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Ten Blogger Questions

Thanks to Mel from Blogging it Beautiful for nominating me to complete these ten blogger questions, they might provide a little bit more insight into myself and my blog! These are the questions below:


1. How did you choose your blog name? 

My blog is called Blogging it Beautiful and I wanted something to reflect what I blog about which is predominantly beauty. It's as simple as that! Also I like the alliteration. 

2. Why did you decide to start a blog? 

I was never one to religiously read blogs before I started but I used to find myself googling a product and blogger review after it in the Google search so I could find out what real girls like myself thought about it before I went out and bought it. I thought why don't I start blogging and writing reviews, plus I am studying journalism so it's a really good idea to have something to show that you can write regularly and relatively well! I know I use slang a lot in this and write more conversationally but I think that suits the blog better! It can be like we are having a cuppa and a chat! 

3. Have you any tips for beginner bloggers? 

Find your niche, and do it really well. It's good to have a strong thread running through your blog, and then you can have other side posts on other things you interest you, but I think if you want to grow your audience and readers you have to focus a lot on thing or it can get a bit messy. Just get writing, don't be afraid to network. Social media is so important, for example you should have Twitter. It is a great way to connect with other bloggers and interact with PR companies etc. 

4.If you could only ever wear clothes from one store what would it be (money no object)

River Island was the first shop that popped into my mind. I am a Penneys girl but if money was no inject 100% RI, love the jeans, the fit of dresses and they always have such in trend styles. Most o f all they are true to size. I don't shop anywhere expensive so I wouldn't know what the clothes were like anywhere designer, I'm most definitely a high street girl at heart! 

5. What is your all time favourite makeup brand? 

MAC. Amazing quality products. The artists are so creative as well and I have never met a MAC lipstick I didn't like! Low budget would have to be Catrice. I think for the price, the makeup is fantastic quality. 

6. What are your favourite perfumes? 

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique, Valentina by Valentino and Ma Vie by Boss are my current faves. 

Girly, sensual scents with vanilla notes are my go to perfumes. 

7. What three words would you use to describe yourself? 

Bubbly, confident and outgoing. 

8. What makeup product could you not live without? 

Mascara! I feel like a no lash Lucy without my coated lashes! I also couldn't go outside the house without foundation on as I have a very rosy complexion. 

9. If you could swap lives with any celebrity who would it be? 


I was gonna say Beyonce, because Queen Bey, BUT I think I will go with Cameron Diaz. She always seems like she is having a good time. She seems like such a fun person and she is gorgeous so why not! 

10. What is the best makeup tip you have ever seen or been given? 

I think learning how to contour, highlight and fill in my eyebrows have transformed my life haha I don't know if there is anything in particular that someone taught me. Learning how to contour and highlight has definitely made a difference to my face so I am going to go with that. Creating cheekbones and making your face stand out in photos is a fab trick to have up your sleeve. 


I enjoyed answering those! Now I would like to nominate Leanne from Blather and Beauty, Stephanie O'Quigley from and Cat from BigBlondeGirl to answer these questions below. Xx

These are your questions girls! 

1. What's the best advice you have ever been given? 
2. What would be your last meal on earth? 
3. If you could buy one thing right now (money no object) what would it be? 
4. Why did you start blogging? 
5. What's your favourite quote? 
6. What's your favourite beauty product. (brand, shade, etc) 
7. What's been the best blogging moment for you? 
8. If you could have dinner with any three people right now who would they be and why? 
9. Have you ever experienced any negativity while blogging?
10. What are your three handbag beauty essentials? 

Hope you enjoy answering the questions, some serious and some lighthearted! 


-Thank and tag the person who nominated you. 
-Answer all questions given to you my the person who nominated you. 
-Create a new list of questions for the people you nominated to answer. 
-List these rules
-Inform the people you have nominated 

Thanks ladies! Xo




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