Friday, 7 March 2014

Quirky Café Review: Primrose Place

I visited this quirky cute little café recently called Primrose Place and I must say I was so impressed! It is located in the village of Summerhill  Co.Meath, a place that most people would definitely just drove through. I am letting you in on a little foodie secret though- this place is well worth a stop off!
I went with my dad for a nice lunch out and I was won over by the décor. It is powder pink and light grey, the perfect mix. Girly, without being too overpowering to put off the male clientele. Teacups, and tea rooms is the overwhelming theme and I have a few snaps I took to give you an idea of the place, although the pics really don't do it justice! :)
The top photo is of the teacup chandelier that one of the café workers daughters made! She is obviously extremely talented, and the bottom photo is of a quirky selection of photo frames, tea cups, spoons and fancy plates. If I owned a café, this is exactly the homely, quirky yet comfortable décor I would be going for.
Even about the décor I hear you say, what about the FOOD? I had an extremely tasty baked potato with crispy bacon, cheese and chive filling. It came with the choice of two salads for €6.95, I had homemade coleslaw and a mixed rice salad. It was deeelish.
Look at me taking snaps of my food
My dad had the beef ciabatta I think which was on special. They had various specials on which were great value for money. They also had a very tasty looking Primrose breakfast that I think I might indulge in next time!
I also had a rocky road, which was made with crunchie, malteasers, melted chocolate and marshmellows. It gave me a serious sugar rush and my eyes were bigger than my stomach as I couldn't finish it.
It is definitely a little gem, and is well worth a visit!
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Comment below if you go try it out, oh and let me know if you like reading foodie blogs :) It's nice to post them for a change
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