Thursday, 28 August 2014

Battle of the Dry Shampoo

Like most girls, I love a bit of dry shampoo as a fail safe option for when you don't have time or just can't be bothered washing your hair! I normally reach for my Batiste, oldie but goldie option but something recently made me want to try the new offering from Aussie of their 'Miracle Dry Shampoo'. I picked the mega instant one, they also have a mega volume one. 

Of course, like all Aussie products, it smells fab, but what confused me is that it comes out invisible. I am so used to the white particles of Batiste, I felt a bit like I was spraying hairspray on my hair! It also feels a bit more wet, as opposed to the 'dry' aspect!

It was good to try something different but I think I will be sticking to batiste in future. I usually use the Tropical version but decided to go for Blush instead! The bottle is so pretty and you can't deny the quality of the product. 

I don't want to completely diss the Aussie dry shampoo, I feel like maybe I got a dud bottle or the nozzle is clogged or something but it just doesn't seem to DO much. The Aussie large dry shampoo is retailing at €4.33 in boots, while the Batiste is €3.99 although I am almost certain I got it for less in Penneys! Penney's is always worth checking out for beauty bargains. 

My verdict: Stick to what you know best. Batiste has been around ages for a reason. It gets my vote anyhow!! I will most definitely be packing this for electric picnic this weekend. 


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

DreamDots: An Honest Review

I was excited to try this product as recently it has been creating quite the buzz online. This product is marketed as a 'miracle' for your spots, it says it will 'purify, protect, and calm' your spots. 

Sadly this was not the case for me. I had high hopes for this product, and while I have generally very clear skin, a spot did appear on my chest. It wasn't that bad, but of course I took this opportunity to apply my 'DreamDots'. It made the spot look less noticeable and I didn't feel anything. I left it on overnight and almost forgot to take it off the next morning because you wouldn't notice it with the DreamDot over it. That's where the positive review ends however. 

DreamDots did not help this spot whatsoever, and in fact made it worse! It was sore to peel off the patch, it felt like it was removing a layer of my skin.  I've now had this spot on my chest for more than a week, and it is angry, red and sore. It's really disappointing, and I hate the hassle of having to cover it with concealer. I really hope it disappears soon. I will never be using Dreamdots again, and will stick to my old favourite Sudocrem. 

I had second thoughts about posting a negative review especially when I received the product for free to try but the whole point of beauty blogging is giving an honest review which I don't think a lot of bloggers have been doing lately. I tend to not review something if I have something negative to say, which is ridiculous as I hope none of my readers ever get duped into buying a bad product.

This leads me to ask have you ever purchased a product 'recommended' by beauty bloggers, but found to be terrible? And on the flip side of that have you ever purchased a product reviewed and recommended by me that worked for you? I would love to know, leave the answers below in the comments! :)


Monday, 25 August 2014

How to Choose Frames to Suit Your Face

This week's post will be on choosing the right specs to compliment your face shape. I'm inspired as I recently got new glasses in a 2 for 1 offer from Specsavers. So for €149 I picked up my prescription glasses, and prescription sunglasses. I am absolutely delighted with both pairs. The glasses are Relay and the sunglasses are Karen Millen. I wouldn't usually go for brands but these were the ones that suited!
It took what felt like hours to find pairs that I felt suited me. It really is a matter of knowing what you want and going in and trying them on. A tip from one of the sales girls is... Don't just stick to the women's section! A lot of the glasses in the male section can really suit female faces. They are after all quite unisex.
First lets talk about trends and 'making a statement'.
Take your personality and day to day look into consideration. You want a frame that will suit your style and also the general colour scheme you follow. A huge trend at the moment is tortoise shell. It is a bit of a retro throwback, but the tortoiseshell frames add warmth to the face and go with a lot of colours. My frames are tortoiseshell with a deep blue on the sides. I find that they really frame my face and I wanted to go with more of a statement look as what's the point n wearing glasses that no one notices?! You're stuck wearing them so you may as well stand out! :)
I find the Wayfarer's Ray Ban style shape glasses quite flattering on oval and round faces. They really frame the face. People who have heart shape faces, that is a wider forehead and a pointy chin might want to go for a smaller frame so as not to attract so much attention to the top half of their face.
There are plenty of colours to choose from and if you aren't comfortable wearing stand out glasses, you can choose a neutral shade like beige that will blend in with your skin tone and not look quite as obvious.
If you have a square jaw, a bigger glasses frame will balance out the lower proportions of your face. It's also good to take into account your hair colour and skin tone when choosing your frames. Black looks quite harsh on blondes and pale skin, but tones of brown can add warmth and colours can look fabulous against dark skin.
Choosing what makeup to wear when you are wearing glasses is also hard. I would recommend filling in your brows to frame your eyes, as your glasses will be providing structure. I also recommend a bold lip as it can give the glasses more of a sophisticated look and also draw attention to the rest of your face not just your glasses. A bright red or coral lip works well, I have found ;-)
It's worth spending a little bit extra to get those designer frames if you really like them and if they suit you. These will last you as long as your eyesight doesn't change and will be on your face everyday so why scrimp on the cost? Most opticians do great deals and I have found the particular Specsavers I go to in Navan to be extremely helpful, and friendly so make sure you feel comfortable and not rushed when making your choice. Take a few pictures with the different glasses on, try your hair up and down and ask more than one person's opinion. Listen to what you want as well, you will be the one wearing them after all!
You can also get all different types of lenses as well, ones that won't let the light reflect which are useful for driving and when taking selfies ;-) So be sure to check all your options out!
More and more celebrities are getting on board the glasses bandwagon and the days of feeling self conscious from wearing glasses is gone. Be proud of your specs!
*This post is not sponsored by Specsavers. I just really, really like the customer service experience and that's where I got my glasses from. No selfies taken with the new glasses on yet, but I'll update asap ;-) *

