Friday, 27 June 2014

How to Cover Sunburn with Makeup

Have you been left with a red face after all the sun we have been having lately? Well so have I, and since I was heading to a wedding yesterday I had to figure out a quick way to cover up my sunburn. 

First, applying aloe vera gel or after sun is extremely important to start the healing process and cool down the skin. When this dries in make sure to apply your moisturiser. The skin is totally parched so it really needs to be prepped and primed. 

Now for the magic! After you apply your primer, I used Smashbox Photofinish you need to get yourself a green colour corrector. 

I used Dermalogica Ultra Calming redness relief. Apply a tiiiiny amount lightly all over red areas with a flat foundation brush or your fingers. The green pigment completely kills off the red, restoring your face to it's natural complexion. 

Then apply two light layers of a yellow toned foundation. Both yellow and green counteract redness so if you natural use a pinky under toned foundation opt for a yellow toned foundation or finishing powder. 

Top it all off with some bronzer and a peach blusher, avoid pink tones in your make up and your sunburn will turn into a gorgeous sunkissed glow the total opposite to a lobster! 


Wednesday, 18 June 2014

My Amazing Facebook Giveaway

Hi Ladies, I am so excited to announce my next giveaway! My blog views have been climbing and my next milestone on the facebook page is to reach 500 likes. With this in mind I have a fabulous 12 piece Professional Makeup Brush Set to purchase from Hairspray Ireland.

The brushes are made with goat and sable hair which are both high quality. They come in a gorgeous pink clutch which makes them super easy to carry everywhere. I really really am contemplating buying another set as I am in love with them!

The brushes range from powder, foundation, fluffy contour, liner brush to all your essential eye brushes. This set contains all the brushes needed to achieve that professional makeup look.

How To Win:

1. Go to my Facebook page and Like my page!

2. Then invite two friends to enter and tag them under the picture of the brush set.

3. Remeber - Sharing is caring!

Good Luck!


Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Summer Beauty Detox

Summer is the perfect time to detox your beauty routine and clear out that all important beauty routine!

Your skin can turn two or three shades darker in the summer sun so it means a new foundation will be in order. You don't want to be wearing that thick base you have been wearing all winter, all you want is a little coverage because the sun will providing you with all the healthy glow you need!

A concealer, brown mascara, a cream blusher and a lip tint is all you need in your summer makeup bag. If you really can't do without your finished look add in some bronzer and a liquid highlighter and your good to go! You don't want to be sticking to powder products as combined with a little bit of sweat these can tend on look on the cakey side. Cream based products will ensure a natural finish!

Get glowy skin like J.Lo
A liquid highlighter such as Benefit's High Beam, MAC Strobe Cream or No7 Skin Illuminator will help you create this glow

Don't forget the all important SPF. No one wants to come back off their hols looking like a wrinkly old handbag!

La Roche Posay do a fab spf30 for face only sun cream that is a matte quick drying fluid, perfect formula for the face.

Best Spf for Face

Now when it comes to summer, hair can be one of the things neglected. Chlorine and too much sun exposure can all leave your hair damaged and in need of some tlc. I recommend Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo and Conditioner.

A good leave in conditioner is also a must. I love Equave leave in conditioner, a must have for all hair dressers to remove those tangles. I picked up a Miracle 10 treatment from Penney's the other day, it promised to protect hair from UVA rays and give it body/repair split ends and create miracles by the sounds of it!

Sea salt texturising spray

When it comes to summer styling, sea salt spray is something I always said I would try but never did. It is supposed to be the last word when it comes to beachy summer hair. I already have a natural wave in my hair so I expect it will work a little better than if your hair is poker straight but I picked up Toni & Guy Sea Salt texturising spray in handy travel size from Boots. Just spray on freshly washed damp hair and tousle to the desired effect.

Hope these summer beauty tips help and I'll post a few pics on of my holiday faces and the beauty products I use xx


Holiday Essentials: What to Bring

My holiday essentials list:

  • Three pairs of shorts 
I went for denim, striped and white. These are all classics, and the high waisted option makes them so flattering. They are also basic so can work with many looks. 

  • Five tops that can work for day or night. I chose bright slogan vest tops, and a light striped sleeveless shirt from h&m which can look dressy when paired with white and tan accessories. Cami's are also a great option as they work with so many different looks and are light and easy to wear in that summer sun :)

  • The all important bikinis

50s style works well with curvy figures

I am in love with halterneck style tops, underwire and high waisted bottoms the perfect match for our pear, hourglass or apple figures 

A fun print adds an interesting detail

Couldn't resist this aztec print, bandeaus can be worn as a bra with any nice going out tops when you don't want bra straps ruining your look

WARNING: bandeaus will make you look flat chested 

  • Summer sandals
It can be so unbelievably hard to find some decent comfortable sandals that don't cost an arm and a leg. After trawling the shops I actually got a pair in Penneys for around six or eight euro. Now obviously they aren't great quality but I tried Next, River island, Dunnes all for sandals and they were all badly sized or uncomfortable

  • Suncream!! 
I am loving the Malibu brand as it smells so fantastic. A sort of coconut smell that I've always associated with summer holidays :)

I would reccomend an SPF of 30, but I bought the handiest travel size pack in Penney's which included spf 20, spf 15 and a soothing aftersun. Happy days! 

