Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Bia Beauty Review: Feed your face!

First thing is first, all I can say is muchas gracias to the blogging goddesses that set me hot upon the trail of Bia Beauty products, the holy grail of all natural skin care products, and best of all #Irish!
Bia Beauty is the brain child and beauty baby of Tracey, a CIT Herbal Science graduate. Basically she makes fantastic organic bits and bobs for your skin.
To start me off on my Bia Beauty obsession I purchased the Bitesize Gift Set RRP €9.95. Absolutely perfect for a stocking filler, Secret Santa pressie or just to try out a mish mash of these wondrous products! You can purchase it here; http://www.biabeauty.com/index.php/natural-skincare/gift-sets/bite-size-natural-skincare-set.html
My purchase arrived this morning accompanied by a tester of their Apple Blossom body butter, compliments of Tracey! Btw if you are reading this, thanks a mill ;) The Apple Blossom body butter smells like an apple lolly. It has a gorgeous sweet, yet fresh scent that is actually mouthwatering.
I tested all the face products this morning and I have to say the stand out product was the Orange and Grapefruit facial exfoliant and cleanser. It smelt absolutely divine like the tangy orange out of a box of Roses! (Can you tell, I have a bit of a sweet tooth)
I wet my face, scooped out a bit of the deceptively smooth product which turned into a lovely grainy exfoliator on my skin, and cleansed away. My complexion was left looking refreshed and glowing.
The next product which I was so eager to try was the Skin Superfood. I have been having a bit of trouble with my skin of late and as this product is lauded by many a beauty blogger as a skin saviour I thought it would be rude not to give it a whirl.
Bia Beauty claims this is their answer to Sudocrem, a brave quest. This cream is packed full of the skins superfoods, "immortelle, comfrey, calendula, mallow and heartsease." I didn't like the scent of this cream. It has an almost medicinal smell but for an all natural product, perfumes are the one of the things I am not looking out for. It is too early to tell but i think it definitely soothed my skin somewhat.
The Stop the Clock eye gel wouldn't be a must have for me as I am only 20 so I don't yet have those dreaded under eye bags, but I suppose you are never too young to start your anti-ageing routine. This eye gel contains:
AloeVera which cools
Arnica which depuffs the under eye area
Immortelle which renews
Rose which pampers
Myrrh which firms
The consistency was watery but I just patted it on the under eye area and within minutes noticed a tightening of the skin.
I think this tightening of the skin could also have something to do with the Mellow Mandarin moisturiser. It contains mandarin oil which reblances the sebum in the skin. Essentially, it acts like a natural primer!! The consistency was light yet not watery and it went on my skin very smooth.
I am proud to say ladies that after my experience with Bia Beauty, I decided to be a natural beauty myself for the day and head out into the big, bad world with NO MAKEUP ON WHATSOEVER.
And that in itself is a miracle, so thank you Tracey for creating these incredible products that fed my face and my confidence. Keep up the stellar work!
Keep on blogging it beautiful
xoxo Katie


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