Friday, 3 April 2015

My Threading Experience

When it comes to eyebrows I have also either reached for tweezers and done my own or got a brow wax in my local salon. Today however when I was in Blanchardstown centre I decided to get my eyebrows threaded for a change. Forgoing the benefit brow arch for sixteen euro I decided upon the Body Shop for my brows. 

The girls in there are always busy threading brows and for some reason it has stuck in my mind that the Body Shop were one of the first places around that threaded brows. Thankfully they no longer thread them on the shop floor and have a small back room with floor length mirrors and a reclining chair where you can get your brows into ship-shape for the price of twelve euro which is still twice the price as my local salon who will wax your brows for only six eurits! 

I have heard some rumours that waxing long term can pull at the muscles and elasticity of the face causing sagging but I don't wax my eyebrows that often so I wouldn't be too worried. In case you are wondering threading is an old Indian form of hair removal done by the therapist using thread between her teeth. It all sounds kind of gross but there was no spit involved don't worry! 

Threading actually feels a little bit like waxing but a lot less painful I think. Fun fact, your left eyebrow will hurt more than your right eyebrow and I, or the threading guru who did mine have no idea why! You will have to get a little bit hands on in this treatment and stretch the skin on your forehead up to help them get all the tiny stray hairs.

Overall the treatment was no frills. I walked in off the street or out of the centres main shopping area and got an appointment straight away, I just had to give my name and phone number. Then my therapist I will call her as she didn't introduce herself brought me into the side room where another girl was getting her eyebrows threaded. I sat down, I had explained that I had never got my eyebrows threaded before. She didn't feel the need to explain to me what she was going to do which I find a bit annoying I mean I know it's a quick budget treatment in and out but a little bit of background info would be expected. She didn't even ask him how I would like my brows or the arch to look. I don't know if this is standard in threading but any time I have got my brows done before they always take you through it step by step and ask you how you like your brows. 

For twelve euro I'm glad I got them threaded for the experience but I get better service in my local along for a six euro brow wax so sorry the Body Shop but I don't think I will be back. 

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