Saturday, 31 October 2015

My Slimming world journey : Update

Hey everyone, sorry I haven't updated in the last week or so but I've been maintaining and not losing and then I gained a pound! I blame Halloween! Too many sweets and chocolate in our house to not give into temptation. I am very much an all or nothing kind of person and I can never just have one piece of chocolate or one bag of jellies! I have to have another and maybe even another. I think the trick here is to just not have anything in the house. At least the goodies which I have been tempted with and snacking on aren't SO high in syns. 

Jaffa cake Mc Vities bar is 5 syns
Fudge bar 25.5g is 5.5 syns
Malteasers snack pack is about 5.5 syns too

The above aren't too bold on their own but when you have all that and a bag of crisps you're really gone to hell. 

So I'm still at my weight loss of 8 pounds and I got to 9 pounds weight loss and into the next stone bracket last week but put up another pound this week. I'm like a yo yo...I'm not going to worry though. I am still making healthier choices and eight pounds lighter than I would have been so there is no need to panic. I'm a size smaller in jeans already which is definitely something to be celebrated! 

In slimming world you get your 105 syns for the week and over the last two days I've had about 70 syns which while not recommended still means I am under my allowance treat wise for the week. I really want to concentrate more on eating healthier, nutritious food free from sugar and processed chemicals so that will be my aim from now on. 

Have a mindful Halloween everyone and here's to a loss on the scales next week!


Saturday, 10 October 2015

Brand Spotlight: Flormar Spider Lash volume mascara

Lashes are my life! My desert island beauty product would definitely be mascara so I am always on the hunt for my perfect match. I was sent out this mascara recently to try from the brand Flormar. This brand is incredible value and while it's cheap it doesn't scrimp on quality. 

The Flormary Spider lash volume mascara describes itself as 'More than a Mascara'. It's a perfect lash builder for full and defined lashes. The brush itself is a little clumpy but that doesn't mean at it gives a clumpy look. Lashes are defined, true black and lengthened significantly. I'm wearing the mascara below and have worn it all week. It is long lasting doesn't clump or flake off or irritate my sensitive eyes! 

In the below photo I only applied mascara to one eye to give you an idea of the difference. 

I have very fine and fair lashes as it is so it really worked as a lash builder as you can see from the above photo. 

Have you tried any mascaras from the Flormar range? 


Thursday, 8 October 2015

It's the little things...

Today are doing a campaign called #MindYourSelfie to promote awareness of mental health problems. One in four people will suffer with mental health problems in their lifetime and I just wanted to write a short blog post to help anyone who suffers from low mood or anxiety to remind you of the little things that will really help you get through the day. This is from my own perspective, what helps me.

Self care is so important and while sometimes it feels the hardest thing to do is get out of bed, put on clothes and behave like a 'normal' person sometimes doing just that will make you feel ten times better than staying in bed with your thoughts, and the guilt of letting another day pass by. 


1. Have a hot shower 

It sounds so basic to people who might not have suffered from anxiety, depression or low moods in their life but it's the simple little things that can be hardest to do from day to day. Use a nice shower gel scrub, exfoliate, moisturise, wash your hair and relish the hot water and enjoy the moment. Sometimes it is so difficult to even make yourself shower but it genuinely will make you feel like you have accomplished something that day and once you start taking care of yourself your mood in general will improve. 

2. Write it down 

Don't let things overwhelm you by letting them whirl around in your head, write down what you need to do or what you want to accomplish today. Small goals and tick them off as you go, this way you have control and don't feel overwhelmed by your thoughts. If you feel yourself start to catastrophising or thinking negatively take deep breaths and rationalise with yourself. This can be easier said than done but sometimes it is about mental willpower and not letting your anxiety take over. Don't feel like if you didn't accomplish your goals either that you have failed or let it put you in a bad mood. Little things shouldn't cause you guilt and in the big scheme of things don't matter.


3. Go for a walk outside

Make a promise to yourself to get up, put on your workout clothes and runners so you have no excuses and get outside in the fresh air and greenery and even if it's just ten minutes down the road and back or fifteen minutes up and back your mood will lift. Doing this with a friend is good too, but personally if I have a lot on my mind I know going for a walk will clear my head completely and make me focus on other things. 

4. Don't isolate yourself

Sometimes the hardest thing to do feels like getting up and going to visit your friends or keeping plans or seeing family but making yourself interact can be better than isolating yourself. 

5. Talk to someone

I'm guilty of this myself as I have never really talked to anyone about my general low mood or anxiety. Sometimes I feel people will think, Ah well if you aren't taking medication for it then it doesn't exist but those are my own preconceptions. I prefer to reach out and talk to someone I don't know very well but who I know has suffered with the same issues that I have rather than someone close to me as sometimes you feel like they won't understand, will think you are making a big deal of nothing or who can't relate to how you are feeling. Next time someone asks you how you're feeling, don't just say 'I'm fine.' 


Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Week 6: Slimming World

There is no week 5 post because I was having a crappy two weeks..I gained two pounds, then I gained a half a pound but THIS week I lost three and a half pounds! I'm delighted as I really wasn't going to go to the class and weigh in and I was about to give up and revert back to my old ways. I went and by God I am so happy I did! I've lost eight pounds in six weeks and I can't remember seeing that number on the scales for a long while. 

I sort of planned my week I didn't rigorously stick to a food diary but I planned about three or four days meals, batch made soup and had my fruit ready as snacks. I had a refresher course on the plan with my leader Michael and realised where I was going wrong. I assumed all fruit and veg were speed foods so I wasn't having the third of your meal speed as is recommended. I think changing that around this week definitely helped with weightloss. 

Speed fruits


The above are fruits I like to snack on instead of bananas, kiwis, blueberries and pineapple which although good for you aren't considered speedy foods ie foods that speed up your weightloss. 

Speed veg

Baked beans 

These are my favourite speedy vegetables to throw into omelettes, stirfrys or with a baked potato, on toast or with a fry etc. 

This was an example of a dinner I had this week! Literally does it look like I'm on a diet...haha 
Mallows gluten free low fat sausages are syn free as far as I know, baked beans, bacon with the fat cut off, poached egg...ketchup which has to be synned and SW chips. So delicious, filling and feels like you're being bold! 

I also made a 'fizza' or a fake pizza. I used a BFree multigrain wrap which was my healthy extra b or 4.5 syns if not using as your healthy extra b. My healthy extra a two slices of 40g reduced fat cheddar or 6 syns if not using your hexa. Tomato purée as base, mushrooms, red onion, red pepper and a small bit of chorizo. 25g of chorizo is 6 syns but well worth it considering the rest of this is free if you use your hexa and hexb as part of it! It was so so tasty, and way better than the Pizza Hut Version I was tempted at ordering. 

I drank more water this week which I hope to keep doing, I find it so helpful at keeping you hydrated, keeping cravings at bay and flushing out toxins. I went back to play hockey this week after years and I think the training session really helped boost my weight loss this week as I didn't do much else exercise wise. 

Here's to a successful seventh week and the weeks ahead. Hopefully onwards and downwards weigh loss wise! 

Are you doing slimming world? How are you getting in? I would love to hear of anyone's experiences in the comments.. If you have any questions about the plan feel free to ask me as well. 


Sunday, 4 October 2015

Cocoa Brown Instant Bronzing Gels

I was so excited to try out Cocoa Browns latest offering to the tanning table. I am a big fan of instant tan being a last minute kinda gal so was eager to see how the new instant bronzing gels stood up to the test.

There is a shimmer and a matte version available now to buy on and they will be in stores on the 12th October if you want to give them a try yourself. I roadtested the matte tan as I wouldn't personally be a fan of shimmer unless I was going on a night out.

I applied the bronzing gel with the new double sided velvet mitt which feels very luxurious for a tanning mitt. I used a few small coin sized amounts to cover my arms, chest and neck area. For day time this matte tan is a good option. As you can see from the above photos there is a very subtle difference. This is one layer applied and I have to say I am a tiiiiny bit disappointed that the tan itself isn't darker. I prefer to actually feel like I am wearing tan although I know a lot of people will prefer this subtle look which is similar to the Gentle Bronze shade. Maybe with another layer I will get a better colour from it.

The shimmer tan has a glorious sheen off it which will look great down legs or like Marissa Carter herself suggests on cheekbones and collarbones to make them pop.

The bronzing gels are non comedogenic which means they are perfectly safe to use on your face and I only realised the brand does not test on animals which is always a plus! Now can I just be cheeky and suggest a darker matte shade?
Perfect for the paler girls but for those of us who like a darker shade maybe stick to your Night and Day Cocoa Brown.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Flormar Friday: Brand Spotlight

Have you heard about Flormar? It's the new budget beauty brand that's on every beauty blogger's lips literally these days! While attending the Cocoa Brown Passion Persistence Pink event in the Shelbourne recently, which you can read about here, we were lucky enough to be gifted a lip liner and long wearing lipstick from the Flormar brand.

I received a stunning 'Breathtaking apricot' shade. It is a bright coral colour pop lipstick that is longwearing and retails at €5.95 which is fantastic value. It look like a sheen lipstick in the tube but dries to more of a matte finish. Apply some lip balm and then wipe off before applying the lipstick as it can be a tiny bit flaky on your lips.

I love the liner, I got a true red shade in no.232. The lip liner retails at €3.99 which is a fantastic price for such a long lasting high performing lipliner that glides on smoothly and doesn't drag on the lips. The idea behind a red liner and a coral lipstick was to create an ombre lip effect on the lips. Using a lighter shade in the middle also gives and effect of plumper lips which is always a plus!
I will definitely be investigating more into the Flormar range and expect a review next week on my favourite desert island beauty product from their range! ;-)
Flormar can be purchased online at and in selected pharmacies.
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