Wednesday, 18 April 2018

I'm walking for... Darkness into Light Pieta House

Mental health is a phrase that has been mentioned so much in the media lately. A spotlight is finally being shone on those who are in the darkness in the hope that literally and not just metaphorically shedding light and bringing attention to those who suffer with their mental health will bring them out of that darkness and help them find the light again. 

As someone who has suffered/lived, depending on your viewpoint, with mental health problems the most scary thing isn't the darkness you can descend into but more the fear of not being able to find the light once more. 

Anxiety and depression is a scary place and the two feed off each other in the most horrible of ways. In my own experiences I chose to pursue talk therapy instead of medication. Unfortunately medication was too quickly and readily suggested as opposed to just the act of talking to someone and exploring the root cause of my feelings. I by no means am advocating not taking anti depressants or anti anxiety medication it's just that I felt that I would rather try other things first. Depression is of course a chemical imbalance in the brain which needs help to correct in the form of medication.

Depression runs in my family, my extended family. It's not something that is ever spoke about apart from once or twice briefly mentioned. Unfortunately it has such a stigma still attached to it that we find it easier to take about other people affected by things however it would be extremely difficult to speak about someone we know personally affected by the same issue. 

This is a blog post to explain why I am taking part in Darkness into Light. My family will be doing it and so will my boyfriend, one of my biggest supports. I will walk/run for myself and everyone who has struggled and continues to struggle with any form of mental illness on a daily basis. It's not something I think that ever goes away but it is something that you learn to manage, recognise the signs of that dark cloud coming over you and learn ways to combat it or protect yourself through self care. 

Sorry if this blog post is a bit all over the place but as it is a very personal one it can be hard to get my feelings and reasons out there without descending into a blabbering mess. Basically, I just wanted to briefly explain my reasons for doing Darkness into Light in the hope that you may sponsor the next person in that dark, dark place that just needs someone to tell them it will all be alright. Maybe in time, when I feel more comfortable I will be able to talk about it more but for now I would love you to see the person behind the blog (or the smile) and whatever you have, even if it is a euro or two to sponsor me in the link below.

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