Friday, 20 July 2018

Is the Dublin Airport Executive Lounge worth the price tag?

Airport lounges are not something I had ever experienced until recently. Previously, I had been under the (incorrect) assumption that they were the places only celebs or business class travellers got to frequent but a recent travel article by fellow travel blogger, Nadia from opened my eyes to this chill space and ''all you can eat'' concept.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the airport you will find the executive lounge located. We booked online however you can pay at the desk. The online price is €25 each and if you book in person on the day it is €29. Initially I really wasn't sure about the price, not that its so steep but I really wasn't sure what we would be paying for. But let me tell you we made the most of it!

The lounge itself is a long room full of comfy armchairs and low tables with the food/drinks area at one end near the reception area. The first thing you notice when those heavy doors at reception swing closed behind you is how quiet and peaceful it is inside. The next thing we noticed was - food and drink!

The concept of the bar /  buffet area is serve yourself which we very much enjoyed. I was suffering with a really sore throat the morning we travelled so I promptly made myself a hot whiskey with some honey and lemon which really helped take the edge off!

Now depending on what time of day you access the lounge what is available food wise changes. Luckily we got there towards the end of the breakfast time and coming into lunch time. While the breakfast options were basically the same as you would find in any continental option at a hotel, the lunch is where the lounge really shone. Tiers of little sandwiches and wraps were brought out, as was soups and little mini desserts like the chocolate brownie which was divine.

All in all we both would definitely agree that the Dublin Airport Lounge is definitely worth the price tag - when you factor in the expensive obligatory airport pints and lukewarm fry up you can get in the bar this place definitely wins hands down if you just want to chill and unwind before your flight with no hassle of waiting for drinks, etc.

I'll also add there are bathrooms with toilet and shower in the lounge if you want to freshen up. Only downside is, if you are a smoker there is no smoking terrace but that is literally it! We would definitely book the lounge again.

For anyone flying Stateside there is a new lounge called 51st and Green which is available to book after US PreClearance and I've heard it includes a full bar service with cocktails and an American style buffet  - think not the pancakes!

My family and I are heading to California in August and I am so tempted to book this lounge! If I do I will make sure to take more pictures next time.

Have you ever booked any of the airport lounges? Do you think they are worth the money? Let me know in the comments.

*Disclaimer: Paid for this experience myself but 10/10 would book again*


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