Friday, 30 May 2014

The Beauty Essentials To Get Your Body Beach Ready

It's important in the summer sun when all your bits that aren't normally on show are exposed to look and feel your best. Most of our skin will be dehydrated and lacklustre after being hidden away all winter and most of spring so it's time to literally SPRING CLEAN you beach bod.

Let's start from the head and work our way down. Your gruaig is your crowning glory so it is important to keep it looking sleek, and protected in the summer sun. My hair is looking rather frazzled lately but with the delivery of the Miracle Moist shampoo and conditioner from Aussie, I hope to tame it come my holliers.

I will be using the 3 Minute Miracle treatment to try pump some moisture into my over processed locks. Just run this heavenly smelling treatment all through your dry hair, wrap it up in a plastic bag or those shower caps you get from hotels and wrap a towel around it to push the temperature up. Leave for 3 minutes like it says on the tin, rinse and shampoo. As Aussie says, "There is more to life than hair but it is a great place to start!"

Next up is getting our skin in great shape. Drinking lots of water will get your skin hydrated from within, it is also a good idea to invest in a great exfoliator as the sun cream just might clog up your pores. I've been using the SPARITUAL Organic Sugar Scrub which I did a review about here.
I also have a dead sea mud wrap that I will be trying out which I think is still available in Tiger Stores at the moment.
 You can't forget about a summer mani. Here are some of the gorgeous colours I am loving for summer be it bright and summery or cool pastel shades. Both go great with a tan.

I would recommend getting your feet in good condition
before slipping on those sandals by soaking your feet in a strong thick moisturiser, wrapping them in plastic bags and leaving it on to soak in for at least fifteen minutes. Then attack your feet with a Pedi Egg for super soft tootsies!
And there you have it head to toe your beach body essentials! I won't include hair removal as we all have our own ways of doing things, but ladies don't forget! ;-)
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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Penney's Beauty Buys

Primark or Penney's as it is more affectionately known as on our little green isle has really stepped up it beauty game of late. I can't go in there without picking up one or two beauty bits as you can see above!

Their false eyelashes in Sultry are definitely a new favourite of mine and at the tiny price of €1.50 they are fantastic value!They don't fall off or feel plasticky like most cheap lashes and you can definitely get more than one wear out of them if you don't misplace them that is!

I also picked up their beauty blender. It also cost €1.50 and I decided to try it out as the latest piece of 'technology' if you will in makeup seems to be these beauty blenders with the real techniques one being the most famous.

You are meant to dampen the sponge, this will cause it to increase in size. You then use a blotting or stippling motion to build up coverage. I have to say though - I am not impressed! Yes it barely cost a thing, but it does nothing! Unless you want extremely light sheer coverage there is no point in using this sponge.

That's my latest Penney's or Primark beauty round up :) Let me know what you think if you have tried either of these products in the comments!

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Leaving Cert Weather

It's that time of year again! Now while I did my Leaving Cert two years ago, I still am getting that sense of pre-Leaving Cert fear as I am working for a few hours a week in a school. I am working in the library where I get to see people stressing up close. I hate to say it but it almost amuses me watching them thinking they are now fully fledged 'adults' as they have left school officially but are allowed back in wearing their own clothes to study.

Reminds me of when I was them thinking I had it all sorted out, glaring at anyone who did so much as breath while I studied for 'the most important exam of my life.'

Let me tell you something kids...It's not that important. Your life will not end if you don't get the bajillion points you want to study Veterinary or Medicine or Dentistry. You're 18 at most for christ sake you haven't a clue what you want! Excuse me if this post turns into a rant but the Leaving Cert is bullshit. It is the most ridiculous exam designed to test your memory not your knowledge.

This is coming from someone who did well in the Leaving cert, got into university to study languages - and HATED it. I got the course everyone told me I should do, the subjects I loved...and guess what? It was taught totally different in college and included modules I had no interest in. So before you make the same mistake as I did...please, please pay more attention to the course rather than the points.

Do a plc. This are post Leaving cert courses which many people mock but which I completely am for. They give you a year to decide if the course is what you want to do, if it's not the worst you come away with is a fetac level 5 which is a qualification and with 750 euros more in your pocket than if you had chosen uni first time around. Don't be a snob, consider them.

