I'll leave a link below at the very end of the blog post which will give you a 10% refund on the cost of your stay at checkout when you book through the link.


I'm so delighted that we got to pack in so many good food places when we went to Galway. My boyfriend brought me to the place he has proclaimed 'serves the best pizza he has eaten in his entire life', Dough Bros. It was delicious but I feel like I have a lot of pizza eating ahead of me before I go making those kind of calls.

Another must visit in Galway would be Dela, for brunch. Its a quirky Scandinavian themed restaurant but its brunch is far from herrings and reindeer. I had Eggs Benedict with bacon and house fries and James had their Dela Breakfast which was absolutely HUGE. I spoke to the owner while we were there and she was so lovely, Dela is open for brunch everyday which is perfect if you are planning a midweek trip away or work weekends and still want to experience it.

Enough about Galway eats or it will turn into a blog post about where to eat and drink in Galway, I'll save that for another time.

Roberta's in Dublin city centre is a restaurant I have been wanting to try for some time. So on our most recent date night we were lucky enough to get a booking (I'm fairly sure it must have been a cancellation) as the place was hopping on a Saturday night when we arrived.

I love the style of the place- think exposed brick, leather booths and low lighting and you get the gist. The food has a bit of an Italian hint i..e sausage tagliatelle, prawn penne, pizza etc so it was right up our street but it also had seabass, steak and chicken for some variation.

The main reason why I wanted to come here was because I heard they also did amazing cocktails - it was like a one stop shop!

Try the Purple Lady or Clueless in Caracas.

Laughing at...

Jim Jefferies at the 3Arena & Derry Girls.

Jim Jefferies is definitely more of a Marmite comedian I would say with some of his jokes been extremely offensive so every different race, ability etc although I found him to be quite funny.

Derry Girls is an absolutely brilliant TV series that I've been catching up/ binge watching on 4player. I highly recommend it!


Speaking about female led TV shows, I also binge watched another Irish female drama Can't Cope, Won't Cope that's on Netflix now. It starts off like a female Broad City (another amazingly hilarious show that I recommend) but there is far more meaning and sadness to this dark comedy that will really speak to most of the 20 something and up generation.

Marcella was also another Netflix series I loved and would recommend if you like crime dramas/thrillers. Delighted that all of the above are being renewed for second seasons.

Three Billboards outside of Ebbing, Missouri is the standout film I've seen this month. Woody Harrelson now has a soft spot in my heart and he definitely deserves the Oscar nod he has received for this piece. It's intense, and there is a lot happening - this is a definitely a case of more than meets the eye with this film and go see if it you haven't already.

Loving & Learning...

Family. A lot has happened in such a short space of time, my Granny's 90th birthday, a death and a birth. I have a very big family so appreciate every family event we have as we are hardly ever all in the one place. Unfortunately sometime's its only funerals that may bring us together, births or weddings. It's important to remember that while you are family by blood you could be strangers on the street and I cherish these times to get to catch up with family and see how important it is to support each other in times of need.

Life is so cyclical and it's important to go with the flow; reflect and adapt in every situation and make the best of everything.  I always think the start of a new year is a time for reflection and I've been reflecting a lot on my mental health as opposed but not excluding my physical health this time around. I've found the Headspace app to be great, and not that I have used it more than a handful of times but I've found guided meditation to really help in times of stress.

Looking forward to...

I'm going to take each month (even week if I can manage it) day by day so I haven't anything really planned for February although of course we had Pancake Tuesday and Valentines Day ahead of us, depending on your love for Nutella you can decide which one is more important to you. I'd love to go to the Stella Theatre in Rathmines this month and I feel like it would be a lovely Valentines treat.

I'm definitely looking forward to the end of January that's for sure - I didn't do dry January by any means but it still feels like the longest month ever! November and January are such meh months of me but as you can see I've managed to make the best of it and enjoyed every moment.

Link below is for 10% off your next trip on *Will be applied as a refund at checkout who you book using this link*

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