Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Be the Best You Lifestyle Challenge

I am so excited to announce I will be taking part in a 6 week lifestyle challenge with personal trainer and qualified nutritionist Claire Kane of Volta Fitness . The challenge will start on the 9th of March and end the week of the 13th of April with final weigh in, photos and measurements taken on the 20th of April.

This challenge is entitled 'Be the Best You' and it is focusing on lifestyle as a whole and how your diet and fitness fit into all of that. It will take into account dealing with emotional triggers that may cause you to comfort eat and Claire will also be on hand to give guidelines for a healthy meal plan and she will also be creating personalised training plans for myself and four other women who are taking part.

The beauty of this is that it is all done online. No making it to meetings or having to try schedule the time in, because you can freely converse in a private online group on Facebook and you can help motivate one another. Obviously the exercise isn't done online too - finger typing doesn't count! ;)

I'm super excited to get started and have already weighed, measured and filled out a goal checklist created by Claire. My goals are to improve my overall physical fitness, tone up, start eating a healthier, more balanced diet and learn how to deal with triggers for overeating or in other words mood swings that make you go on a chocolate binge. I will be sharing my progress here and on the Facebook page Blogging it Beautiful so feel free to follow and check in with me on my progress and your own if you are also doing a lifestyle challenge.

The focus is on creating manageable goals and writing everything down has really made me focus more. Here are some example goals that I have set myself:

1. Drink 2-3 litres of water. I really don't drink enough water and it so important for your body to function properly.

2. Stop picking at unhealthy foods and eat regular balanced meals.

3. Start a consistent program of exercise to improve my physical fitness ie thirty minutes minimum of exercise five days a week.

4. Walking to and from college which is the guts of an hour (50 minutes) exercise everyday.

5. Make sure to get enough sleep.

These are simple enough goals but once you get them all working in tandem you should start to see results.

I will be checking my inch loss every week and weighing in either once  a week or at the end of the program it has yet to be decided. There will also be a recipe of the week to try so I will definitely share my efforts with you over on Instagram! Follow me at katiejanewheeler

I will be using the hashtag #bethebestyou on Instagram and on Twitter if you want to follow my posts :)
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  1. I'm really looking forward to this, it's going to be a great 6 weeks ;-)

    1. Me too, i can't wait to get started! Feeling motivated :)


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