Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Figure Flattering Looks for the Festive Season

Hi gals,

So I know it has been a ridiculously long time since my last blog post but so much has been happening lately in my life - college, career, personal life - blogging has taken a backseat. I know personally the run up to Christmas and the party season can be stressful enough when you add in figuring out what to wear so I decided to do a blog post on some fail safe options I've found from BooHoo and also some other holiday outfit inspiration.

My first favourite is this midi length wrap dress. It has little cap sleeves, a low neckline and a sexy slit towards the front. This is from BooHoo and only cost €24. They literally have it in a ton of other colours - I also really liked the navy. This is super flattering as it emphasis the waist. It's a very comfy dress - the only thing I will say is I felt a bit exposed when I was sitting down in this! The slit can go up quite far... clutch bag is Penneys and heels are New Look.

The link to this dress can be found here 

I'm a size 14 so for any inbetweeny girls out there like myself it's a really flattering fit and so comfortable/wearable for lots of different occasions.

This red dress is also Boohoo and was also only €24. You really can't beat them for value. Once again its a stretchy spandex type material but it comfortable to wear, it has the perfect neckline and a graduated hem line. I think midi length has to be my favourite most flattering length for dresses. The link for this dress can be found here

Some of my other favourites include:

This Bardot style off the shoulder body con dress

This lace detail midi dress

This metallic front cowl neck dress

There is your quick fashion fix with five of my faves! I'd love if you told me where your go to going out shop is, is it online or in store? Also, if you have had any amazing buys from Boohoo let me know in the comments!


Monday, 17 October 2016

The lowdown on mineral makeup

Mineral makeup has been making a huge comeback lately with brands like Youngblood Cosmetics and bareMinerals really putting the focus back on natural ingredients. I had always been a bit suspicious of mineral makeup before I tried it thinking that it would never give me the coverage I needed from a foundation but my god am I a convert these days!

The majority of mineral makeup rely on only a handful of ingredients with one of my new favourites bareMinerals original loose mineral powder boasting only five ingredients to its name. The list of ingredients and benefits are as follows:

  • titanium dioxide- a natural spf
  • zinc - promotes healing in the skin
  • iron oxide - gives the powder its colour
  • bismuth - helps the foundation smooth onto the skin
  • mica - helps the foundation look glowy and not flat
I love the fact that you are putting less chemicals onto the skin. The average liquid foundation contains approximately 50 chemicals! Both brands I mentioned above are cruelty free, paraben free and perfect for anyone suffering with rosacea, psoriasis and acne. Most dermatologists would highly recommend that you use mineral makeup as it is least likely to cause any reactions or breakouts on the skin.

The way the minerals work is that when you tap a small amount into the lid, you swirl your brush to warm the minerals, tap off the excess and then buff in circular motions into the skin. The friction of the brush and the heat of your skin mean that the mineral makeup will turn from a powder look to a cream finish. I have hands down never known a foundation to last as long on my skin, it promises 8 hour wear but I think it is more like 10 hours.

I took photo below off my Facebook blog page to compare sides and show you the great coverage that can be achieved using mineral makeup. Once you try it I swear you won't go back!

As you can see in the photo above I have quite high colouring and rosy cheeks and the mineral makeup does a seriously good job of covering it without looking cakey or unnatural. The idea behind the finely milled mineral powder is that it turns to a cream finish on the skin and should not look powdery whatsoever if you are buffing it and blending it in right.
Popular misconceptions about mineral makeup are that it will take too long in the mornings- I am the laziest person ever in the mornings and believe you me the last thing I would be doing is spending ages buffing on foundation if there was a quicker way. It can be a little messy but most of the mineral foundations come with a click lock system to avoid too much product coming out at once.
If you have any more questions about mineral makeup comment below!
*I do work for a mineral makeup brand but I did in no way receive any money for writing this post - I just really really like mineral makeup! I did receive some YoungBlood products to review which will be up shortly*

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Sh*t People Say When You Work On A Makeup Counter

These are all things I've actually had people say too me... 

1. My eyelashes are too long, should I cut them? 

Girl, if you have long eyelashes you are 100% positively blessed from the gods and I would smack a bitch down if she ever tried to cut her eyelashes in front of me... not literally but you know. 

2. "Could you just tweeze my eyebrows real quick and that hair on my chin, it's really bothering me." 

