Wednesday, 12 March 2014

My ITEC Makeup Artistry Experience

Beauty School Dropout Graduate

I am delighted to announce I am now an ITEC qualified makeup artist. No one in my class achieved less than a merit in our overall assessments, and we will receive our certificate in mid April.

I thought I should probably do an updated blog post as I have just recently finished my course and since so many people were interested about it when I first talked about my journey to becoming a makeup artist here.
I thought it would be a good idea to let you all know how I got on and what to expect! :)

I completed a 16 week one evening a week ITEC in Beauty Makeup. I trained with Niamh Martin of Nimabrush, and you can find out about my course by clicking on Scoil Mhuire ITEC

We had our written theory exam last Tuesday: questions such as what is blepharitis came up, such is the beauty of the randomness of the ITEC. It is inflammation of the eyelid, just so ya know! ;-)

On Wednesday we had to bring a model in for our practical exam where we had to do a cleanse, tone, skin analysis and a day makeup.

The examiner also looked at all of our portfolios and graded them.

I have to say it was quite a nerve wracking experience doing the exam, as you have someone looking over your shoulder at your work and marking you, which is something I had never experienced.

The day makeup consists of foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, eyebrows, mascara, liner, eyeshadow, lipliner, lipstick and lipgloss and there are marks for all of these so you have to attempt all and do not attempt to play it to safe even though it is day makeup. A wash of colour is acceptable but you are more likely to get higher marks for attempting a contoured eye and gel liner.
The two above photos would be good examples of a day makeup.
The main thing in an ITEC exam is hygiene. We had to decant all products onto a palette like the one below. You do this by using a wooden spatula or rubbing a cotton bud into the bronzer/powder/blush/eyeshadow to decant onto the palette. It's a bit tiresome but it is very hygienic.
 The other thing is you must use disposable mascara wands, one for each eye. This is to prevent cross contamination and the client developing a stye or conjunctivitis.

You can also not touch the client's face and you must have a cotton pad or a tissue between the face at all times. A lot of artists don't actually work like this, but I see no harm in being extra cautious and hygienic! :-)

We had 30 minutes to complete a day makeup, and then the examiner came around to look at everyone's makeup. After our cleanse and tone, she actually got a cotton pad and wiped the clients face to make sure you had cleansed properly. Then she asked questions about skin type and what you would recommend for the client.
She also asked me why you would sharpen your eye pencils and lip liners, and also why we would use disposable wands: both answers are for improved hygiene purposes and to avoid cross contamination.
Once the exam is all over you will wonder what you were worrying about at all! If you have any questions that you would like answered just comment below or contact me via my Makeup Artistry page artist



  1. Wow sounds intense but well done so excited to get it done myself now :) xx

  2. have my theory in the morning so nerve wracking! :(

  3. have my theory in the morning so nerve wracking! :(

  4. I found your page when I was studying for the ITEC exam, so I think others might be interested in this link to an ITEC make up study guide I created. Hope it helps! The ITEC exam is is no joke!

  5. I hsve my pratical tomorrow very nervous


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