Thursday, 27 March 2014

The best of beauty bloggers

This is the last week of our Best of Beauty Blog Challenge brought to you by Samantha at All the Buzz and all the lovely ladies of the beauty blogging world, including moi. Sob! I have enjoyed taking part and can say I lasted the eight weeks! That's commitment for ya ;) I hope you have enjoyed reading my blogs each week and I have thoroughly enjoyed finding out about new blogs along the way. I know this post is strictly beauty blogs but I think we all dabble a bit so if I mention a blogger who isnt strictly beauty don't crack the whip, ya hear? :) 

So hear it goes, in no particular order...
Dolly Dowsie : Probably one of the first blogs I started reading
All the Buzz Well she is the woman behind this fantastic challenge! Loved finding out about new brands such as Glitz n Pieces via her blog
 Beauty Baggage She is an all round lovely girl
At the Beauty Desk Love every post by Sarah
Big Blonde Girl She is hilarious and brutally honest in every post

I think 5 is enough or I could be here all day and I don't want to leave anyone out or forget anyone, but they are the main blogs I would be having a gander at! Probably because they are such easy to remember names! Oh and can't forget Great posts! Leave your links below so I can have a look at what I have been missing out on :-)

Keep on blogging it beautiful!
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  1. aw thanks for the love, so hard to pick favs isn't it. cant believe its the last week, we'll be lost without it on a thursday ;)

  2. It was really great getting to know y'all and I've enjoyed all your posts. See u around ;)


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