I'm working on some double duty beauty products to bring on holiday as I really don't like the high maintenance look yet all my makeup is far too heavy and takes up too much space for a holiday look. I hope to have a post up before I go on my hols so watch this space.... ;) If you have any suggestions leave them in the comments. 



Sunday, 15 June 2014

Get my Summer Nail look

I got my nails done recently in Beck's Beauty Salon in Maynooth. I was looking for something bright, summery and fun as I am going away on Wednesday to Portugal...totes excirah!

I hmmed and hawwed for ages about what sort of nail art I wanted, and eventually settled on a variation of this: 

Here is a photo collage of what my nails actually turned out like after I opted for a coral instead of a hot pink :)

What you will need:
  • A liner brush - This can be a very thin paintbrush or eyeliner brush

This is the Real techniques liner brush ( Pic via The non blonde)

  • A coral nail polish eg Rimmel Coralicious or OPI Toucan Do it available at
  • A white polish The Tip Ex look is okay here
  • A gold sparkly polish eg Barry M Glitter Paint
  • A good top coat to seal in the polish 
Apply two layers  of polish on alternate nails in the style that you want, leave to dry. 

When bone dry dip the liner brush into a TINY amount of the glitter paint and starting from the base of the nail draw a single line upwards towards the middle. 

Copy this but on the opposite side this time. This will form a perfect triangle when they meet in the middle. Then repeat for the effect as seen in the picture above. 

Apply top coat when glitter polish has dried for long lasting effect, et voila! Perfect summer nails. 

Let me know what you think of my nails and if you try this out at home. xx


Friday, 13 June 2014

Catrice Prime and Fine Review

I picked myself up some beauty goodies the other day. I am running out of my Laura Mercier hydrating primer and my MAC face powder is broken so I decided to treat myself. 

I didn't feel like splurging and too be honest I'm glad I didn't because the Catrice Prime and Fine does just the job! It claims to smooth and refine pores creating an airbrush effect. 

It feels velevty to the touch and is a slightly pink translucent cream, a strange texture that I haven't really used before. It makes your skin feel so smooth and soft and makes foundation easy to apply. I think this primer was only €3.99 and it receives a massive thumbs up from me! :-)

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Aussie Miracle Moist Review

Ladies...I've found my perfect match! They're Australian twins... I was dry, damaged and a bit unhappy before I met these two but together they've made a miracle...and created hair that is blissfully moist ;) Haha how's that for an opening paragraph?!

I am loving the Aussie Miracle Moist shampoo and conditioner. I have never ever every used a conditioner that left my hair feeling as silky soft and tangle free as this one. The shampoo lathers up into a lovely creamy rince making you feel like you are really treating your hair. Rinsing and repeating leaves my hair feeling thick and gorgeous. I have definitely noticed an improvement shine wise.

If your hair is in need of a bit of lovin' then give these guys a whirl, you won't be left disappointed!

*I was sent all of the Aussie products seen in the above photo as I was nominated for Reader's Choice in the Aussie Blog Awards, I have been shortlisted and it would be pretty amazeballs if you could vote for me to win here who knows an Aussie themed giveaway could be on the cards*

Find us on Facebook at an aul like would be much appreciated :)

My Summer Skincare Routine

I'll honest with you...when it comes to skincare, I rarely give it a second thought. When I find something that works, I stick with it and rarely change it up. This post contains my absolute old reliables that have always worked for me and that don't break the bank. ;-) Key when you are on a student budget.

My skin type is normal to sensitive as I have slight rosacea which means a lot of red pigmentation in the skin as most Irish cáiliní will have! I VERY RARELY get spots, like I'm talking maybe twice a year but I do tend to get dryness or sensitivity and I have had random blemishes pop up.

My go to cleanser has always been NO7 Soft and Soothed cream cleanser. It retails at €10.50 from Boots, but you know the way they always give you those No7 vouchers at the till? Yeah I usually end up paying about six euro for this baby ;-) I apply it to the skin with my fingertips and use hot cotton wool to remove it. This gets rid of all my makeup and is perfect for sensitive skin.

I recently bought the Garnier Micellar Water, now usually I would be the LAST person to buy into 'fads' but this genuinely works! I got it in my local chemist for €2.95 although I see they have raised the price to €4.95 now! It is such a big bottle and says it is meant to last 200 uses, but I have three quarters of it gone already! It definitely works, even at removing stubborn mascara. Read my review of it here

I never really use moisturiser normally I just use a primer, but I had to buy a new moisturiser recently as it really does make a difference to your skin. I purchased the Simple hydrating light moisturiser. Only cost 4 yoyo's and it sinks into the skin straight away leaving it feeling soft and hydrated! It doesn't feel greasy either or heavy which is a huge plus. This means you can apply your makeup straight away and not have to hang around the let it sink in. :)

For something extra...