Friday, 22 August 2014

August GLOSSYBOX Review/Rant

Well we may as well get straight into it with first impressions. I was disappointed to be honest. I was excited to receive this box but once I opened it and looked inside I was instantly glad I had cancelled my subscription.
The thing about beauty subscription boxes is that they promise luxury high end brands. There is nothing luxurious or special about the products I received.
Starting from the top left for example is a pink Strawberries & Milkshake lipgloss that I have seen in Penneys. Without even testing it, I know it will be gloopy and oily and greasy all of the above are qualities I despise in lip products. I might eat my words when I try it, but somehow I doubt it.
The next product is HYDRA SUN DEFENCE which considering it is the end of summer is kind of redundant. Apparently it is a kind of tinted moisturiser with a spf 30 may get some use at Electric Picnic, we shall see...
Next up is a very fancy shmancy product all together, a pre-shampoo if you don't mind! Philip Kingsley elasticizer is supposed to make your hair 'manageable and bouncy'. You apply to wet hair, put a shower cap on and wait for 15-20 minutes, then wash out then apply shampoo, condition blah blah....I'm not one to fuss with my hair, so we will see if this gets much use.
Top right is a hand cream the proclaims itself as 'pure and natural' nothing pure and natural about this I can tell you with a list of chemicals on the back as long as my arm! I also dislike the scent.
Bottom left is a cuticle balm. A fecking cuticle balm. I'm sorry but who actually uses these things? Also dislike the scent..reminds me of something I can't quite put my finger old people perfume. The only saving grace is the deadly retro packaging. I'm sure its a perfectly good product, it's just not for me.
Then lastly...a Kryolan for GLOSSYBOX collab! Kryolan is a well known cosmetics brand that create products mainly for cinematic use. I was expecting amazing things. I tested this shade 'Cashmere' a cream highlighter on the back of my hand. It's a lovely champagne shade but I'm not sure if it will be competing with my MAC Soft & Gentle in my makeup bag. Only time will tell.
All in all, a very wishy washy box with no stand out products. No full size products as far as I can tell, no special birthday bonus product AND no card describing what each product is, where it is used or what price it retails at!! This is a vital piece of info that is usually included in GLOSSYBOXES so I don't know why it was missing from mine.
Maybe they were ashamed at how little actually went into this so-called third birthday box! Methinks GLOSSYBOX are headed the same way as Powderpocket...on a downward spiral.
I've cancelled my subscription and considering signing up for the Irish Chic Treat Club. The GLOSSYBOX has definitely put me off subscription boxes. To be honest the only decent thing about GLOSSYBOX is the fancy boxes they come in.
Keep on blogging it beautiful


Thursday, 21 August 2014

A/W Back To College Wardrobe Essentials

The time has come to say those dreaded words...summer is over. But it's not all doom and gloom, because let's face it shopping for a new season is always fun! Who doesn't love wrapping up in cosy knitwear, breaking in some deadly new boots and finally breaking out the opaques. We all know what that means...we can lay off on the grooming and tuck those legs away in jeans.

