Monday, 1 December 2014

The Christmas Blogger Dinner

On Saturday night I had the privilege of attending the annual Christmas Blogger dinner hosted by the gorgeous Lisa of Pink Sugar. She completely out did herself with the organising.

 We met up in Oscars Bar for a drink before our meal in Bel Cibo in Smithfield, and at long last I got to catch up with all of the fabulous ladies who I blog with in our little community! Unfortunately as is the way with all these events I didn't get to chat with everyone but delighted I got to meet Karen from Beauty Baggage for the first time, Elaine from Ruby Laine Makeup, Emma Sheehan from Mastering your Makeup, Chloe from Nurse Fancy Pants and Beth from Beth Young Makeup and Donna Marie Cullen. Loads of fantastic ladies turned out dressed in their glad rags, and after a glass of wine we were all chatting like we had known each other for ages. 

Lisa had super cute cupcakes with our names on the packaging from Jens couture cakes and they marked everyone's places at the tables, it was such a cute touch but mine got a bit bashed when I had to leave the fun and let it for the last bus! 

It was interesting to see how different everyone actually was in person compared to how you imagine their voice when you read their blog! Some I got totally wrong! Cough, Emma Sheehan haha she has no more a Waterford accent! ;) also the gorgeous Sinead from The Beautiful Truth comes across kind of serious in her blog posts but in person she is so cute and sparkly and like a Christmas elf! Haha I sound like such a weirdo but just trying to describe how it can be totally different how people are and how they come across online. 

I was so shocked at the generosity of all of the companies who donated for our fantastic goodie bags stuffed full of products ranging from Karora tan, REN skincare, Fuschia makeup and lots of Wetnwild goodies! There is actually so much stuff I literally have only gone through about a quarter of it. Safe to say I won't have to buy myself any beauty goodies - well eyeshadows or lip products for a long, long time! 

I also have to say a big thanks to Paul from the Cosmetic Outlet for donating the wine! Huge thumbs up and won the hearts of all of us bloggers. 

Here's a cheers from myself Niamh Martin from Nima Brush, my former makeup tutor! Donna Marie Cullen, Chloe and myself :)

Lisa went too so much trouble for us all, she really is a Wonder Woman and she should get a job as an event manager, I think I would have had a melt down with the work she put into it. Some woman for one woman! She even did a raffle for everyone on the night, Preen, the salon she works for were very generous donating prizes and even though I didn't win a raffle prize I won this gorgeous Fuschia palette and some lip products. Eek! 

It's called their pro collection and features fabulous a range of matte and shimmery shades, neutrals and brights. 

I'm wearing bisque on my lid and chocolate brown and taupe on my crease in this pic, and NyC expert last lip lacquer in Big city cherry on my lips. Mascara and liner are benefit they're real. 

I can't wait to play with all of my products! I wish I could show you them all but I will bit by bit over the next few months in reviews and tutorials. So watch this space as I unveil lots of goodies and use them in my December makeup challenge. Follow me on Instagram to see the photos everyday : katiejanewheeler 

Xx happy blogmas everyone ! #CBD14


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