I am not, I repeat NOT a beautician. I work on a makeup counter. Go get your full brow and chin wax somewhere else hun.

3. "I want something subtle on the eyes... I'm thinking blacks and whites." 

Sorry, blacks and whites? Excuse me if I'm wrong but I don't think I ever saw someone wearing black and white on their eyelids and thought 'wow, her makeup is subtle.' 

4. Just put the makeup on over what's already on my face - I don't have time for a full cleanse.

I bet you slept in that makeup as well, didn't you? Ya dirt.

5. "Do you have a mascara that isn't wet?"

I can't even dignify that with an answer. 

6. "I don't want to put primer on or powder but I want my makeup to last all day." 

Well Susan, primer and powder are specifically formulated for those very reasons so not much I can do there. 

7. "I bought this mascara two days ago and it's all dried up, can I get a refund?" *Produces 2 year old mascara with no receipt* 

Unless that mascara was opened and exposed to air there is no way it has dried up in two days. Also the fact you don't have a receipt and didn't buy it in this store makes me even more suspicious. 

8. "Can you book me in for a full makeover? This will only take five minutes right?" 

It'll take me five minutes alone to do a full cleanse and moisturise to make sure you have a great base for your makeup. I can't even do my own face in five minutes so don't think I would spend five minutes on a professional makeover that I expect you to pay for. 

9. "I'm going on holidays next week, can you match me to what colour my tan will be when I'm away?"

Yes, as one of the requirements of working on counter as a makeup artist is that I also have to have psychic powers.

10. "Can you just try products X, Y and Z on me because I'm really interested in buying." 
       *Does mini makeover* 
       "Can I get you anything?" 
       "No, that's great, I'm just gonna take pictures of them so I can get them cheaper in the airport." 

Oh that's great, just waste my time because I don't get commission or have sales targets or anything... appreciate it! Have a nice flight! 

And to end it all off on a positive note this is what we're thinking when we're doing someone who is really really naturally pretty's makeup....



Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Brunch @ Cleaver East

Have you ever been so full from a meal that you genuinely cannot picture being hungry ever again?

Well get used to it if you plan on brunching at Cleaver East. Silly me, eyes being much bigger than my stomach, I decided to plump (literally) for the two course brunch with bottomless (hic) cocktails at Cleaver East last Sunday. And boy am I regretting it... only for my waistline though apart from that the food was out of this world. Impeccably presented and no waiting around our feast arrived on the table promptly one course to follow another. Bottomless cocktails really were bottomless as we barely had to lift a bellini or mimosa filled glass for a refill once during our two hour sitting.

I ordered the huevos rancheros - fried eggs, guacamole, salsa, sour cream, tortilla cheap and chorizo heaven on a plate. This was classified as a 'light bite' but I should have stopped here as it filled me up to the brim. Chicken and waffles were next on the menu but forget any diner versions you may have of this in your mind's eye. This was the most delectable Belgian waffles piled high with crispy bacon, spicy maple syrup and three breaded chicken breasts. I could only manage a couple of mouthfuls. I'm going to blame my complete ineptitude to really tuck into this brunch on the cocktails as I was guzzling them ninety to the dozen and I never really was one to drink and eat. Eatin' is cheatin'!

The eggs Benedict looked divine and are definitely a firm brunch favourite, as did the monkfish tacos for something different. The menu was seriously varied offering duck, crab claws and the most incredible selection of the desserts - I only wish I had had space to try them.

I'll definitely be back... however I think just the one course will do!

Two courses are €35 including bottomless mimosas/bellinis. Otherwise bottomless cocktails are €16.

*This was not a paid for visit/PR gift/sponsored review.*


Friday, 15 July 2016

The Best of Brussels

Brussels is often overlooked as a city for a short European break but as the centre of the European Union this is a city that definitely has a buzz about it and after three days there I can say it is definitely worth a visit!

We travelled to Brussels on a super cheap Ryanair flight booking it in advance it worked out at about 23 euro one way so look out for those deals! We were staying with a friend so thankfully didn't have the added cost of accommodation so keeping to that student budget proved easier.

Belgian waffles and fries are a must try for any foodies and I can honestly say it was the first time I had ever tried a waffle but anyone who has a sweet tooth or is a chocolate lover this a must try. Tiny waffle eateries and frite-haus are all over the city with most places offering waffles starting at €1. It is sweet enough to eat by itself but of course given the huge selection of toppings available we had to try them out . I went with nutella and strawberries which was a heavenly combination.

