Monday, 17 October 2016

The lowdown on mineral makeup

Mineral makeup has been making a huge comeback lately with brands like Youngblood Cosmetics and bareMinerals really putting the focus back on natural ingredients. I had always been a bit suspicious of mineral makeup before I tried it thinking that it would never give me the coverage I needed from a foundation but my god am I a convert these days!

The majority of mineral makeup rely on only a handful of ingredients with one of my new favourites bareMinerals original loose mineral powder boasting only five ingredients to its name. The list of ingredients and benefits are as follows:

  • titanium dioxide- a natural spf
  • zinc - promotes healing in the skin
  • iron oxide - gives the powder its colour
  • bismuth - helps the foundation smooth onto the skin
  • mica - helps the foundation look glowy and not flat
I love the fact that you are putting less chemicals onto the skin. The average liquid foundation contains approximately 50 chemicals! Both brands I mentioned above are cruelty free, paraben free and perfect for anyone suffering with rosacea, psoriasis and acne. Most dermatologists would highly recommend that you use mineral makeup as it is least likely to cause any reactions or breakouts on the skin.

The way the minerals work is that when you tap a small amount into the lid, you swirl your brush to warm the minerals, tap off the excess and then buff in circular motions into the skin. The friction of the brush and the heat of your skin mean that the mineral makeup will turn from a powder look to a cream finish. I have hands down never known a foundation to last as long on my skin, it promises 8 hour wear but I think it is more like 10 hours.

I took photo below off my Facebook blog page to compare sides and show you the great coverage that can be achieved using mineral makeup. Once you try it I swear you won't go back!

As you can see in the photo above I have quite high colouring and rosy cheeks and the mineral makeup does a seriously good job of covering it without looking cakey or unnatural. The idea behind the finely milled mineral powder is that it turns to a cream finish on the skin and should not look powdery whatsoever if you are buffing it and blending it in right.
Popular misconceptions about mineral makeup are that it will take too long in the mornings- I am the laziest person ever in the mornings and believe you me the last thing I would be doing is spending ages buffing on foundation if there was a quicker way. It can be a little messy but most of the mineral foundations come with a click lock system to avoid too much product coming out at once.
If you have any more questions about mineral makeup comment below!
*I do work for a mineral makeup brand but I did in no way receive any money for writing this post - I just really really like mineral makeup! I did receive some YoungBlood products to review which will be up shortly*

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