Saturday, 31 October 2015

My Slimming world journey : Update

Hey everyone, sorry I haven't updated in the last week or so but I've been maintaining and not losing and then I gained a pound! I blame Halloween! Too many sweets and chocolate in our house to not give into temptation. I am very much an all or nothing kind of person and I can never just have one piece of chocolate or one bag of jellies! I have to have another and maybe even another. I think the trick here is to just not have anything in the house. At least the goodies which I have been tempted with and snacking on aren't SO high in syns. 

Jaffa cake Mc Vities bar is 5 syns
Fudge bar 25.5g is 5.5 syns
Malteasers snack pack is about 5.5 syns too

The above aren't too bold on their own but when you have all that and a bag of crisps you're really gone to hell. 

So I'm still at my weight loss of 8 pounds and I got to 9 pounds weight loss and into the next stone bracket last week but put up another pound this week. I'm like a yo yo...I'm not going to worry though. I am still making healthier choices and eight pounds lighter than I would have been so there is no need to panic. I'm a size smaller in jeans already which is definitely something to be celebrated! 

In slimming world you get your 105 syns for the week and over the last two days I've had about 70 syns which while not recommended still means I am under my allowance treat wise for the week. I really want to concentrate more on eating healthier, nutritious food free from sugar and processed chemicals so that will be my aim from now on. 

Have a mindful Halloween everyone and here's to a loss on the scales next week!


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