Brussels has the most amazing transport system and we bought a 24 hour card for €7.50 which allowed unlimited transport on trams, metros and buses to save you all the walking. We also did hop on a few trams without paying but sssh... you do risk a fine! We wanted to do all the usual tourist attractions and headed to the Grand Place and to see the Mannequin de Pis which unfortunately wasn't dressed up the day we went to visit.

The Grand Place is a gorgeous square surrounded by amazing buildings such as the most ornate town hall you have ever seen. The Mannequin de Pis was a little bit underwhelming as it was very tiny and you would nearly miss it (pun unintentional). We were still glad however that we got to see the usual touristy sights. Brussels is very popular with Asian tourists as you will see and trying to take a photo without someone getting in the way proved difficult.
We had heard a lot about the Atomium and Mini Europe and decided to hop on a tram to take us to BruPark. You just get off at the last stop at Heysel. Its kind of like an area where a good few of the touristy attractions are grouped together which does make it handier as a one stop shop. You can also visit the aquarium and the planetarium there and when you group tickets together for attractions it will work out cheaper overall...
We had heard the Atomium wasn't worth going inside, but it was spectacular to look at from the outside and we had great views of it from Mini Europe. Mini Europe was definitely one of the highlights of our trip to Brussels. It basically has monuments of all the famous landmarks in buildings of countries in the European Union - it was definitely worth a visit and we spent about three hours there stopping for ice cream of course as it was one of the hottest days of our trip when we were there! We also cooled off with a cocktail or two (they were the cheapest and strongest we had found!) for only six euro in one of the bars at BruPark. Ask for the Cuba Libre.
Nightlife wise, Brussels proved to be a tough nut to crack. Flagey was the main square near where we wee staying and we returned to Café Belga the three nights we were there as it was the only lively place we found nearby with a younger crowd and some 90s tunes and a laidback vibe. Belgian beers are a must try over there. I'm not a beer drinker but I drank it when I was there as you can get cherry and raspberry flavour 'kriek' as its called which goes down a treat. A round of three flavoured beers will only cost you about €8 or 9. Wine was also super cheap ranging from €3.20-€5.20 depending on glass size so if you like beer or wine this is the place for you. All cocktails and sprits were as expensive if not more expensive as Dublin. Watch out for some of the super strong Belgian beer! Other recommendations beer wise are Duvel verte and Leff Blonde.
The lakes near Flagey are gorgeous to sit by in the early to late evening and a lot of students take advantage of this and public drinking doesn't seem to be an issue just make sure you clean up after yourself.
A plus of the outdoor pub life is a lot of places allow you to bring food in to enjoy with your beer so you can enjoy some of the traditional Belgian frites or kebabs, burgers, meatballs with your beer for extra soakage!
Eating out, there are a lot of Italian restaurants we noticed so we went for a delicious pizza one of the days near Schuman called La Bracce. We also went to The Black Sheep for burgers...this is where I discovered that Belgians like their cow nearly mooing on the plate. If you aren't a fan of rare burgers I recommend asking for your beef to be well done. I can handle a pink steak just not pink burgers!
A lot of Turkish/Arab men live in the area of the Flagey and we did feel uncomfortable at times with men openly staring and making comments towards us in the street. It is most definitely a cultural thing and we didn't experience this in Amsterdam. I guess they don't see a lot of blondes in Belgium! It's the one thing that could kind of leave a sour taste in my mouth about Belgium. When you travel you don't usually need to factor in an expectation of street harassment!
Despite that, Brussels is a great starting point for extra travel to the nearby cites of Leuven, Antwerp, and Bruges. We discovered Bruges for a day and I can confirm that it is well worth a visit...
***More to follow in the next blog post***

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

48 hours in Amsterdam

I've always been one of those people who like to start at the end be it a magazine or like this - a blog post -detailing the last stop on my 'mini euro trip', Amsterdam.

Amsterdam seems to be on most people I've talked to travel bucket list and it's not hard to see why. The draw of the Red light district and the freely available highs are what Amsterdam is most known for alongside a wealth of culture such as the Anne Frank house, Van Gogh and Rembrandt museum to name a few as well as some spectacular 16th century canal houses. It's the combination of the quaintness and the artistic history behind the city muddled with its edgier underbelly that appeals to traveller both young and old. 

