Thursday, 3 December 2015

Review: Vichy skincare


It's my birthday today and at the ripe old age of 22 I think it's about time I started looking after my skin. I heard a great quote once about the skin you have in your twenties is the skin your genes give you and the skin you have in your thirties is the skin you have yourself so it's never to early to start looking after your skin. 

Mc Cormacks pharmacy in Maynooth sent me out this lovely little parcel of Vichy goodies to try out. I've always heard of Vichy recommended as a brand for dry and sensitive skin (my skin type) but had yet to give it a go so I was delighted to put these products to the test.   


I received both mini versions of the day and night cream from their Aqualia Thermal range, the Dynamic Hydration Power Serum (what a name) a lovely Eau thermale spray to refresh the skin and a mini Micellar makeup remover. 

I am loving the day and night cream. The day cream is light on the skin, easily absorbed and not greasy at all but you really feel like it's nourishing your skin. I lost the night cream after only two uses unfortunately but the texture was lovely and rich and it had such a lovely fresh scent. 

I was already a convert to the face serum but this dynamic hydration serum is definitely my favourite that I have used so far. I would use this as night to really let it sink in. The texture is very watery and a little goes a long way so be careful with it.   

The lazy girl in me really likes the concept of Micellar waters but to be honest no matter what I've heard my science and beauty experts alike I really don't think it gives the same cleanse and makeup removal as a cream cleanser and hot cotton wool. I'm old school like that.

Last but not least I am a huge fan of the Eau Thermale spray - Vichy Thermal spa water which is rich in rare minerals apparently. It is just so refreshing to spritz on the skin especially with the heating on so much this winter and to relieve and tightness after cleansing it is my go to. 

I really enjoyed getting to experiment with this range and will definitely be investing in my skincare regime in the future!   Prices available on request.  

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