It's important to stock up on the essentials whether you are going back to college for your second, third or final year or whether you are starting off as a fresher. First things first...
  • Leggings are not, I repeat, NOT trousers. We have all been guilty of this major fashion faux pas at some point but really girls, if you are wearing leggings PLEASE for all our sakes wear a top/dress that covers your bum!
  • Don't always slob it out in sweatpants or hoodies just because its 'college'. Those clothing items should really only be kept for a hungover day or if you are doing some sort of sports course.
Those two are essentially the only rules. It's college! Have fun not having to wear a uniform and conform. Experiment with colour, be it in clothes or in your hair. Try out metal and studs, as accesories or in your face. It doesn't matter, but here just to help you out is a little rundown on the essentials you will be needing.

  1. A decent pair of jeans. Actually two or three pairs of jeans. You will live in them, so don't go buying Penneys jeans on sale for €5.90 because after two wears you will look like you have the saggiest arse in the world and who wants that really?! Buy some good quality denim, I recommend River Island. I am in love with their jeans. They have a line to suit every body type.
                                                       Light wash Amelie reform superskinny jeans
The above jeans are reduced from €50 to €30, that's 20 quid extra in your pocket, and they are available online River island.
I love the mid and dark wash ripped jeans versions as well. River island jeans really hold you in and are made of great material. They also have lots of different styles to suit everyone. The darker the denim the slimemr you will look.

These two ripped denim versions are €50.
 I'm 5'5 and wear the short leg length because I hate when jeans bunch up at the ankle.

           2. Footwear

Right, next thing you will need to consider is footwear. You will be making the trek from a bus or walking probably whether or not you are commuting. So you need comfy decent shoes/boots.

I think it's great to have a pair of Converse you can wear with everything and dress things down, and then have a really good pair of boots. New balance runners are nice as well for something different. You can wear them with ankle grazer fitted trousers, and a blouse to add an urban edge.

Both these boots are from, U magazines new fashion website.  Reegan black canvas are the above, at €39.95.
The below boots are the trish black €44.95
The code UFASHION20 will get you 20% off but hurry!

3. A good jacket/coat

The parka and the black button front jacket are both from New Look. The black coat is a gorgeous shape and won't date, and the parka is a comfy, cosy college essential. They are both around the fifty euro mark.

This is a stunning more elegant and sophisticated blazer that will look great on a night out, or if you have to dress up for a college news day or presentation. Also from New Look.
4. A cosy cardi/ cover up

The black faux fur waterfall cardigan is on sale online in ther River island store for only €18! Serious bargain.
This cosy Aztec print cardi is available on on sale for €24. Don't forget your further discount of 20% with the code UFASHION20.
5. A decent hardworking bag.

You obviously don't want to be going around with a school bag anymore, not that I've anything against it. There are so many stunning satchels, leather backpacks and tote bags around you would be mad not to try them out!



Leather backpack is from River island.

The bright yellow tote and the beige/stone bag are both from and are absolutely stunning bags!
So there are my top five autumn/winter back to college essentials! I hope you check out there are some hits and misses, but the majority of the picks seem good quality, fashion forward pieces priced competitively.
Let me know what you think of some of the pieces...I'm already in my mind buying the two cardi's they look soooo comfy!


