Friday, 21 November 2014

The 10 eyeshadows every woman should have

This blog post can apply to all woman and specifically to makeup artists looking to build their kit and start from the basics. I built a ten shadow palette with Inglot using my 20% pro discount. It worked out very reasonably, I think if you fill the palette on the day the magnetic palette is free and usually the shadows are six euro each I think. I think I filled my palette for less than fifty euro although I can't remember the exact price - sorry!

Below are my top picks for the ten eyeshadows you need in a basic eye shadow collection and I will discuss why in a minute! 

I ever so generously labelled them all with the numbers of the shadows from Inglot as well to save you the trouble of hunting them all down because it is one thing that frustrates me with Inglot - their numbering system! I would much rather a name, and I think a name is easier to remember, but how and ever! 

A good combination of mattes and shimmers, and colours that will work with everyone's skin tone and the ability to create a day and night look are the things that I look for in a good eyeshadow palette. Sometimes all of these can be hard to done by, which is why making your own is a fantastic idea! 

Starting from the top left, number 395 is a shimmery gold highlighter which will work on the majority of skin tones. It can be used on the brow bone, in the inner corners of the eye and on the lid. 

Below that is a matte white (351) which is a good base colour, and also to highlight if you don't want shimmer. Shade 409 a shimmery brown is a good all rounder. Numbers 337 and 329 are a matte light brown and a matte dark brown respectively. These are your two shadows that will get the most use. Perfect colours to use in the crease and the lash line, I also used to double them up and use them wet with an angled brush to fill in my brows or to line my upper lash line. 

Now moving into the right hand side...

Shimmery pink (46) is an alternative to the gold as a highlighter and looks gorgeous in a coppery smoky eye on the lid. It doesn't look as sharp as the gold as the red, pink and copper all come from the same colour family. Shade 464 is my coppery orange shimmer. I was looking for a matte burnt orange when I was filling the palette but they were out of stock of the number I wanted so the girl talked me into using this glittery burnt orange colour, it isn't so sparkly on I swear and is fantastic for making blue eyes pop! 

Next up is a must have for a cranberry smoker coming up to those winter months! Number 55 is a sparkly cranberry shade which is great for a warmer take on the smoky eye, I also used this in a few Halloween looks. 

A matte dark purple almost aubergine is shade 326 which is great for the crease if you want to make blue or green eyes stand out and you want to change it up from your usual matte Browns. A quick look involving only three shadows is to run this back and forth in your crease with a pencil brush and into the upper and lower lash line, then pat the shimmery brown (409) onto your outer two thirds of your lid, and follow it on by highlighting your inner corners and brow bone with 395. 

And last but not least - a matte black in number 63 is a basic we should all have. It can be used to smoke up a look and also as a liner with an wet angled brush! 

Now I hope I didn't bore you with all the numbers girls! Inglot often hold special instore events for their customers offering 10% off on products purchased on the night so if you don't have a discount card it would be worth going in or holding out for them, I will announce them in my Facebook blog page as I hear of them. You can find my Facebook page here 

Happy shopping! Xx


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