We stayed at Clink Noord, a hostel just a short ferry ride from Amsterdam Centraal Station. We travelled to Amsterdam Central Station via train from Brussels but if you were flying over the train from the airport would drop you in this exact location. We were delighted with the hostel literally only being a five minute journey away by ferry and on foot as after a long few days of travelling the last thing we wanted was to venture straight into the city centre. (Tip: the ferry is a free 24 hour service! Just make sure you don't get on the wrong boat back to the hostel after a space cake or too...) 

The hostel was so comfortable, clean, and quirky. We would definitely recommend it and are already looking at returning. There are rooms with double beds, twin beds and they range up to a ten bed dorm. There are plenty of common spaces to chill with a book, play pool, ping pong, eat, have a drink and chat.

The stained glass window is a quirky touch to an otherwise very industrial building as the hostel was converted from an industrial lab. 

Our first morning we went on a free walking tour that started from the hostel. Our guide Mark was Northern Irish and had a masters in history and literature and was the perfect combination of humour and information to hold our attention on the tour. He brought us through the Red light district which isn't half as intimidating in the daylight and onto all the sights. The main places to head would be Centraal Station - the stations buildings are stunning, Dam Square with the New Church and some markets take place there also, Rembrandtsquare is the touristy square area with coffee shops and nightclubs, also Museumplein is where you will find the famous 'I am Amsterdam'  sign and a variety of museums. 

We were on such a tight schedule there is so much we didn't manage to pack in but the highlights include breakfast in De Pijp, Amsterdams hipster neighbourhood. We headed to Bakers and Roasters which was incredibly popular. We had a long wait for our food but it was delicious when it arrived. Not sure if this brunch place is a little bit overhyped  as it doesn't come cheap but the food was certainly Instagram worthy with a huge selection of brunch menu items I.e. Corn fritters, tacos, eggs benedict, bacon, pancakes, maple syrup and plenty of veggie options. 

Food wise we weren't overall impressed with the eating out options but we may have been looking in the wrong area. Definitely try some of the frites - fries with satay sauce and onions is a speciality as are the stroopwafels and mini pancakes. Herring is their main dish so if you are into raw fish give it a go. 

Our first night we headed to Rembrandtsquare as it is basically where all the clubs are. We went to Smokys nightclub which is quite well known and has a popular coffee shop by the same name nearby. Other clubs are Prime, Escape, Cool down cafe to name a few. Drinks are as expensive if not more expensive as a Dublin prices in these places so be warned. They are also quite strict on ID, and have metal detectors on the doors. If you plan on going to any coffee shops bring ID in case...

We visited the Ice Bar - you can get tickets for many of the tours and attractions in Tours and Tickets. It was 18 euro and you get three drinks included but I came out with about six! The ice bar is minus ten degrees Celsius and you are given thermal jackets and gloves to wear in. The glasses are also made out of ice hence the gloves. Don't be stupid like I was and wear open toed sandals or wedges! 

After the Ice bar we decided since it was our last night to head to the Red Light district and with a good few drinks taken six of us decided to visit a live 'adult' show... It is definitely a once off experience that is debatable over whether or not it was worth the money. Tickets were €40 or €50 with any two drinks included. 

So if you're prime reason for going to Amsteram is to try their coffee shop culture, see some of the attractions and experience the Red light district two nights was sufficient. We would have loved to fit in more and personally I would have liked to visit the Van Gogh museum and Banksy exhibition as well as get to the Jordaan district. Even though the best way to get around Amsterdam is by bike ( and not on foot - we did about 40,000 steps a day!) I'm not sure I would brave cycling around the city as it is just so busy. 

If you are staying in a hostel the free walking tour was a lifesaver. It showed us how to get around the city, the main attractions and help us meet other people staying in hostel who we ended up clicking with and spending our time there with. So don't be shy! The four guys we ended up hanging out with were all travelling on their own from different parts of the world, it definitely opened up my eyes to solo travel and it is something I would definitely consider in the future. 

***Next up I'll be doing a blog post on our time in Brussels and Bruges!***


Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Call yourself a blogger...

I've always been one to roll my eyes at people proclaiming that people 'hate' on bloggers. I've liked and lol'd at some of Pamela Joyce's impressions of bloggers finding them very relatable but I never saw it as a particularly spiteful jab at bloggers. After all it has become such a saturated market that it can be easy to see why it would irritate the non blogging community when their newsfeeds are consistently flooded with people gushing about beauty products or brands. Obviously the smart thing to do would be to unfollow these people on Snapchat or Facebook or Instagram if you find them offensive but lets be honest bitching can sometimes become a national pastime.

