Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Getting over the Gym fear

So if you have been following my blog you will see I recently posted about the blog taking a slight turn in direction and including not just beauty but health in its content, and really the two go hand in hand. I've decided to grab my fitness goals by the legs and actually do something about my appalling level of fitness. My main goal is to work on my strength. If you have always been one of those people who go to the gym and only use the treadmill then you and I are very alike. My upper body strength is practically non existent as is my core. I don't want to just tone up, I want to be strong. That's where the weights come in! 

As we all know walking into a gym, especially the weights area as a girl, an overweight girl I might add is very intimidating. Luckily my brother had helped me out in that area. It helps having someone who knows what they are doing so I would recommend even doing a session or two with a personal trainer so they can show you around the gym and show you how to use the equipment and how to perform exercises using proper form. 

The workout routine I have been following is three day split. This is basically dividing your workout across three days and splitting up the body parts you work on. One day is back and biceps, one day like today is chest and triceps and another day is legs and shoulders. I do all the same exercises as my brother give or take one or two but I use lighter weights that still challenge me. This has only been my first week of doing the three day split and I am really enjoying it. I did deadlifts for the first time!

The whole idea of doing weights nowadays is because muscle burns more calories, and your overall figure will look a whole lot better than just slaving away on the treadmill. I finish off these workouts with ten minutes of cardio which isn't a lot really but it is high intensity and you are actually wrecked after doing weights exercises more than I ever would have thought. My plan is to build up doing more high intensity interval cardio to burn fat as I do want to lose weight as well as build muscle. One thing at a time though! 


How I overcame my gym fear of the weights is simple really: 

1. Everyone is too busy doing their own workout to care about what you are doing or to look at you, so don't be paranoid. 

2. Get someone to show you how to do exercises and put weights on the bars so you actually do have  a basic knowledge of what you are doing. 

3. Focus on the body you want - that isn't going to come from doing the same thing you have always done. If you do that, you will look how you have always looked. 

I'm only starting out and I have to really focus on getting my nutrition right and start back eating clean like when I was following the Volta Fitness program as when the two come together I'm told, I will start to see results. 

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  1. The tips that you shared at the end of your post is true with regard to reducing gym fear. It doesn’t matter what people might say or might think of you when you go to the gym; what matters the most is how you feel about your body. Also, I think the main reason why some people go to the gym is because they want to lose weight for themselves and not for others. It’s a personal task, so other opinions or judgments should be shunned. Thank you for sharing the tips! It is truly helpful for others to erase their fear of going to the gym.

    Penny Flowers @ Orange Theory Fitness


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