Thursday, 12 September 2013

Weird things you do when you are Home Alone

Day 1 Blog Challenge: 

Admit it, home alone and I guarantee these are in to do list of that day. 

1. You wake up. There is absolutely no need to get out of your cosy jim-jams of choice because you are home alone and you don't give a shit about how you look! Rejoice sistah! 

2. You make yourself a delicious breakfast and sit down to watch a day of entertaining and informing TV. A couple of hours later you are still sitting there: 

3. Then at around 6pm you find yourself watching endless reruns of Teen Mom and you look like this: 

Will they ever come home?! You start to wonder about your family/other half/sibling, any form of human contact will do. You start cuddling the dog and rocking back and forth in the foetal position. 

Go tobann, (Suddenly for those non Gaelgoirs out there) you hear a noise! 

Jesus, you are about to be murdered in your own house. You start to picture the bloody scene your family will come home to and pick up the nearest thing you will use to bludgeon the intruder to death (often a nonsensical useless object like the remote control or a cushion) and walk downstairs slowly. And it's just the dog. 

Hope you enjoyed my delightful gifs, and let me know if you can relate or if I am the only one who slobs out eating junk and watching rubbish when I'm home alone. 

Til next time....

Keep on blogging it beautiful xoxo


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