The problem that I have and what I wanted to write about here today stems from conversations I've heard at work from people denouncing a certain well known blogger with serious vitriolic hate towards them. The main reason I think I have figured out why they don't like them is because of the money they earn and the fact that they appear to give every product they review 'five stars'. The problem then, in actuality, lies with the gullible public and those who buy into bloggers. It is up to the public to decide whether bloggers who are not transparent in whether their views on a product have a direct link to the cash it is giving them are worth following.

People also had comments such as 'she just woke up one morning and decided to be a blogger' to say. I'd love to know what specific path people think blogging should take. Is there a CAO form we are supposed to fill out? Course requirements we have to fulfil? No, all it takes is a passion for writing - if we take blogging back to where it originated from - and a passion for your topic of choice, be it travel, beauty, food, fitness etc. The visible Snapchat superstars are the people who seem to be drawing the most ire from the non blogging community which is in turn tarring all bloggers with the one brush. Some of us don't even like the medium of Snapchat.

I also have somewhat of an issue with the term 'digital influencer'. I am the most unpretentious no BS type person going and that's just exactly what it sounds like - a hape of pretentious BS. There is no denying the fact however that social media influencers (SMIs) or digital influencers as a broader term really are changing the face of traditional media and advertising. People can bemoan them all the more but they are the savvy among us who have decided to turn a passion into a way to make money which is what life is all about really, now isn't it?

I will be the first one to admit that the word blogger is a term that can be very loosely used nowadays. Even in reference to my own blog if I haven't been posting frequently like the last couple of months I have that sense of imposter syndrome. The aim for blogging for me this year will be the get back to basics and start writing which is why I started this blog ultimately. Instagram flatlays, Snapchat stories and Facebook updates can wait.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Review: L'Oreal Paris Nude Maqigue Anti Redness CC Cream


I posted this photo up on my social media recently under the heading "Foundation free" and suprisingly enough, I actually am. I never thought I would see the day I would post a photo online where I didn't have a full coverage foundation on as I can be quite sensitive about my skin as I suffer with redness and Rosacea. 

I stumbled across this anti redness CC cream that is unlike any green color correcting creams I have ever tried before. Instead of remaining green on the face it actually adjusts itself to your skin tone and turns to a light coverage foundation on the skin. 

In the photos above you can see the transformation of th hydrating green cream into a foundation. It boasts itself as a 5 in 1 perfecting cream which promises to provide flawless coverage, perfect skin tone, give a fresh dewy glow, an SPF of 20 and a 24 hour hydration. 

I would agree with most of what has been said about the product however it is not super long lasting which is my only gripe. I would powder this and still use concealer but other than that I think it is super for a light coverage product that still does a decent job of correcting any redness. I love the feel of this on my skin and it also smells great too. I apply with my fingers and you only need a small amount to cover the whole face.

I can definitely see myself reaching for this more and more coming into summer. It is also perfect for those of you who dont like going anywhere in public I.e the gym or for a walk sans slap. I just pop some of this on and I'm good to go. 

I bought this in Boots for €13.99 and the stall was looking fairly empty while I was there. So get 'em while you can! I just love it for a natural fresh faced look.



Monday, 16 May 2016

Fashion Fix: Full Skirt Style Ideas

This is a trend that has been popping up a little bit for me recently. I have to say I love th drama of the full skirts and always felt like it would be a piece that might be hard to style. I had a scour around for the best styling options I could find and this is what I came up with.

Options 1, 2 & 3 are perfect for when there is still a breeze in the air, as you can layer a light knit or shirt underneath for extra warmth. 


I adore the pop of coral in this skirt and it looks so chic paired with some nude heels and a crisp white shirt. This kind of look would be great for family events or semi formal dinners.


This bright red is stunning and the colour brightens up an otherwise neutral outfit. Pair it with a fun leopard print clutch and a statement necklace to tie a quirky look together. This is really a look that could take you from desk to bar with a few added touches.


The above skirt isn't quite a full skirt but I just love the boho hippie vibe from it. You can put s pair of tan ankle boots and a light knit with some delicate jewelry to top it all off and finish the look. This would be perfect for an outdoor event where it may be chillier in the evenings. 