Monday, 18 August 2014

Makeup Storage Ideas

My makeup area was looking a little less than fabulous recently so I decided to head to Ikea on Sunday to have a root around for something suitable. A favourite by bloggers is the Malm desk and the Alex drawers from Ikea, it is somewhat of a cult item among beauty bloggers! I was recommended this by Sinead at The Beautiful Truth and I have seen Fleur De Force on Youtube's makeup storage. I have a chest of drawers already from Ikea, so I was more so looking for something to divide the drawer up.
Here is a pic of Sinead's gorgeous makeup corner above!
I headed to the kitchen section first in Ikea which does sound a bit strange but if you are seriously strapped for cash they have these white inserts white inserts like something you would put cutlery in!! It only cost €1.50 and I was seriously considering it until I spotted my amazing clear plastic storage boxes specifically for beauty products in the bedroom section. They remind me of the HerClutterboxes without the crazy prize tags!
Here is what I ended up with above! There is  section for lipsticks, a section big enough to fit my palettes, a brush section, and a section where I keep all my compacts and primers. Then I got a selection of different sized clear plastic boxes to keep other items in. The first storage box cost €17, and the second set of five boxes cost only €11! So in total €28 was all my makeup storage came too which I think was pretty thrifty.
I know some people might think clear plastic is boring but it helps you to see everything at once, and I love seeing all my makeup organised as soon as I open the drawer!
That is the final result above! :)
I also store my makeup brushes in a yellow cylinder that came with my makeup brushes. You can purchase one at or Tiger and Ikea both have gorgeous little pots to keep your makeup brushes, eye lash curlers and tweezers in.
Students get 10% off year round and there is also free postage at the moment worldwide! Enter discount code STUDENT10
Would love to know any creative ways you ladies have of storing your makeup. My own personal makeup goes in these drawers, and my makeup kit stays in a big pink vanity case I picked up in Argos. I've heard of people using tool boxes as well!
It's my blogs first birthday at the end of this month and I would love to reach 500 likes on Facebook....
Follow the link and give us a link for more beauty banter

Friday, 15 August 2014

REVIEW: Spirit Spa Waterford

No, the above pic isn't me but it mimics exactly how I felt at the very capable hands of Jade from Spirit Spa in Waterford city. I stayed in Treacy's hotel last week for a few nights and myself and my mum decided to book ourselves in for one of the Spirit August Specials! We both went for the taster facial, back neck and shoulder massage and tension relief scalp massage. This package was €50 and was very worth it!

The relaxation suite at Spirit Spa is incredibly relaxing, I would love the decor even for my own bedroom! Lovely leather couches with snuggly blankets to wrap yourself up in whilst you sip a choice of their herbal teas and relax in the candle light with a magazine. They also had a choice of juices and fruit available, which is just what gives it the day spa vibes. 

I was in bad need of a massage according to Jade! I was too much of a baby for the deep tissue massage on my lower back however, so she worked out the knots in my shoulders which can be apparently caused by stress, or even carrying your handbag on the one shoulder all the time! The lovely hot mitts put on your feet immediately relax you and settle you in for the massage. 

This was also my first time to get a facial. I chatted through most of it with Jade so didn't experience the relaxing benefits - my own fault - but I think it helped to bring out a spot I had harbouring!

All in all, it was a very relaxing experience and I would most definitely recommend Spirit Spa if you are from Waterford or visiting the area. The girls in there are extremely capable and absolutely lovely! 

You can check out the Spirit Spa website here 


Monday, 4 August 2014

Tips for Occasion Makeup

I'm sure plenty of you lucky ladies will be attending a fancy occasion be it a wedding, debs,ball or even just a bank holiday weekend blowout! These are my top tips for occasion make up, how to make it stay the distance and how to give your face that polished look. 

Setting Spray - If you haven't tried one of these babies yet I strongly urge you do. The Urban Decay all nighter spray is my setting spray of choice. It will keep your make-up on your face all night long. Who has time for those touch ups when there are shapes to be thrown?? 

Contouring - If you are at a special occasion all dolled up guaranteed you are going to be taking lots of 'shameless' selfies. Contouring, highlighting and shading all play an important part in adding shape and definition to that pouting face. 

Highlighting and shading creates the illusion of cheekbones, and a sculpted jawline. 

Flash photography can make your face look flat, so by running a matte bronzer lightly under your cheekbones, adding some blush on the cheeks and a shimmer on the cheekbones you can create a gorgeous shape and lift. 

Lashes - Lots and lots of lashes! False lashes add a gorgeous touch of drama and in my opinion are a must have for any sort of special occasion. I know a lot of girls find them so tricky to apply or think they can look draggish the trick is finding the right pair.

A lot of cheaper brands are very plasticky this makes them harder to apply and stick to your natural lash line. My favourite brands are eyelure and Ardell. They are the best quality lashes and you can re-use the! Just clean the old glue off with some cleanser on a cotton bud. 

I love demi wispies. They are the perfect cross between drama without being drag. They also add length and volume and are lovely and thick. 

The more 'expensive' brands also come on an invisible band so they are easier to blend and look more natural. 

Tips to applying falsies:

1. Measure! Line them up against your eyes and snip them if they are too long. 
2. Apply the glue to the whole band sparingly and wait thirty seconds. 
3. line the lashes up against your lashline and press down gently with your eyes closed for about thirty seconds. 

