Tuesday, 25 November 2014

How to Dress Yourself Slimmer this Party Season

Christmas is coming, and to some that might strike fear into their heart as they think of all the parties, cocktails and dinners with the girls, nights out, Christmas dinners and twelve pubs outings it entails as they feel they need an outfit for every occasion. Some of us might also feel that we haven't reached our yearly goals of fitting into a certain dress size. Put down the meal replacement shakes and read on to find out how to dress yourself slimmer!

1. A deep V- neck top or dress will knock five pounds off you, especially if you have a larger bust as the V-neck draws attention to the slimmest part of pear shaped or hourglass girls which is the waist. 
The dress below is one of my favourites. It is so flattering on the figure, it draws your eye towards the bust and in at the waist, and then it flares over hips. It is so comfortable as well, no need for Spanx with this dress! 

It's from River Island but I bought it in a sale a year or two ago, so sadly it is not available. I just used this picture to give a general idea. 

2. Another great thing to do if you are larger on your bottom half, hello BeyoncĂ©, is to wear a darker colour on the bottom and a brighter one on top. In the picture below the top half also has ruffles on the chest which helps to balance out a pear shaped body. 

I got this dress from New Look, they always have fabulous dresses in so it is worth having a look. 

3. Fit and flare dresses and those made from a heavier fabric are going to be more flattering on the figure, so as the ones below. 

This gorgeous red colour and the lovely cut out detail will also ensure you stand out at any Christmas parties, and it will be so flattering on and comfortable to wear. The three quarter length sleeves are great if you want to hide your arms, and the shape will be perfect on. This is from River Island, it retails at €60 and is available in a size 8-16. 
This dress has a stunning lace top part, with a keyhole cut out at the back and is very form fitting yet flattering, this is also River Island. It costs €45 and is available in a size 6-18. I think the prices for River Island dresses are well worth it, as if you buy classic shapes like this you can wear them multiple times.

4. Dresses with a contrast colour on the sides will work to pull your eye inwards. The black lace on the sides and in the middle will create a better shape to the eye. Even though it is body con, it is stretch fit and the sweetheart neckline means it will be very flattering on the upper body. However you will need to break out some shape wear for this. 

This dress is from New Look available in a size 6 to an 18, and it retails at €29.99. Bargain! 

5. Last but not least if you feel like you really have had just one too many Roses chocolates or mince pies it's time to have a look at swing dresses. They don't have to be dowdy in fact, I think this navy velvet and lace dress is gorgeous. It will be so comfy to dance the night away in. Also great for pregnant ladies, or those at the early stages of pregnancy. 

This dress is available online on riverisland.com for €53. They currently have a size 6, and then size 10-18 in stock. 

Don't forget your accessories to pull the whole look together you will need heels, a fitted jacket, a statement necklace or earrings and a clutch bag. These all work in creating the perfect body shape, it's like building blocks. 


The jacket will maintain that shape even when covered up, the heels will give you height and strut, and the Jewellery will draw attention to your neck and collarbones. Et voila, you are Christmas party ready! 

Hope you liked some of my fashion choices girls, not something I blog about much but I hope this will help you all when you are getting glammed up! Definitely going to be treating myself to some of these beauties when I am away in Manchester for my birthday! Xx


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