The nautical vibe will never go out of fashion in my opinion. This sleek monochromatic palette of navy and white just screams Parisian chic. Of course the pop of red from the Louboutins heels don't hurt either. 

If you're looking to pick up a full skirt like any of the above without breaking the bank I suggest you check out they are having a sale at the moment just be wary of the sizes though as they can be quite small fitting. New Look also have a small selection of both plain pastel and floral full skirts so go check them out online or instore. 

Hope you enjoyed this quick fashion fix! 


My First YouTube Video: How to Make Blue/Green Eyes Pop


Monday, 18 April 2016

My top 5 budget beauty buys under €8

The end of the college year is nigh, stress is high and you just want to treat yo'self... But you're broke? We're talking scraping coins together from the back of the couch broke. You really want some pretty new makeup however to add some colour to your life... What do you do? Read on to find out what my top five budget beauty buys are of course! Best of all they all cost less than eight euros.

First up on the list is the much revered Botanics Radiance Balm. Coming in at a cool €7.99 in Boots stores now it will certainly have you feeling 'all bright.' I couldn't resist... It's similar to the Mac Strobe Cream but a much more pocket friendly alternative. Put this on after your moisturiser and it will act as an illuminating primer under your makeup to bring out that natural glow we all crave. 


Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk is definitely a go to in my books to perk up tired eyes and make my eyes appear larger. It is €7 and available online at and will soon be in store also. You heard it here first. I also used this eye liner on my lips in my first ever Youtube video that I filmed which you can watch by clicking this link White liner can also be used as a beauty back to create bigger lips so watch to the end of the video to find out. 

My last three must have budget beauty buys are the incredible (and that is no exaggeration) essence superfine liner pen. The velvet stick matte lip colour in Peony Star which I have swatched below and the I love Stage eyeshadow primer. These last three products are all from essence which is a cheap as chips beauty brand available in Penneys. All of these products cost under €3.50 so they are definitely worth a try. 

I swatched the matte velevet lip balm above from essence. It's a gorgeous dark pinky brown that will suit a lot of paler skin tones and work as a Kylie Jenner lip effect if you are a fan of Whirl lipstick by Mac. 

Now you have no excuses.. Wake up and makeup. 




Wednesday, 6 April 2016

College casual : outfit of the day

I'm way out of my comfort zone doing outfit of the day post but I like to switch it up every so often so here you all are. My typical college uniform consists of black jeans, my Addidas Superstars and some sort of top plus a layer. I like to add interest with a fun or quirky piece of jewelry too. It can be hard to know what to wear in Ireland... This summer I threw this on and the sun was shining, I was worried I'd be too warm in the jumper but then April Showers decided to show their face so I've been through all four seasons in this outfit.

Jumper H&M current stock €6.99 / Jamie Jeans Topshop / Adidas Superstars Schuh / Necklace (cut off an old dress) Penneys 

The jeans are slightly high waisted which is great and super comfy. These were actually a Non scale victory purchase because I got them a size down from what I normally wear so I was happy out! Adidas Superstars are worn to death - need to make a new comfy shoe purchase soon. 
*Don't forget when shopping in Topshop and Schuh if you are a student you get a generous discount!*

Yeah I really need to work on my outfit of the day pose... 
So the you have it, it's not a very girly outfit or anything but I don't usually dress girly anyway. It's very comfy, and perfect for all four seasons and from going to lecture to lecture in college although after today I would add an umbrella or a jacket with a hood! If you have any shoe suggestions on what should be my next purchase ( I'm thinking New Balance) leave your suggestions in the comments and also let me know if you liked this post! 

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Liebster Award Nomination

Hi guys and dolls,

I've been nominated for a Liebster award by lovely Jennifer from Jennys Little World It's basically an award for small time bloggers like myself with less than 3,000 Facebook followers. Currently I'm sitting at 2,620 so hopefully those numbers will be increasing soon enough. However if you are starting out blogging or blogging like myself for a while it is more important to engage and interact with the audience you do have than to have big numbers but not a whole lot of engagement. This is something I learned while reading up on digital marketing. Anyway before I get completely off I write this I'm about to (fingers crossed) finish up my last ever assignment for my college degree. I'm studying media production management if you didn't know ;) So what better way to procrastinate than by writing a self-indulgent blog post.

