Saturday, 2 May 2015

A change of direction

I've been thinking about taking the blog in a new direction for a little while now. Whilst I love writing about beauty on a recent college work placement I discovered that health is another topic that I love writing on. Health and fitnes have become more important to me lately what with taking part in the #BeTheBestYou challenge with Claire of Volta Fitness ( I've realised how important it is to incorporate both a healthy diet and exercise into your lifestyle. 

Before I would have been a slave to the treadmill which ultimately isn't giving me the body shape or tone that I want. I was and still am a bit nervous to go anywhere near the muscly sweaty men at the gym who patrol the weights area like it is their own stomping ground. Over the last little while however my brother has been putting me through my paces in the gym showing me how to lift weights, and I have to say it is addictive. I've only been in the gym two days with him and my legs, back and shoulders are in absolute bits but I want to pursue it. It is so much more fulfilling feeling strong and feeling the effects of a workout that involves lifting weights than a workout that involves twenty minutes cardio on the treadmill and a few feeble attempts at ab work. 

In order to achieve the results that I want it will be baby steps. "Progress not perfection" is a quote that taps into the sort of mindset you have to have. 

The purpose of this blog post anyway is to let you all know that I won't be focusing predominantly on beauty/fashion any more. Instead I want to incorporate healthy eating and exercise also perhaps charting my progress towards my fitness goal. Hopefully those of you who already follow me will support me in this and it can turn into a collaborative effort! I will still be posting beauty reviews, etc but it will be taking more of a turn towards fitnes and health posts as well. I find reading fitness blogs very is inspirational and I am hoping to carve out a little motivational section on the web for myself too.  I'm going to see how it goes on my blog for a while, but if I do end up predominantly posting on fitness and health I may decide to go for a re branding of the blog under a different name. This is only the beginning :) 


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