Thursday, 12 September 2013

What Katie Did Next

I apologise deeply for not having blogged in the last while. I have started college! I am studying Journalism and Media Production in BCFE! I started college on Monday and have been in classes since then just getting a feel for the place and the course and of course, getting to know people! It's been grand so far, baby steps and all starting a new course in a totally new place. 
To be the honest, the early mornings have just been the absolute worst! I am not a morning person. 
A couple of observations I have made about college life, and this isn't in all colleges, but in my college, everyone smokes, and I mean everyone. It's crazy, I don't think I have seen so much Amber Leaf in my life! 

Anyhoo, I have decided in order to whip myself back into blogging shape that I am going to try do the 30 day blog challenge. It can be found in this link: 

The first challenge is weird things you do when you're alone, which is odd but just for you guys and gals I'll give it a bash. Chat to yas then! 

Keep on blogging it beautiful xoxo 


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