Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Week 6: Slimming World

There is no week 5 post because I was having a crappy two weeks..I gained two pounds, then I gained a half a pound but THIS week I lost three and a half pounds! I'm delighted as I really wasn't going to go to the class and weigh in and I was about to give up and revert back to my old ways. I went and by God I am so happy I did! I've lost eight pounds in six weeks and I can't remember seeing that number on the scales for a long while. 

I sort of planned my week I didn't rigorously stick to a food diary but I planned about three or four days meals, batch made soup and had my fruit ready as snacks. I had a refresher course on the plan with my leader Michael and realised where I was going wrong. I assumed all fruit and veg were speed foods so I wasn't having the third of your meal speed as is recommended. I think changing that around this week definitely helped with weightloss. 

Speed fruits


The above are fruits I like to snack on instead of bananas, kiwis, blueberries and pineapple which although good for you aren't considered speedy foods ie foods that speed up your weightloss. 

Speed veg

Baked beans 

These are my favourite speedy vegetables to throw into omelettes, stirfrys or with a baked potato, on toast or with a fry etc. 

This was an example of a dinner I had this week! Literally does it look like I'm on a diet...haha 
Mallows gluten free low fat sausages are syn free as far as I know, baked beans, bacon with the fat cut off, poached egg...ketchup which has to be synned and SW chips. So delicious, filling and feels like you're being bold! 

I also made a 'fizza' or a fake pizza. I used a BFree multigrain wrap which was my healthy extra b or 4.5 syns if not using as your healthy extra b. My healthy extra a two slices of 40g reduced fat cheddar or 6 syns if not using your hexa. Tomato purée as base, mushrooms, red onion, red pepper and a small bit of chorizo. 25g of chorizo is 6 syns but well worth it considering the rest of this is free if you use your hexa and hexb as part of it! It was so so tasty, and way better than the Pizza Hut Version I was tempted at ordering. 

I drank more water this week which I hope to keep doing, I find it so helpful at keeping you hydrated, keeping cravings at bay and flushing out toxins. I went back to play hockey this week after years and I think the training session really helped boost my weight loss this week as I didn't do much else exercise wise. 

Here's to a successful seventh week and the weeks ahead. Hopefully onwards and downwards weigh loss wise! 

Are you doing slimming world? How are you getting in? I would love to hear of anyone's experiences in the comments.. If you have any questions about the plan feel free to ask me as well. 


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  1. I've been doing slimming world for 2 years now and have lost 3 stone! I probably would have lost it quicker if I had have stuck to it in those 2 years and not on and off but oh well :P At least I'm losing haha! Glad to see you're getting on so good! I really love SW because it really doesn't feel like a diet and to me it seems so much healthier than other diets I've seen. Hope you have a good week! :D


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