Sunday, 11 January 2015

Foundation Brushes and How to Use Them

It can be confusing with the large market of makeup brushes out there which is for what part of your face, take foundation brushes for instance. You have your buffing, your stippling, your flat foundation, your can all get a little bit overwhelming! So I decided to do a little breakdown of four of the most popular type of foundation brushes out there. I will breakdown their uses, the differences, what I like about them, et cetera, so read on if you are interested! :) 

The most popular foundation brush for beginners is the flat foundation brush. This is part of a Nima brush collection which you can buy on there is also a new collection out at the minute, there are lots of different brands however that do a flat foundation brush have a look in your local Boots. This can be very helpful for layering your foundation in light layers and for blending it in with quick strokes. Some people are afraid that using this brush will cause streaks in their makeup but just use a smaller amount of product and work it in quick strokes up and back across the face and this will eliminate a streaky foundation face! 

Next up, is what is known as a fluffy duo fibre brush. This means the brush is made of two different "hairs" it can help it grab a lot of product. This type of brush is great for dotting product onto the skin and then using a stippling motion you can work the product into the skin for a natural finish. If you feel the flat foundation brush didn't work the foundation into your skin enough, I like to blend this duo fibre over the skin to give it a more flawless natural look. This brush can also pick up a lot of product so depending on how you use it, it can help you gain a full coverage makeup look. 

This is my first Blank Canvas brush, the G36. It is a small duo fibre brush suitable for stippling and blending foundations and cream blushes and highlighting products. Using small circular motions this brush will really work the product into your skin and can be useful for around the nose and mouth areas. It is made of a blend of synthetic fibres and goat hair. 

The expert face brush from Real Techniques was very hyped about a whole back in the blogosphere. I wouldn't recommend this brush for beginners. It can be very good for building a high coverage look. It is ultra firm with densely packed bristles perfect for blending cream and liquid products. If you want to pack on a product this is perfect, it can be difficult to get the knack of first. 

So there you have it ladies, there are zillions of foundation brushes out there but that's a breakdown of four of the most used types. Let me know if it helps at all or if you need any more tips on the right brush to buy. 

Lots of love, blogging it beautiful xoxo 


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