Friday, 31 October 2014

Quick & easy Halloween Makeup tutorial for Ageing


Be afraid, be very afraid... Here is my quick and easy Halloween tutorial in how to age skin. This literally only took me about 10 minutes so if you don't have a lot if time to get creepy I suggest this as your go to look. 

First, I applied my normal foundation all over my face with a duo fibre brush just to give coverage, then I powdered thoroughly to give your skin that dry look. Remember to put foundation on your lips as well as it will help to emphasize any cracks and give you a base to work on. 

Next, depending on if you are scared of wrinkles or not is the fun part! Start scrunchingy our face up smiling, frowning, etc and you will see the natural parts of the face where lines/wrinkles will develop in time. Eek! 


I took a thin liner brush dipped it into a matte brown shadow and started tracing lines into my nasolabial folds (lines around your cheeks/mouth) get your heads out of the gutter! Basically I traced with a thin line through every wrinkle for emphasis and went back over it where I wanted particularly deep wrinkles with a matte red shadow and blended around my nose. You can skip this next part if you want but to make the wrinkles truly stand out I highlighted around the wrinkles with a light reflecting concealer and blended well. 

To do the lips I again used the thin liner brush with some light brown matte shadow and traced the vey faint lines that are already there. 


I patted some white eyeshadow onto my brows to grey them up a bit, and patted baby powder through my hair to complete the look. Just through on a head scarf and some old ladies clothes and you are good to go! 

Products used: 

Thin liner brush/ thin eyeshadow crease brush 
Matte brown shadow 
Matte red shadow 
Normal foundation and duo fibre brush 
Baby powder for hair
White matte shadow for brows 


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