Lip liner  - A good lip liner can make all the difference to the definition and shape you give to your lips and also to the longevity of your lipstick. Use a shade close to your natural lip colour if your a first timer. Line the bottom lip in the middle first. Then line the top of the cupids bow, a steady hand is a must. Fill in the lip to make your lippy last longer. 

Powder -

Is obviously of extreme importance to the staying power of your foundation but also to your lipstick! After applying your lippy, blot so it stains, reapply, and then holding a fine piece of tissue paper over your lips go over them with a light dusting of powder. Perfecto!

Hopefully these tips help some of you on your nights out!! Enjoy xx


Saturday, 2 August 2014

Makeup Favourites for All Budgets

I decided to do a blog post on my makeup favourites after two of my fellow lady bloggers on Twitter gave me the idea, Girl with the Skew Earring and Beauty Baggage I'm looking at you! :)

They challenged me with posting about my favourite go-to products that really work for me and that I keep going back too. I decided to do a splurge and a save version as there are certain budget products I know will also work for me, as there are certain spendier products that I turn too when I have the moolah ;-)


*Splurge MAC Studio Sculpt NC25 is a fantastic gel based super hydrating foundation that really suits my normal to dry skin. It gives me long lasting coverage and they are the two things I look for in a foundation. It is on the more expensive side as it costs around €31.50 I think!

*Save Rimmel Match Perfection also really suits my skin in the colder months when my skin is lighter I choose True Ivory. It has  a yellow tone which is hard to find in a budget foundation that works well to correct the red undertones in my skin. It makes you look glowy and has buildable coverage. For less than a tenner you can't go wrong with Rimmel foundations! Lasting Finish is also heralded by none other than Suzanne Jackson of So-Sue-Me as a great long lasting foundation.


*Splurge For those of you who read my blog regularly will know that I am mad about mascara! I love nothing more than coating those fair lashes of mine and creating some lash definition and length! So my more expensive mascara of choice would be No7 lash adapt mascara for buildable volume. This is my favourite mascara, it is dear enough though at €16.95 Worth saving up your points on your Boots card for!

The mascara that I keep going back to is Catrice Better than False Lashes mascara. I use the waterproof version all the time as it doesn't flake at all. It has a seriously fab brush to make your lashes stand out and a gorgeous dense black colour. This costs less than four euro I think so really is a budget fave of mine.


*Splurge MAC natural skin finish in Medium Deep is unbelievable for a natural contoured look. It is however around the thirty euro mark.

I choose Catrice matte bronzer in medium bronze. It is a fantastic shade not on the orangey-red side which you want to avoid. You also don't want a shimmer in your bronzing power if you are using it to contour. It also lasts all night long, and for the price tag you don't need to worry about smashing it! €3.99 in some chemists.

Face Powder/Finishing powder

*Splurge I purchased MAC skin finish natural in medium, the lid broke off, and the powder all stuck together when I wasn't anywhere near hitting pan. When you are spending so much on a product like MAC this really isn't on. I bought it in New York so wasn't too sure about what my consumer rights were when it got all messed up here. This is a good powder however for adding extra coverage, and for keeping your makeup on. Once again all of these compacts are around the 30 euro mark.

*Save I am using a translucent powder by Catrice atm, it claims to be mattifying and waterproof. It is good, however I am reluctant to agree with its waterproof claims! I sweat an awful lot at work when I am waitressing and it isn't fab. I would recommend Rimmel Stay Matte powder for this. Both are on the budget side :) A plus for Catrice however is the fact that it is translucent and doesn't add colour to your makeup.


This is my favourite part I am a huge fan of lippies and luckily there are some fantastic dupes and great lipsticks on the cheaper end. For something as versatile as a lippy I love that you can try one out there colour and not break the bank!

*Splurge I lost my love for MAC a little while ago but it is back with a vengeance since I discovered their Playland collection. Once you use a lip liner any lipstick will stay and give you fantastic pigment power. A lippy from MAC will set you back around €19.50 but if you return six empties of anything by MAC be it empty foundations, concealers and lippies you will get a free lipstick of your choice!

*Save Catrice lipsticks are under a fiver and have a gorgeous creamy consistency. They also have a huge shade range. I also bought some on and some only cost €1.18! It can be hard to choose a colour on line but they are very cheap so not too much money lost if you end up not liking it!

Hope this helps for those of you looking for budget and brand favourites :)

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