Monday, 21 March 2016

Six Weeks to Slim

Six weeks isn't an awful lot of time to overhaul your entire lifestyle especially if you have a penchant like me for family size bags of crisps and bars of chocolate. Six weeks however is the length of time it is until my cousin's hen weekend away and so while I'm not back to where I started back in August... I could certainly do with a kick start back to healthy! Summer is fast approaching and while I have started back running with the help of a fantastic little app I will tell you about in a second it's time to get food on board too! I think my giving myself a six week goal I have something to aim for and I plan to post every week letting you know how I am getting on.

I don't want to give myself a set amount of weight to lose as I feel when I do this I set myself up for failure but I would be happy if I lose seven pounds and over the moon if I lose ten pounds or above. So how do I plan on doing it, I heard you ask...

Running - fantastic way to burn fat and all you need is a pair of runners and a sports bra. The other things which spur me on however are the Couch to 5K app which I have been working on the last two weeks. It will help you gradually build up the length of time you are running for. The second must-have is a killer playlist. Pick songs that spur you on, energise you and make you feel motivated.

Classes - I am a member of the gym and I go in fits and starts. My goal for the next few weeks however are to go to the gym 1-2 times a week on top of the running and do a fitness class there. I've been wanting to do their strength and conditioning class there for a while so I'm going to push myself to go. I've been put off from going to it as I honestly don't think my level of fitness is up there but I might surprise myself.

Slimming World - For those of you who read my blog regularly enough will know I attended Slimming World for a few months and it really did work for me when I followed the plan to a T. I fell off the bandwagon however and plan to jump back on and kickstart myself by looking back on my old posts. For example here's a post from the week I lost three and a half pounds... Week 6 Slimming World Taking into account a few ups and downs over those six weeks I had lost eight pounds at this point so I can easily do it again!

I know some people don't agree with Slimming World and maybe some groups promote processed foods i.e. Mugshots, Muller Lights, their ready meals - But I have never eaten any of these and the whole time I was losing weight on the plan I had maybe one Muller Light because I don't even like the taste! My focus will be on making meals from scratch, cutting down on bread, eating a varied diet and making sure I eat loads of 'speed' foods aka fruit and vegetables that speed up weight loss. I eat healthily enough as it is... my biggest issue is my sweet tooth and I need to learn to control that. If you follow me on my Instagram account I have previously posted pictures of meals I've made and I will continue to do so over the next few weeks to hopefully inspire if you're stuck in a food rut!

Mindful eating is something I will be researching as well as too often eating can be comfort or stress eating which is not beneficial. I  think eating slower, making meal times an event instead of eating on the go, drinking enough water so its not thirst disguised as hunger are all good ways to start. I read an article on mindful eating tips which interested me.

I will be keeping you all updated on social media i.e. Snapchat of how I'm getting on and hopefully after the six weeks we will be seeing some decent results. Every week I'm going to post what I ate, what exercise I did, any handy tips I came across, motivation and how I'm feeling in general and I'd love if you could all interact in the comments or on the Blogging it Beautiful Facebook page by private message.


Wednesday, 16 March 2016

My Lipstick Loves

If in doubt, peace and pout - but make sure you have some killer lipstick on! It's that time of the the year aka Spring when our makeup bags really need a clear out and a refresh. While attempting to sift through my makeup favourites I came across some of my favourite lipsticks and also sobbed at the fact that some of my absolute faves have done a runner... MAC Honeylove I'm talking to you! 

Anyhow I decided to do a blog post on my lipstick loves as who doesn't love a good lippie and a good swatch before you buy. My lipstick collection is predominantly tones of pinks, some nudes and the odd  red - mostly very wearable colours. I trained as a makeup artist a little while ago now and my tutor always said to have a really good nude, a red lipstick and a pink lipstick. These can all be mixed to create different shades so it's a good rule of thumb to live by!

I have a range of brands here to show you so let's just kick it off.... 


Working from the top to the bottom shades are as follows: 

Lipsticks: MAC Creme cup, NYX matte Merlot, Bellapierre Catwalk, GOSH Yours Forever, Sleek Fuschia, CATRICE My Red Card, NYX Tea Rose, Rimmel Asia, MAC Fan Fare. 