I've been asked to answer the questions below and then pose a new set of questions for all the other bloggers I wish to nominate. I've definitely found some great new bloggers to follow so I will be sure to nominate them  after I answer the questions.

1. When did you start your blog and why?

I started blogging over two years ago now and I started it in part because I was studying journalism at the time and I was also doing a makeup course at night time so a beauty blog seemed like a great way to combine two loves! I remember being so terrified about putting myself out there that I created the Facebook page and the blog and then put it on private to hide it for a few months before I got the courage to come back to it.

2. Where did you come up with the name for your blog?

It was so tough to pick a name that isn't already out there. In the end I loved the idea of alliteration but now to be honest I see my blog name as such a mouthful! Blogging it beautiful is broad enough to incorporate beauty, fashion and lifestyle - travel is a beautiful thing after all.

3. What advice would you have for people thinking about starting a blog?

Think about your motivations for doing it. If it's for the event invites, free stuff, possible chance of being paid to do it... don't. You have to really work hard at putting yourself out there, build up an audience and build up your blog before event invites or freebies start rolling your way. This might sound harsh but the internet is already overpopulated with half assed blogs. Sometimes mine can be that way as well, not going to lie.
Pick your niche, better still pick something that isn't already oversaturated like beauty. Improve your writing skills, and if you are writing a blog post at least make sure it is over 100 words! Network with other bloggers 100%, follow hashtags on Twitter and Instagram and try and build all social media platforms from the get go.

4. Who are your favourite bloggers?

The blogs that I consistently turn to for seasoned opinions and a great insight into the blogging and beauty world would be Sinead from The Beautiful Truth I feel like she has something reviewed from every brand going so if I am thinking about making a new purchase or want to suss out a brand I head to her blog first. If I need a laugh or some solid blogging advice Sue from CherrySue, Doin' the Do is my first port of call. I've met both of these ladies and spoken to them albeit for a few minutes but they both seem like such genuine down to earth people which I love. Another blogger I love lately is Kim from SoSoDempo  once again super down to earth lovely girl. She blogs about affordable products and fashion for the curvier lady. Beautynook is also a fab blog that I have been turning to a lot lately for great makeup photography and honest opinions on beauty products.

5. What is your opinion on well known bloggers recommending products for payment?

I think that the new laws that have come in which require a blogger to let their followers know whether or not a post is sponsored or considered an advertisement is great. I think that there needs to be some transparency there especially for younger followers who might not realise that they need to take recommendations with a grain of salt. I will also state if I received products for free but a free product does not mean a glowing review. I will only give a good review if I genuinely loved using the product.

6. What challenges do you face with blogging?

It can be hard to stand out from the crowd. You can sometimes find yourself comparing yourself to other bloggers. The most difficult thing is knowing how much work you need to put in to make your blog successful but not having the same amount of time to do it. Editing, photography, if you want to incorporate video, social media, emails, writing, researching. It's essentially another part time job at minimum if you want to grow your platform.

7. Do you agree with bad criticism in blogs?

I'm not sure what this question means. Maybe it means on a blogger giving a bad review or criticism of a product or experience... I think its important to be honest and if I ever have to give a bad review I try do so some pros and cons as sometimes certain products i.e. skincare don't suit your skin type but that might not make it a bad product.

8. Who is your celebrity crush?

Always will be Channing Tatum...and I've had a thing for Will Smith too for as long as I can remember.

9. Favourite clothes / makeup brand?

Such a tough one! I'm not a designer girl (not like I can afford it) so clothes wise I will probably say Bershka, H&M, Penneys. Makeup wise... Clinique for foundation, Mac for lipsticks, Urban Decay for eyeshadows. The Balm for super cute packaging!

10. Share a random fact about yourself.

I can hold a conversation in both Spanish and German.

Below are the 10 blog nominees that I would love to answer the questions below in a blog post:

1. Leather Confessions
2. Kissandmakeup
3. Squidgy Moments blog
4. Pure Irish Sugar blog
5. Chloe Leonard MUA
6. Claire by Reverie
7. Pretty Purple Polka Dots
8. Grey Skies & Silver Linings
9. Blog Beauties
10. The Style Guide blog

I really like all these bloggers and check in on their content regularly, be sure to check them out!

So basically, if you have been nominated to do this Liebster tag/ for the award i.e a great blogger with under 3,000 followers you thank the person who nominated you on social media and go ahead and do the tag! Don't feel like you have to do it, but be great to get a little bit of community knowledge going especially re advice on blogging! So if you answer this post please tag me or my blog so I can read your post!


