Monday, 6 October 2014

Balmi lipbalm, Butter London nail scrubbers and Hello breath sprayreview


Say hello to fresh breath with this hello pink grapefruit breath spray! Kiss goodbye to dry, chapped lips with this strawberry flavour balmi lip balm and scrub off that old polish with abutter London nail scrubbers! 

This trio of products that I was sent are all very useful which I love, thank you to Kieran from the national beauty distribution co, who sent me out these little goodies to try. I am pleased to announce after a thorough road test this balmi lip balm is without a doubt my most favourite lip balm. The scent is gorgeous, it applies so smooth like butter. It isn't sticky and comes in the cutest little tub that you can attach to your purse as a key ring. 

Balmi lip balm is available in Boots, and retails around the €3.50 mark which is good value for a lip product I know works and will last the autumn and maybe the winter! If not, I will definitely be repurchasing. 

The hello breath spray comes in such a little quirky spray bottle and is handy and discreet for when you are on the go. It also contains no alcohol. I believe these hello products had a huge launch recently and I have seen the mouthwash version I'm Boots already.

Now, these butter London nail scrubbers were the item that I was most excited to try. I was a little bit let down however. I was expecting a miracle one swipe product to remove glittery. Ail varnish but instead it was like a little nail polish remover soaked wipe. You definitely still had to scrub anyway which is probably why these have the name 'nail scrubbers'! It took the varnish off in the end with probably less hassle than it would with a cotton ball and nail varnish remover but sadly nothing to write home about. 

Nevertheless I really enjoyed using the other products I was sent and would highly recommend you hotfoot it down to Boots to purchase these little handbag beauty fixes! 

Have you tried any hello products yet? What do you think of the balmi lip balm? Leave the answers in the comments below :) 

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  1. Definitely will be keeping my eyes out for the lip balm, looks so cute!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  2. I love it, its so cute and handy for being on the go! You can just pop it into your purse. Have you entered my competition to win a set of makeup brushes? Enter here

  3. Love the Balmi - mine is near half gone after 2 weeks lol! They are so moisturising though, just need to be bigger!


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