Just remember, in the end everything will be ok. If it's not okay, it's not the end.

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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The Lipstick Addict Tag

1) Favourite balm/treatment?

Cicaplast Baume from La Roche Posay is the last word in hydration for dry lips. I picked up a huuuuge tube in my local chemists for about a tenner and it will certainly last me a year or more. It is like giving your lips a big drink of water, it provides instant hydration and as a bonus it is a soothing repair balm for your face or hands too!

2)Best eye-catching red?

I usually swear by Rio Rio from Topshop, a matte orangey-red but I guess you could say I haven't found my perfect red lippy yet. I also like Scarlet Siren by MUA. A matte red is definitely my fave, otherwise stuff gets too messy! 

3) Best Luxury and Best Drugstore?

The only "high end" lippies I have tried are MAC, I'm not a makeup snob by any means and to be honest I prefer drugstore lippies for longer lasting qualities over MAC anyday! I am in love with Catrice, as a drugstore lippy. 

4) Best MAC Lipstick?

Creme Cup

I have a couple of MAC lippies, my fave for an everyday nudey pink lip would be Créme Cup. I am loving Fanfare though at the moment it is a gorgeous coral shade very flattering on everyone.

5) The most disappointing?

I normally LOVE Catrice lippies but I picked up a creamy red lippy, I think it was called Red Card. it was a gorgeous true red colour but it just slipped right off my lips making me look more Hallowe'en than Hollywood!

6) Liner - yes or no?

Since I trained as a makeup artist I am a huge advocate of wearing lip liner. It makes your lips look luscious and defined, makes my lipstick last longer and even if it does wear off it won't look as bad if you fill your entire lips in with the liner beforehand. 

Tip: When applying liner first line the middle of the bottom lip, then the cupids bow and then join the lines. Fill in the two outer corners and then apply lip product. 

7) Best gloss?

I personally don't really wear gloss but if I was too it would be a nude pink or a peach gloss. I once again love Catrice, and also NYC for their glosses as they are cheap and cheerful. 

Tip: Buy a tube of clear gloss - then you can wear it over any lippie to make the finish a glossy finish! Or mix it with any lipstick to customise your lipgloss shade. 

8) Something extra?

I think before you apply liner or lipstick first pat your lips with concealer, not too much just the ends of your foundation brush. This will give a great neutral base to work on and make your lipstick last longer. If you want a tint, apply lipstick then folding a tissue in half like they did old school style go mwaah onto the tissue, it will take the excess off. You can also dab lippy on with your ring finger for a more natural look. I'm normally not a fan of lip stains though as they seriously do just that - stain! I also prefer a more defined precision look with my makeup. 


Monday, 26 May 2014

How To: Dress Right For Your Body Type

I've always kind of thought in hope that I had the classic hourglass figure of tiny waist, and matching hips and bust size but in actual fact only a tiny percentage of women have this figure. Famous faces (and bodies!) include Kelly Brook and Kim Kardashian.

How To Know If You Have an hourglass figure

You have an hourglass frame if your bust and your hips are the same measurement
  • Your waist is well defined.
  • Your body makes a perfect 8 shape.
  • Broad shoulders
  • How to Dress For Hourglass Figures

    Halterneck tops and low necklines are very flatterng on the hourglass figure as they draw the eye inwards to your tiny waist. Make sure anything you wear the focal point should be your waist. Fitted jeans will suit you as will bodycon dresses as you have the perfect curvy figure to show off!

    How To know If You are Pear Shaped:

    Famous pear shapes include Beyonce and Rihanna

    Your top half from shoulders to bust to waist are the slimmest part of your body. 
    Thighs and bum are in greater proportion to your shoulders and chest.

    You will find yourself to be one dress size bigger on bottom than on top

    How to Dress a Pear Shaped Body
    I am a classic pear shape and while I have a bigger bust I am still a size smaller on top than on the bottom. In order to balance this out I have been given great tips by Louise O'Reilly, plus size model and blogger at

    When wearing tight fitting dresses always wear a very supportive push up bra to balance out your top half. Skater style dresses will also be more flattering as they skim over your wider hips. I love high waisted shorts and trousers as I have a small waist, and a loose crop top will suit these styles.