La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume B5 is my wonder product for skin that is in need of soothing or reparation. It gives chapped lips and skin a new lease of life and starts working on repairing from the inside. It costs €12.50 from Boots but I got this massive tube from a pharmacy in Maynooth for €10.50 so shop around gals! It literally works on any skin problem from dermatitis, eczema, dry skin and chapped lips. Just rub a bit on, and within minutes your skin will no longer feel irritated and lips will feel hydrated.

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know what your extra somethin' somethin' for your skin is below :)


Monday, 9 June 2014

I'm delighted to announce...

Hi ladies!

Delighted to announce my blogging partnership with Carnegie Marquette and Irish fragrance and cosmetic company located in Co.Cork.

I will be blogging regularly for them every Monday on different topics beauty related of course! ;-) Why not check out my first post on my favourite top 3 fragrances for summer right here 

This website has numerous fragrances for him and her, they also sell cosmetics such as the popular 'Laurens Way' I will be giving you all 15% off when you use the code 'Bib' at checkout! :-)

This discount applies to all products even ones that are already discounted which means that the above Intimately Beckham perfume which is priced at the low price of €14.99 will only cost you €12. 74 if my maths are correct ;-) Dzeadly bargains!! Go visit the website here and maybe even buy the man in your life something nice. Fathers Day is June 15th and men's fragrances also are experiencing huge reductions.

Get shopping!

Let me know what you think ladies


Thursday, 5 June 2014

My Mini Marathon Experience

Well ladies, doesn't Monday's 10 kilometre road race seem like a distant memory? Congrats and a big pat on the back to all the lovely ladies who took part in the Flora Women's Mini Marathon. The day was so full of positivity and good vibes - I really enjoyed myself!

I found the first 6 kilometres grand surprisingly, even after working til 3 am that morning. Myself and my mum walked and jogged it, the last four kilometres was when I could really feel it in my poor tootsies are in serious need of some tlc!

Thanks to all the fab musicians and bands who kept our spirits up and kept us entertained along the way! Unfortunately by the time we got to half of them they were just finishing up their synchronicity I'm afraid!

I didn't raise as much as I hoped for my chosen charity the DSPCA. I thought merely making an online donation page would urge people to sponsor me but sadly it seems people need to be hounded into contributing! Ah well, I got some sponsorship together off line so it isn't so bad!

I would include some pics with this post but as most of them are me in the rain/unflattering running gear I think I will decline! I also doubt my mumma would want her face plastered all over social media.

So I leave you with this,

 I did it for the doggies!


p.s any of you ladies complete the mini marathon? It felt like such an achievement and I am really glad that I did it! :-) To the comments!

My New Favourite: Makeup Brush Brand

Have you heard of Madison? No, she isn't a cheerleader from the US of A, instead it is the newest makeup brush brand to take the market by storm.

The creator of Madison makeup brush is Paul, owner of the Cosmetic Outlet. This is the man who kindly donated goodie bags to all of us who attended the #BloggersinDublin event. In those goodie bags were these two fab makeup brushes for me to road test: a small duo fibre and a large powder brush.

My first impressions:

I wasn't too overawed at first glance as the duo fibre appeared to be quite synthethic looking, and I had never used a small duo fibre before - BUT! Upon using this little beauty she applied foundation expertly! This brush gave great coverage and buildeable layering of foundation on mon visage. I am very very pleasantly surprised!

The other brush, the fluffy powder brush feels so so soft and sleek. I did find it hard to pick up product eg my MAC Skinfinish in Medium face powder. It will be great for blending however.

Overall thoughts:

Delighted to have got the opportunity to try a new makeup brush brand, so watch out for these ladies and the duo fibre is well worth a purchase! Another great thing about its small size means it is easy to get into the creases around your nose and lips, something I found very difficult with my previous duo fibres.

Have you tried the Madison makeup brushes yet? Let me know in the comments!


Tuesday, 3 June 2014

#BloggersDoDublin Meetup

On Saturday just gone I attended my first blogger meetup! Wahey! I was pretty nervous as I have been blogging nine months so it is a bit crazy that I only went and attended a blogger meetup now! I've had lots of invites to blogger events but usually I end up working. Luckily enough I managed to get most of the day off to go to Pacino's on Suffolk Street (just at the bottom of Grafton St) where the event was being hosted by Cat from 

She had organised fab goodie bags for us from Paul at the Cosmetic Outlet (Check out the Facebook) and she'd also organised a makeup demo with  from Matte to Metallic, an amazing duo of makeup artists. There was also a sex toy demo I am informed but I had to rush off for work! ;-) 

Here's what I wore:

Leather Jacket Penneys
Sunglasses Forever 21
Monochrome top H&M
High waisted printed trousers River island
Silver satchel Charity Shop
Robot Necklace Forever 21
Black Toms (i hate this shoe choice but I need to go shoe shopping so what can ya do)

What we drank/ate: 

Limonito cocktails!!
These were so delish, made with limoncello, basil and lots of other stuff they were so refreshing :)
I also had a Michelangelo pizza, with three different types of cheese, caramelized onion and pepperoni. Omnomnomnom 

It was great to meet other bloggers such as Ashling from Aisling from and Steph from - Check their blogs out!

I'll post on our goodiebags and what was inside soon as ;-) 

Find me on facebook at 

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