Friday, 16 August 2013

Long hair, don't care

I, like many girls out there, love to dye my hair. I am a self confessed unnatural blonde, and have been since about the age of eleven. Shock horror! I know, somebody phone Childline. Anyhoo, this blog is about how my wonderful hairdresser Niamh weaned me off Tr├ęsemme products. I have been using their products for years thinking they were good for my hair when apparently that's not the case. 

Tr├ęsemme products, along with Pantene are supposed to be notoriously bad for stripping your hair, and the use of silicon. They use silicon to make your hair appear shiny, when it is in fact just a coating which makes the hair brittle and breakable, and worst of all, not long ! 

So she switched me over to Herbal Essence dry and damaged shampoo. My hair smells divine, and I already notice a difference! I have also used the Loreal Elvive total restore hair mask, left it in for about twenty minutes and washed it out with no shampoo and my hair is feeling fabulous! So give it a try girlies! Switch up your shampoos now!

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