Saturday, 18 July 2015

So Su Nail polish review

I was sent these four polishes to try out recently. As many of you may know they are from the range So Su by Suzanne Jackson, an Irish blogger. They are marketed as a gel polish and retail for €8.99 in the majority of places however I think Penneys might have the range for a euro cheaper. 

As someone who doesn't wear nail polish that much because of work I think it is a little on the dear side. I didn't use a base coat or a top coat with these nail polishes either as I never do with normal nail polish so I wanted to see accurately how long these would last with it chipping. When I posted about these nail polishes on my blog after receiving them and before trying them out myself the majority of the reaction was negative. Many people said they chipped quickly and didn't have a lot of longevity. There were a couple of people who had praise for this polish declaring totally opposing opinions so I had to see for myself 

Firstly the pros....

I love the vibrancy of the red colour I was sent called 'First Date'. It's a gorgeous orange red shade, is very glossy and doesn't really need a lot of build up in my experience. It was fairly opaque going on which is always good. I don't like to spend ages layering nail polish. 

I only left this nail polish on for a day as I had work, but a tiny chip developed on the thumb nail, after a few hours. It wasn't the worst but annoying that it chipped so quickly. 

Next I tried the gold nail polish in 'all that glitters'. I think it's a gorgeous gold colour that isn't see through. I have had this nail polish on for about a week and while you can see it is chipped and smudged (through my own fault) it still stayed on pretty well. 

The black nail polish is called 'Private Jet'. I really like the names of the polishes. This is a glossy black, I think a matte black would look amazing. I didn't like the glittery pink nail polish I received as I don't see the point in them unless you are layering them over a block colour of polish because it is a clear nail polish with glitter particles in it. Not a look I would normally wear. 

All in all the polishes were okay/good. I wasn't wowed, I'm sure with a base coat, two layers of polish and a top coat these polishes could go the distance of a week with no chips but as has been pointed out by other bloggers you could get the same with a Rimmel nail polish which is a cheaper price point. 

My positives would be the colour selections, glossy look of the polish and creative names of the nail polishes and my negatives would be that it does chip quicker than a gel polish should. I never use base coats or top coats so I'm comparing this to how I normally apply nail polish.

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  1. Great to read an honest review! I'm surprised the polishes are that price, thought they'd be around the fiver mark.

    1. I try to always show the positives and negatives in all my reviews, thanks Eimear :-)


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