    Wearing a darker colour on the top and brighter on the top will also balance out your figure visually. Large statement necklaces or big earrings draw attention up as well.

    How to know if you are an Apple Figure:

    Famous Apples include:

    This is a very common shape in women!

    The Apple shape is usually defined by the following:

    A large chest area.

    Round tummy area (undefined waistline)

    broad hips/thighs

    either a flat or full bum

    How To Dress For Apples:

    • Emphasize Your Legs
    • Show off Your Bust
    • Avoid clingy clothes
    • Wear tops that skim the stomach and hips, avoid low cut jeans and shorts or high cut tops
    Are you athlethic/a pencil type?

    Celebrities that have this body type include Cameron Diaz and Keira Knightley

    Pencil also known as ''rectangle' shape means your body has little or no curve definition.

    Your bust and hips are likely to be the same width

    Your legs tend to be longer than your torso

    Overall you will have an athletic figure, and even if you happened you gain weight you are the envy of all other body types as your weight tends to distribute evenly!

    How to dress for your athlethic/pencil shape:

    Draping and ruching are your best friend for adding colume and curves. You are one of the few people who can wear ruffles! Cinching in the waist will also add curves. If you have toned athlethic legs you will want to avoid a chunky wedge or shoe something more delicate will balance out your muscular side.

     Hope this is helpful! If you want I can put together outfit ideas for the different body types! :-) Let me know in the comments!

    Magazines Versus Blogging

    This weeks #LetsTalkBlogChallenge post is entitled Magazines Versus Blogging.

    My first opinion that came to mind when I thought of the two were that I love blogging but I also love the physical holding a magazine in hand and having a read. One thing I have noticed lately is I buy my usual monthly or fortnightly mag, settle down excitedly to read it...aaaaand I'm bored. Blogging is so instant. We get other women or mens opinions on products, places to go, see, eat that reading a magazine that relies heavily on its advertisers doesn't seem so real any more.

    I would prefer to boost someone's views and profile of a blogger who doesn't get paid for what they do, someone who merely has a passion for it and puts in time researching and writing their posts than pay for a magazine that pays the salary of a 'writer' who is merely churning out re-written versions of beauty press releases or advertorials. I never thought I would say it as I am studying print journalism myself in college, but print is getting tired. We are living in a digital age which means we have all the latest gossip, and trends at our fingertips so we don't really need to buy a magazine to read about Kimye or Kate and Wills as we have already seen the 'news' online.

    When I first started studying journalism last September our lecturer asked us did we think print would ever completely take over digital forms of writing. I said no and argued my point with vehemence. After all print journalism is the career path I am following. I have changed my mind to a 180 degree however since then. I feel if a magazine solely relies on print it will die a quick death. I also believe that I would never read an e-version of a magazine. That's why I prefer blogging as it is easier to weed out what you actually want to read and find out about. You can type a few words in a search engine online and be transported to a specific blog review.

    Bloggers also definitely have product power now. There has been many's a time when I went out and bought a product because another blogger recommended it, this is something I would be slow to do if a magazine on the other hand recommended it.

    All in all, I favour blogging but do like the familiar way of holding a magazine in your hand and curling up for a read with a cup of tea and chocolate. After all I think we all do already spend far too much time with our head stuck in our phones and laptops that we should give it a break and let paper win once and awhile. :)

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    Sunday, 25 May 2014

    The Best Budget Mascara Money Can Buy

    The title of this blog post is pretty self explanatory ;-) Of all the mascaras I try and buy ( I'm a bit of a magpie for them) this is the cheapest and the best mascara I have ever used. To think an Essence €3.49 mascara triumphs them all is pretty gob smacking. So I'll tell ya why I love it.
    • No Clumps - It separates lashes like no other
    • It doesn't flake off
    • It gives amazing volume and definition
    I believe that the reason why this mascara is so good is because it is all about the brush. This brush is flexible and slim so it can reach all the little lashes and it doesn't pick up to much product at the same time so it can coat lashes evenly. Hit up your nearest chemist for some ultra cheap and ultra fab mascara! :)
    It's essence Maximum definition, the orange tube isn't hard to miss!