Monday, 21 March 2016

Six Weeks to Slim

Six weeks isn't an awful lot of time to overhaul your entire lifestyle especially if you have a penchant like me for family size bags of crisps and bars of chocolate. Six weeks however is the length of time it is until my cousin's hen weekend away and so while I'm not back to where I started back in August... I could certainly do with a kick start back to healthy! Summer is fast approaching and while I have started back running with the help of a fantastic little app I will tell you about in a second it's time to get food on board too! I think my giving myself a six week goal I have something to aim for and I plan to post every week letting you know how I am getting on.

I don't want to give myself a set amount of weight to lose as I feel when I do this I set myself up for failure but I would be happy if I lose seven pounds and over the moon if I lose ten pounds or above. So how do I plan on doing it, I heard you ask...

Running - fantastic way to burn fat and all you need is a pair of runners and a sports bra. The other things which spur me on however are the Couch to 5K app which I have been working on the last two weeks. It will help you gradually build up the length of time you are running for. The second must-have is a killer playlist. Pick songs that spur you on, energise you and make you feel motivated.

Classes - I am a member of the gym and I go in fits and starts. My goal for the next few weeks however are to go to the gym 1-2 times a week on top of the running and do a fitness class there. I've been wanting to do their strength and conditioning class there for a while so I'm going to push myself to go. I've been put off from going to it as I honestly don't think my level of fitness is up there but I might surprise myself.

Slimming World - For those of you who read my blog regularly enough will know I attended Slimming World for a few months and it really did work for me when I followed the plan to a T. I fell off the bandwagon however and plan to jump back on and kickstart myself by looking back on my old posts. For example here's a post from the week I lost three and a half pounds... Week 6 Slimming World Taking into account a few ups and downs over those six weeks I had lost eight pounds at this point so I can easily do it again!

I know some people don't agree with Slimming World and maybe some groups promote processed foods i.e. Mugshots, Muller Lights, their ready meals - But I have never eaten any of these and the whole time I was losing weight on the plan I had maybe one Muller Light because I don't even like the taste! My focus will be on making meals from scratch, cutting down on bread, eating a varied diet and making sure I eat loads of 'speed' foods aka fruit and vegetables that speed up weight loss. I eat healthily enough as it is... my biggest issue is my sweet tooth and I need to learn to control that. If you follow me on my Instagram account I have previously posted pictures of meals I've made and I will continue to do so over the next few weeks to hopefully inspire if you're stuck in a food rut!

Mindful eating is something I will be researching as well as too often eating can be comfort or stress eating which is not beneficial. I  think eating slower, making meal times an event instead of eating on the go, drinking enough water so its not thirst disguised as hunger are all good ways to start. I read an article on mindful eating tips which interested me.

I will be keeping you all updated on social media i.e. Snapchat of how I'm getting on and hopefully after the six weeks we will be seeing some decent results. Every week I'm going to post what I ate, what exercise I did, any handy tips I came across, motivation and how I'm feeling in general and I'd love if you could all interact in the comments or on the Blogging it Beautiful Facebook page by private message.


Wednesday, 16 March 2016

My Lipstick Loves

If in doubt, peace and pout - but make sure you have some killer lipstick on! It's that time of the the year aka Spring when our makeup bags really need a clear out and a refresh. While attempting to sift through my makeup favourites I came across some of my favourite lipsticks and also sobbed at the fact that some of my absolute faves have done a runner... MAC Honeylove I'm talking to you! 

Anyhow I decided to do a blog post on my lipstick loves as who doesn't love a good lippie and a good swatch before you buy. My lipstick collection is predominantly tones of pinks, some nudes and the odd  red - mostly very wearable colours. I trained as a makeup artist a little while ago now and my tutor always said to have a really good nude, a red lipstick and a pink lipstick. These can all be mixed to create different shades so it's a good rule of thumb to live by!

I have a range of brands here to show you so let's just kick it off.... 


Working from the top to the bottom shades are as follows: 

Lipsticks: MAC Creme cup, NYX matte Merlot, Bellapierre Catwalk, GOSH Yours Forever, Sleek Fuschia, CATRICE My Red Card, NYX Tea Rose, Rimmel Asia, MAC Fan Fare. 

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