Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Vegan or 'Clean' Beauty: Just another trend?

Vegan beauty is a trend for want of a better word that has been growing steadily over the past few years.

In 2019 I predict with us as consumers becoming more conscious of the brands we are buying and of the ethics and sustainability behind these products, brands are becoming far more intuitive to the market and what the consumer wants and will in turn have to make products that are vegan/cruelty free and free from harmful ingredients more affordable and readily available.

I speak from my own previous ideas of what  I thought vegan beauty was which was solid deodorants and hemp soap  only available from a health food shop with a hefty price tag- I can certainly say that my ideas have certainly been proved wrong given my recent foray into vegan / cruelty free and or 'clean' products.

When I talk about 'clean' products I am speaking about products such as shampoo and shower gels which don't contain any of those hard to pronounce ingredients i.e. phtalates, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates.

The reason for my choosing to avoid these specific ingredients are that they have been found to be cancer causing in some instances.

Think of your skin as a super absorbent sponge; one which absorbs both good and bad chemicals. Parabens have a very similar chemical structure to estrogen for example, and high levels of these found in the likes of shampoo and shower gel which most of us use every day can upset the delicate balance of the bodies hormonal system and has been linked to breast cancer.

For more information you can read about what each of the ingredients are and what they can cause here

Now I haven't thrown away all my products as of yet and declared my shower or beauty bag a no-go area for these ingredients as of yet but I am making more of a conscious effort to introduce more 'clean' and socially conscious products into my hygiene / cosmetic routine.

You may not be a vegan but you can show support against animal cruelty by choosing more ethically aware brands.

Some brands I have come across that I have tried and really like I have listed below:


Maui Moisture  is a brand that I have been using recently for shampoo and conditioner. It can be a little bit pricy but there are offers on in Boots consistently on haircare so try pick this up when its on offer.

It is Vegan friendly and free from sulfates, mineral oils and basically all of the nasties. The packaging is gorgeous and it really is a great quality shampoo and conditioner I can get behind. It smells amazing, lathers (which a lot of shampoos don't when you remove the Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and conditions so well - my hair was so soft and untangled which let me tell you - is not an easy feat.


Love Beauty & Planet

I purchased shower gel recently from this brand which is also cruelty free, smells amazing and doesn't contain any damaging ingredients. They have a whole range of skincare, body lotion, shower gels and shampoo and conditioners so there is plenty to choose from.

At the moment I am currently researching natural' deodorants - mainly ones that are aluminium free: aluminium plugs the sweat ducts temporarily and can be absorbed into skin. NB: This eliminates one of your bodies natural ways of getting rid of toxins and so is not generally great for you

For more information on what brands are vegan/cruelty free and don't contain the harmful ingredients listed above or in my words 'clean beauty' take a look at this handy breakdown online of the Vegan Beauty Edit all products available at Boots, instore or on-line.

Social media wise there are some great  Irish bloggers, and Youtubers out there such as Flawless and Pawless and Laura's Views who I will be looking to for more education and inspiration regarding cruelty free brands available in Ireland.

Hope you enjoyed the post and if you found it in anyway helpful let me know, also if you have anything to add r.e. brands or corrections to make do let me know, everyday is a school day!

*Disclaimer: This blog post is in no one affiliated to any brand or company. All opinions and research are my own. Images are courtesy of and Google Images*

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