Saturday, 31 August 2013

Makeup of the day

 Good morning beautiful! I've decided every so often to do a Makeup of the Day post to show you all what products I use and to give a bit of background on how I apply my makeup. I'm not a pro, I have never done a makeup course but I fancy myself as a bit of an artiste so I said I would give it a go anyways. Let me know if you like :)
Products I used:
  • Rimmel BB cream in Medium
  • Rimmel 25 hour stay foundation in soft beige shade 200
  • Natural Collection face powder in neutral transulecent
  • Essence Sun Club bronzer for blondes 01 natural
  • MAC false lashes mascara in black
  • Urban Decay eyeshadow in twice baked
  • MAC pinky beige brown eyeshadow not sure of shade in old palette
  • No7 Perfect lips Pencil in 20 Nude
  • Palmers Cocoa Butter lipbalm
  • Essence eyebrow stylist set in light brown
As you can see the majority of the products I used are bargain brands. In these recessionary times and currently unemployed I see no need to spend colossal amounts of money on makeup. Normally I wouldn't recommend Rimmel for staying power but I just layer my foundation over BB cream and powder, powder, powder and it stays for as long as it needs to. Disclaimer: Not 25 hours though!
The MAC false lashes mascara is definitely my most favourite mascara. It gives gorgeous long lashes without clumping or fall out. I have had this mascara since last Christmas, it was a great buy.
The Essence range is fantastic for bronzers, eyeshadows, and eyebrow products. I recently purchased the eyebrow stylist set which comes with two shades, light brown and dark brown, a little eyebrow brush and three eyebrow stencils. All at the fab price of €3.09!
I apply my makeup using my MAC stippling foundation brush. I think if you are going to spend money on makeup you need to invest in the proper tools, and MAC do fabulous foundation brushes. I wouldn't recommend Benefit foundation brushes, but I would recommend their powder and contour brushes. I love using them to apply bronzer, they are so soft and come in such cute and quirky packaging.
My number one tip for applying eyeshadow is use a lighter shade on the inner corner and a darker shade on the outer corner. Using the darker corner blend in a C shape around the edge of your eyes. Blend, blend, blend! Use a highlighter under your brow bone to really bring out your eyes. And remember, brows frame your face so tidy them up girls!


Monday, 26 August 2013

Back to College

Choosing what to wear to college/university can be pretty tough especially if you attended a school where uniform was compulsory. Now you have no one to do the thinking for you, you're free to express yourself whatever way you want! But unfortunately, what goes hand in hand with being a college student is being poor, so I'm gonna help you gals out and give you a few tips and tricks about my wardrobe essentials because I'm sound like that ;) 

My wardrobe essentials are below this blogpost pretty much, that polyvore link pretty much sums up my look, but if you're too lazy to have a scroll I'll list off some essentials you will need. 

1. Black blazer. I cannot stress how important this item is. You can wear it for an interview, over a plain white tshirt and skinnies for casual wear, or over a dress on a night out. Dunzo. 

2. White tshirt. Make sure you get the fit right, its worth spending a bit extra. 

3. Well fitting jeans. River Island do some good uns. 

4. Converse. Classic student wear because they are so comfy to get from one end of campus to the other. 

5. A big massive leather tote bag to carry around all your A4 pads. Of course you can go with a school bag look, but this bag is classier and more versatile. Again, River Island do some deadly ones, as do Penneys! They have satchels that hold A4 folders. Crafty!

6. A cosy scarf. I'm loving the snoods or the inifinity scarves as they are called. They add a pop of colour to any outfit. Penneys once again is your only man at a fiver a go. 

7. You will definitely need a coat. I found an amazingly gorgeous fabulous bright red trench coat in a charity shop for a tenner. Its a classic cut and adds colour to a basic outfit. 

8. Black leggings. Just make sure you wear a long top or dress with them. So handy to just throw on and go. 

9. Boots for when it gets cold. Once again, Penneys are doing absolutely gorgeous studded, and buckled versions in their A/W 2013 lineup so get in their fast before they sell out. 

10. A classic long cardigan. 

So those are my college/wardrobe essentials. To be honest, I mostly shop in charity shops as you can find the most amazing pieces for such good value. I also, like any Irish girl, love all things Penneys and could spend hours in the place. 

If there is one other thing I could add though is if you have never set foot in a charity shop, just try it. You might be amazed at what you can find! 

Keep on blogging it beautiful 

xoxo Wheelo


My Look


Friday, 16 August 2013

To be or not to be (gluten free)

Zooey Deschanel, Victoria Beckham, Gwynnie Paltrow are all celebs who have gone gluten free. Zooey Deschanel is the one exception who is actually coeliac, but "gluten isn't good for you anyway."

Going wheat free is a major trend now in diets. Wheat is said to encourage bloating and weight gain and causes fatigue and headaches. I decided to test out a wheat free diet, as for years I have suffered with crippling stomach pains, bloating, and headaches. I've been tested for coeliac diesease it was negative however this does not 100% mean I am not allergic to gluten. 

Many people in this day and age are gluten sensitive as food today particularly our carbs are so overprocessed and filled with chemicals that can cause an imbalance in our tolerance levels so I ditched the bread and pasta and bought myself gluten free versions. Kelkin brown bread toasted actually does tastes like the real deal if a little lacking in taste, and Lidl were doing a special on gluten free pasta. I cooked it today and it tastes exactly like the real thing

So give it a go, you never know it could make big differences to your overall health, and weight loss...fingers crossed! ;) 


Long hair, don't care

I, like many girls out there, love to dye my hair. I am a self confessed unnatural blonde, and have been since about the age of eleven. Shock horror! I know, somebody phone Childline. Anyhoo, this blog is about how my wonderful hairdresser Niamh weaned me off Tr├ęsemme products. I have been using their products for years thinking they were good for my hair when apparently that's not the case. 

Tr├ęsemme products, along with Pantene are supposed to be notoriously bad for stripping your hair, and the use of silicon. They use silicon to make your hair appear shiny, when it is in fact just a coating which makes the hair brittle and breakable, and worst of all, not long ! 

So she switched me over to Herbal Essence dry and damaged shampoo. My hair smells divine, and I already notice a difference! I have also used the Loreal Elvive total restore hair mask, left it in for about twenty minutes and washed it out with no shampoo and my hair is feeling fabulous! So give it a try girlies! Switch up your shampoos now!

xoxo Blog it beautiful 
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