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First Impressions: Platinum Hair Extensions by Sarah Ethel Hair

Hair extensions are something I have definitely had more of a hate hate relationship with over the years... I have had manys a bad hair day and some of them have been down to the worst colour matched synthetic clip ins money could buy and also the dodgiest bond extensions I had done in a random Polish salon in city centre Dublin. Those extensions made my hair snap off on the right side of my head and resulted in me getting a bob... But let's not talk about the horror stories... I'm here to talk about maybe potentially getting it RIGHT for a change.

Sarah is a freelance hair stylist and has years of experience in her area. I started having her to the house to do my highlights, then an upstyle for my grad and eventually we stumbled across the subject of extensions which she does. 

I toyed with the idea for a while and was very afraid to take the plunge as I had previously had such a bad experience previously but then I just decided feck it, to go for it! It has now been one week so I had the Platinum extensions applied and I think I'm qualified enough to give my first impressions. 

But first... The transformation pictures below: 

You can see from the pictures that after our initial colour match (this only took 15 minutes and she came to the house) Sarah managed to get a very good blend of the colours in my hair. 

I'll admit the extensions were too long for me when they were first put in. I felt like a total Barbie doll but after all the end goal was volume and length. I decided to get them cut some more as they would be more manageable and natural and blend better into my own hair. 


The above picture shows the size of the bonds used in the hair. They aren't very noticeable which means I can still tie my hair up into a ponytail or plait it (which is recommended at nighttime) without them being obvious. There is nothing worse than a head full of visible bonds! 

I will admit the first 2-3 nights I found very difficult to sleep as I wasn't used to the bonds at all. I'm a tosser and turner anyways so safe to say that first nigh not much sleep was had, but a week on they are much less noticeable when you are lying down. 

I'm a low maintenance hair kind of girl which could spell a recipe for disaster getting extensions but I feel like now that I have long hair I am more inclined to want to curl it, or plait or style it just because it looks so much prettier (in my opinion). 

My only gripe is that the drying time is quite long as obviously I have a lot more hair and you should never sleep on damp extensions. I have however invested in the Lanai blo hair dryer which I have heard is suppose to really cut the drying time down. It hasn't arrived yet but I will let you know once I get to test it out! 

If you are considering getting hair extensions I can definitely recommend Sarah. It's so handy to have someone travel to the house, she is so professional, easy to talk too and she was so quick at applying the extensions. I think it took just an hour and a half and that included styling time as well as she did some Ghd curls. 

Haircare tips for extensions that she advised me were to avoid Pantene, and to buy a Tangle Teezer ! Also don't apply conditioner near the roots and although the you can use straighteners, hot rollers, curlers just don't apply them too close to the bond as obviously this could damage them. 

I am really happy with them but also delighted that I got them cut a bit as I really wasn't used to how long they were initially, and even though it wasn't a massive amount I got taken off I think bra strap length is ideal if originally you had shoulder length hair. 

If I take good care of these extensions they can last 4 months, I will do another blog post when I decide to get them taking out about my overall experience but if you have any questions about getting extensions or getting in touch with Sarah let me know in the comments below or message me on Facebook at Blogging it Beautiful 

Prices for hair extensions start at €260. 

*I received a discount on my hair extensions in return for doing this blog post but as always my blog posts are my honest opinions* 



  1. Honest review I have to say. You are right about the low maintenance thing, it is a relief to not worry about such things for a while. Especially for people experimenting with hair extensions, maintenance sessions in quick succession would be tiresome and off putting.


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