Monday, 14 March 2016

Geneva: A Swiss Adventure

So I'm just back from Geneva, tired but happy I got the opportunity to visit this multicultural city. It's certainly an interesting experience visiting a city in a country which has almost no locals! Everyone I encountered in Geneva in Switzerland was from somewhere else entirely. Home to the United Nations I suppose I can't say I'm suprised it's so culturally diverse. I myself was going to visit two of my friends (one from Taiwan originally and the other from Egypt) both of whom now call Switzerland home.

I travelled with Aerlingus on Friday morning, with a flight time of under two hours it really is a handy getaway but bear in mind you will need deep pockets to visit this city as the living costs are high but so are the wages. You can feel the sense of wealth in the air... Designer bags are on everyone's arm, luxury cars pass you in the street and their Rue du Commerce or central shopping area has Prada, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga and a Christian Louboutins on every corner like you would see a Penneys in Dublin. They also have great high street stores like Bershka, H & M and Zara where bargains can be found! I bought myself a pair of jeans from Bershka in the sale for 5.90 francs which is the equivalent to around €6 here! You wouldn't get better value in Penney's I tell you. The exchange rate of francs to euro is pretty similar. I think one euro gets you one oh nine francs, and it's the most beautifully coloured Monopoly money. 


It's pretty simple to get around here, and I long for the Swiss efficient of a transport system in Ireland. The best thing to do is to buy a day ticket from the machine at the bus stop, and if you are travelling after 9am an all day ticket will only cost you 8 francs. This entitles you to hop on trains as well and because they are so quick and efficient you really can see a lot of the city very quickly, it is by no means huge. Make sure to get a ticket though, an 80 franc fine is so not worth it!

What to do 

While I was in Geneva, the Festichoc, or chocolate festival was taking place in Versoix. A small city or a big town depending on how you look at it about thirty minutes on the train from Geneva. Switzerland is world renowned for its chocolate and so this festival was a must visit for me as I am a serious chocolate lover! There were so many master chocolatiers stands there showcasing their products and offering free chocolate samples. There was chocolate foundations with strawberries to dip and also a competition of the most amazing sculptures made of chocolate. They really were so talented. 

The Geneva International Motor Show was happening while I was there and although I didn't go the city was abuzz with it, so many fancy Alfa Romeos, Maseratis and Ferraris were to be seen driving around and revving up in the city. Any time one of these cars pulled up in the street crowds of people could be seen surrounding it to take photos. If you go to the car show after 4pm tickets are half price at 8 francs. 

Strolling around Geneva, people watching, taking a trip down to the Lake and into the Old Town up windy cobble lock streets and through the parks is the best way to see most of the city.

Where to eat 

On my first night there we had a fondue party. Fondue is their national dish... It's essentially very strong Swiss cheese with wine mixed into it. People dip crusty French baguettes into this mixture, or a selection of cold meats or pickles into the cheese. I have to say I didn't like cheese fondue at all, it was extremely strong smelling and tasting so I tasted it but then passed. 

Our first meal out we went to an Italian restaurant... There is a vast selection of all different cuisines in the city because of its mix of cultures. I had a pizza and was a bit shocked at the prices but I got used to them quickly. A bottle of water can set you back 5 francs in some places. 

The second meal we had was eaten in France! Yes , I also went to France when I was in Geneva. It's really simple to cross the border on the bus and we went to an Asian restaurant called Royal Thai. It has an all you can eat three course buffet for €20.80 or 23.75 francs. Food was really good and we were so stuffed. There was also an Irish bar nearby predictably called Paddys but we didn't go in.


So who would have thought Geneva had such a nightlife? They certainly like to go out and drink, plenty of wine was consumed the first night. Jaegermeister is also very popular here as are shots ... So a sore head was definitely had. We went to a bar called Elefant en Carnet which had a good buzzing athmosphere and music. I made friends with the bar tender and didn't pay for a drink for the night. Everyone is very open and friendly in this city and it feels very liberated. 

On the second night we went to an event called the Couch Crew March Madness Turn up event. It's a lot of Afro beat, house and RnB music with some seriously good djs. This place was absolutely jam packed and so we left about midnight went to the Clubhouse, another popular international bar and then we got invited to a party in someone's apartment. Everyone knows everyone there but I definitely feel like I got to see more of the nightlife and the city as I was with a friend who lives there year round. 

