Monday, 22 September 2014

Matte to Metallic SFX Workshop

On Sunday, I headed off to Glasnevin in search of the industrial estate which houses the From matte to Metallic studio. I had booked in for their SFx class which was to have a special focus on Halloween looks. Yay! The gorier the better was the motto of the day and I had an absolute ball! Jen and Ciara are such down to earth girls, they have no pretensions about them and they aren't trying to sell you products! Instead they gave us great tips, and great value ideas for creating these looks on a budget. The class ran from 11-5. It was a bit intense, sitting down and concentrating as Jen and Ciara demo'ed a few looks on the girls they had brought in to model. I think we were all so eager to get started! Below are a few pictures of one of the first looks coming together: 

 Here is an example of an acid burn and a bullet wound on one of their models. Ingredients found at home or in the baking section of a shop can be used to create the acid burn effect! Modelling wax was used to mould the bullet wound. It's so creative how these ladies work and I loved every minute of this class! 

 Torn flesh and half a skull but still looks high fashion! 

 We were shown how to create an infected zombie look bite. Jen and Ciara use the Necromaniac pallete, it is quite dear but the colours are so vibrant and long lasting. Blending different colours such as red and purple can give the bruise effect, while yellows and greens can give the appearance of an older bruise and also mimic infection. The teeth marks can be made with modelling max, and by pressing down with a thin spatula to make teeth marks. 

Next we got to work on each other! Here's a collage of the look I did on Helena.

I created the torn skin look with liquid latex and ripped up tissue paper. I waited for it to dry, then peeled back the layers. I bruised the look up and added fake blood. The bulletwound is made with modelling wax, and the pus look is made with Vaseline. Ewwww haha,as I said this look isn't for he faint hearted but is great for the shock factor at Halloween!

Helena created the above look on me with real nails! I love SFx makeup you can go as gory, bloody and messed up as you want, or you can reign it in and just do a simple scar or bullet wound. 

I'll be taking bookings for Halloween so head on over to my Makeup Artist page on Facebook, Blend it Beautiful to mail me for bookings :) 

Hope you like these looks! Let me know what you think in the comments below xx


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