    Friday, 23 May 2014

    What's the best advice you have ever been given?

    My dad said to me once when I felt that I was being forced into something work-wise, "Katie, there are only two things we HAVE to do in this life, and that's pay taxes and die." 

    While it sounds a bit depressing, I think if you delve a bit deeper and look at in a positive light there is nothing we HAVE to do if we don't want to. If something makes you unhappy, it's simple. Don't do it. 

    There is always ways around negative situations and we just need to sit back and reflect to realise that nothing is as bad as it seems. Don't ever let anyone dictate your happiness. 

    My mam is also one for a gem or two. I am a terrible worrier and would torture myself over thinking things. She told me to go to bed and tomorrow I will wonder what I was worrying about. Sometimes in life we just need to listen to our bodies and give it sleep to make those stupid niggling thoughts disappear. 

    "Nothing cures sickness quicker than a laugh and a good nights sleep."

    Here are some of my favourite quotes and life advice: 

    Have you ever received some advice you live by? I'd love to hear your pearls of wisdom! Please let me know in the comments 



    Sunday, 18 May 2014

    Friday, 16 May 2014

    The Ten Commandments to Surviving a Summer Festival

    • Thou shalt not covet thy neighbours tent (or other items for that matter). Don't go nicking your tent neighbours fold up chairs, drink, food or sleeping bags. This one should be fairly obvious for festival banter. Sleeping in a muddy field with no shelter is no craic.

    • Thou shalt not overpack. No-one wants to be lugging a massive backpackers pack from the drop off point to the campsite. It makes for sore shoulders, a sore back and a shite start to your weekend of debauchery and music.

    • Thou shall remember to bring toilet roll, bin bags and hand sanitizer. These are three essential items that will not let you down. Toilet roll for obvious reasons as the portaloos aren't usually well stocked. Bin bags- You can sit on them in the mud, you can use them to throw your rubbish in or bring all your stuff home in when you make the rookie mistake of overpacking and have your bag spilt open. You can also use them as rain ponchos. Fashionable they are not, but they have their uses. Hand sanitizer because you will get mucky and no one wants to catch any nasties from the portaloos.
    • Thou shalt not drink all your drink in one go. Who wants to wind up in the First Aid tent/losing all your friends when you could be twerking at Beyoncé? Use your noggin kids and pace yourselves.
    • Thou shall stock up on carb rich stodgy food. It might not make for that summer beach bod but it keeps you from having to go to the toilet every two minutes which isn't fun when you are trying to get to the pit. It will also keep the energy up. Bring some fruit as you will get sick of chips after you have had them for three meals.
    • Thou shall wear wellies. And knee socks for the girls. You can keep your phone safely in your sock so it doesn't get lost and you can also smuggle cans in down your wellies...Ssh, you didn't get it from here.
    • Thou shalt not take anything that happens at a festival too seriously. When drink, little sleep, shitty food, and muck are involved we can tend to get overemotional. Just try to think YOLO and let it all roll off your back because whatever bad can happen it probably will but just try to get on with it and enjoy your weekend :)
    • Thou shall bring suncream and keep hydrated. Could be wishful thinking that any summer festivals this year will be hit with the sun but if they are you don't wanna wind up with sun stroke, sick as a dog and with a horrific migraine that can't be blamed on drink. So bring a hat, shades, and alternate a few drinks with water instead. You will feel all the better for it.
    • Thou shall not wear a playsuit to a festival. Just think about it. Drink, tiny portaloo and trying to climb in and out...It's just not going to end well.
    • Thou shall have the craic and stay safe. Don't wander off, try not to get to drunk after all if it is as good as its suppose to be you shouldn't need the drink. Campsites can be dodgy places, so keep that in mind when you  are deciding whether to set up camp next to dodgy looking peeps.
    Will you be heading to a festival this summer? There is Electric Picnic in Co.Laois, Indiependence in Mitchelstown and various other 'day' festivals such as Longitude and Forbidden Fruit. Tell me in the comments below. Summer Festival Style Guide to come! :)

    Sunday, 11 May 2014

    Summer Essentials: Penney's/Primark Finds

    What kind of a summer shop would it be without nipping into Penneys? Sarah from is hosting the #LetsTalkBlogChallenge and last weeks topic was Summer Essentials. Now being an Irish girl and blogger Penneys/Primark was first stop for me for summer essentials. You can't not go into that shop and come out empty handed, its practically a rule!

