Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Ziaja Skincare Review

The fabulous folks over at Ziaja sent me out some of their new Olive Leaf range skincare to try. Ziaja are a Polish brand celebrating 25 years in the industry and so they decided to bring out this new range to focus on their beauty ethos of simple, natural and effective products.

I received the gel micro exfoliating scrub, concentrated nourishing cream and the regenerating face mask to try out. All of these products are meant to suit normal, dry and sensitive skin so essentially they could work for all skin types.

First up they smell absolutely divine! The packaging is a little bit basic, but to be honest I'm a big believer in the quality of the product over how it looks. I think the packaging really fits in with their brands message of  simple, natural and effective. The white and green colours are fresh and to the point.

First product I used after I removed my makeup was the gel scrub. Now I do have sensitive skin so I felt the granules were a little bit harsh for my skin. I rarely exfoliate because I have rosacea and my skin can flare up easily so I was a bit worried using this product. My skin was perfectly fine afterwards however so no worries there. I do feel the gel scrub would be better suited as a body scrub.

Next up on my face was the nourishing body cream which contains UVA and UVB, also spf 20 protection from the suns rays and the harsh weather conditions. The cream is a lovely texture and designed to be used both on face and body. Both products retail at €5.99 and can be bought on www.originalbeauty.ie

I have yet to try the face mask, it contains hyaluronic acid which seems to be the buzz word on everyone's lips these days so I'm looking forward to giving it a go. It costs a tiny 69c so worth giving a whirl.

Have you tried any of the products by Ziaja yet? Let me know your experience with them in the comments below...


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