Where to stay

I stayed with a friend in her apartment that was two bus stops from the airport and it was extremely handy. There were two hotels nearby the ibis budget and the crowne plaza and bought could be worth checking out for affordable accomodation. 

Overall I had a great time and a detox is much needed after all the rich food, wine and shots that were consumed. I think Geneva is a must visit and definitely doable if you are smart with your money. Migros is their local supermarket and they are all over the city so you can easily pick up food, snacks or drinks for cheaper when you are out and about in the day time. 

I would recommend a three to four day visit and you really will be able to pack a lot into that time. As it is on the border of France you could take a day trip over there or take a train into the mountains and go skiing. 

What to bring 

This trench coat from Asos will keep you warm as the weather is considerably chillier than Ireland and also quite windy. 

These chunky metallic trainers from Bershka (€29.99) are perfect for all the walking you will be doing and can be mixed and matched with a lot of outfits and so are very versatile. 

The wind chill factor calls for a seriously hardworking lip balm from Nuxe. This is €12 from but it's actually a little bit cheaper in Geneva, I saw it for 11 francs in the airport. 

This outfit was super versatile and typical of what I wore around Geneva. The denim A line skirt is from Penneys, the polo neck is also Penneys. Leather jacket is Bershak, and trainers are Addidas Siperstars available at Schuh.


What to pack

I packed super light and mixed and matched what I wore. A black poloneck, a V neck tshirt, a pair of ripped jeans, a scarf, beanie, long line sleeveless trench and a pair of leopard print flats were the only other items I wore. It's very casual there even at night time and so I just borrowed a top and coat off my friend.

So I hope you enjoyed reading this post and if anyone is thinking of going to Geneva after this post let me know in the comments below and if I can help you with anything at all I'd be happy too! 



Thursday, 3 March 2016

Natural everyday makeup look

Hello ladies, so this look was highly requested when I asked you all back in January what kind of makeup looks you would see on the blog. This is a quick, simple eye look that can be easily smoked out for night time so it's very versatile. I also used one palette in particular, the Naked Basics palette which I think is a great purchase for any beginner makeup lovers as it has some great matte shades which are easy to blend and long lasting on the skin. 


Very quickly I will run through what is on my face but this blogpost is focused in the natural everyday eye makeup look. So here's a quick list of what I am wearing in the above photograph: 

Foundation - Clinique Beyond Perfecting 
Concealer - Urban Decay Naked Skin 
Bronzer- Mac Harmony blush 
Highlight - The Balm Mary Lou Manizer (my holy grail) 


I used the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette for this look. Urban Decay cosmetics are available in Debenhams nationwide. This palette costs €30 and contains six eyeshadow shades which you can use to create either a day or night look. 


Venus is the first shade, a shimmery off white which can be used as a highlighter. Foxy is the next shade its a matte light hello which is great as a base on the lid. Next to that is W.O.S which is a matte light pink which could be used all over the lid. Naked 2 is a great neutral taupe colour, Faint is a rich brown and Crave is a matte black.


I started off by priming my lid with Urban decay primer potion and then patted the shade Foxy all over my lid with a flat eyeshadow brush. Then I took a wash of naked 2 on a fluffy eyeshadow brush and ran this back and forth just over the crease. Following this I took a crease brush and ran Naked 2 into the crease making sure to blend in circular motions. I added Faint to this brush and focused on adding some depth to the outer corner of the eye and I took this down to the lash line also. To intensify this you could add a little bit of Crave to the outer edge and make sure to blend out with a large fluffy brush. 

I completed the look with a slick of my favourite liner, Essence super fine liner pen and I lines my lower lash line with NYX cosmetics jumbo pencil in Milk. A neutral or white liner is great for opening up the eye and making you look more awake. Mascara was Flormar spider lash mascara. 


Venus can be added on the brow bone and inner corner of the eye to highlight as you can see above my eyebrows need to be done! 

I'm really happy with this overall look as it's super quick tko achieve in the morning and doesn't require to much thought. Let me know if you enjoyed this blog post and if you create the look at home. As always I'm open to feedback and would love to hear what you would like to see next on the blog. Xx


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