    So I decided to focus my blog post on my recent Penney's summr haul and add in a few bits that I have yet to get, enjoy! :-)

    The most difficult purchase of the summer shop has to be the bikini, but I picked this up, tried it on and bought it within 5 minutes! I love the 1950s sailor style of it which definitely suits my figure and any ladies who are hourglass or pear shaped. The high waisted bottoms brings attention to your waist, my smallest part. The bikini top gives great support to us bigger busted ladies!
    It was a struggle but after kneeling on the ground and hunting among hundreds of bikini odds and ends I got my size and emerged triumphant! :-) Normally I would go a size up in bikini bottoms as they do tend to be on the skimpy side but in these I went a size down! I got a 36D on top and it fits me perfectly. I think it was €12 for the two pieces. Plus with your highwaisted bottoms you don't have to worry about sucking it in ;-) Might leave some funny tanlines though haha
    I got a gorgeous loose denim with crocheted detail crop top for €9, and vertical striped denim high waisted shorts for €11 which was a bit dear for Penney's but they look gorgeous on. I got my statement beaded necklace for €8. I am loving the jewlery they have in at the moment, it just pulls an outfit together and can dress something casual up effortlessly :)
    My mum actually picked up the bright coral cami for me which was a bargain at only €4, and she put it under the see through lace top with a peplum effect which was €8. They look fab together, and layering means it looks more expensive than it was!
    That coral cami will look fab with a tan as well ;-) I will definitely be picking up a few of them. The fit is great. I also picked up a navy skort which was reduced to either €3 or a €5 and I am in love with it. The way the draping falls at the front means it looks really flattering.
    The above is a pic i got online, but these are the sandals I got last year in Penney's and wore to death. They have a kind of colourful aztec print which doesn't show up very well in the photo. I will definitely be on the look out for some comfy sandals this summer!
    Can't go wrong with some Penney's sunnies! most of them are only €2 and they don't go over a fiver so you won't mind too much when you sit on them/leave them at the airport. You can even buy a few pairs like the ones above in different styles :)

    It wouldn't be summer without the gorgeous smelling coconut Malibu suncream, now available in for between €4.50 and €5,50 in Penneys. I don't know about you but the scent always makes me think about summer!!

    Tell me ladies, what are your summer essentials?? :) Comment below

    Thursday, 8 May 2014

    Celtic Candles: My New Favourite Scent

    Anyone that knows me knows that I love candles! What girl doesn't? They add ambience to the room, not to mention make it smell gorgeous so when I got the opportunity to road test some new Irish candles I grabbed it with both hands.

    This one is Tomato & Blackcurrant made with all natural materials and poured with organic wax. It smells absolutely divine and do you wanna know what the best bit is?? The wax melts down to a massage oil! It is incredible, doesn't burn your skin and doesn't set like normal wax. Just lovely smooth gorgeous smelling oil to do what you will with. Fab product available to purchase on


    Tuesday, 6 May 2014

    Micellar Miracle? Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

    I picked up this lil baby in my local pharmacy/chemist thingymabob. I had seen the term "micellar" floating about a lot from beauty bloggers lately and I decided given the chance I would give it a bash.
    I must admit I was cynical. I am your cream cleanser and hot cotton wool type of girl but a couple of drops of this on a cotton pad or three just to make sure, a few swipes over the face and this baby did exactly what it said on the tin! No rinsing with water required! Removes makeup, cleanses and soothes in one go.
    It is hypoallergenic and contains no perfume which is fab for girls like me with sensitive skin. I was a bit wary thinking it would rip the skin off me like a toner but it worked a dream! I'm just wondering what's the catch??
    A whopping massive bottle like this of 400 ml is supposed to last 200 uses which is about 3 months if you use it everyday, so the price at a tiny €2.95 really means this is a deadly bargain!
    What are you waiting for ladies? Hotfoot it down to the shops now!
    If you've used the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water let me know your thoughts below in the comments
    Keep on blogging it beautiful!

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