Sunday, 4 October 2015

Cocoa Brown Instant Bronzing Gels

I was so excited to try out Cocoa Browns latest offering to the tanning table. I am a big fan of instant tan being a last minute kinda gal so was eager to see how the new instant bronzing gels stood up to the test.

There is a shimmer and a matte version available now to buy on and they will be in stores on the 12th October if you want to give them a try yourself. I roadtested the matte tan as I wouldn't personally be a fan of shimmer unless I was going on a night out.

I applied the bronzing gel with the new double sided velvet mitt which feels very luxurious for a tanning mitt. I used a few small coin sized amounts to cover my arms, chest and neck area. For day time this matte tan is a good option. As you can see from the above photos there is a very subtle difference. This is one layer applied and I have to say I am a tiiiiny bit disappointed that the tan itself isn't darker. I prefer to actually feel like I am wearing tan although I know a lot of people will prefer this subtle look which is similar to the Gentle Bronze shade. Maybe with another layer I will get a better colour from it.

The shimmer tan has a glorious sheen off it which will look great down legs or like Marissa Carter herself suggests on cheekbones and collarbones to make them pop.

The bronzing gels are non comedogenic which means they are perfectly safe to use on your face and I only realised the brand does not test on animals which is always a plus! Now can I just be cheeky and suggest a darker matte shade?
Perfect for the paler girls but for those of us who like a darker shade maybe stick to your Night and Day Cocoa Brown.

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