Monday, 26 August 2013

Back to College

Choosing what to wear to college/university can be pretty tough especially if you attended a school where uniform was compulsory. Now you have no one to do the thinking for you, you're free to express yourself whatever way you want! But unfortunately, what goes hand in hand with being a college student is being poor, so I'm gonna help you gals out and give you a few tips and tricks about my wardrobe essentials because I'm sound like that ;) 

My wardrobe essentials are below this blogpost pretty much, that polyvore link pretty much sums up my look, but if you're too lazy to have a scroll I'll list off some essentials you will need. 

1. Black blazer. I cannot stress how important this item is. You can wear it for an interview, over a plain white tshirt and skinnies for casual wear, or over a dress on a night out. Dunzo. 

2. White tshirt. Make sure you get the fit right, its worth spending a bit extra. 

3. Well fitting jeans. River Island do some good uns. 

4. Converse. Classic student wear because they are so comfy to get from one end of campus to the other. 

5. A big massive leather tote bag to carry around all your A4 pads. Of course you can go with a school bag look, but this bag is classier and more versatile. Again, River Island do some deadly ones, as do Penneys! They have satchels that hold A4 folders. Crafty!

6. A cosy scarf. I'm loving the snoods or the inifinity scarves as they are called. They add a pop of colour to any outfit. Penneys once again is your only man at a fiver a go. 

7. You will definitely need a coat. I found an amazingly gorgeous fabulous bright red trench coat in a charity shop for a tenner. Its a classic cut and adds colour to a basic outfit. 

8. Black leggings. Just make sure you wear a long top or dress with them. So handy to just throw on and go. 

9. Boots for when it gets cold. Once again, Penneys are doing absolutely gorgeous studded, and buckled versions in their A/W 2013 lineup so get in their fast before they sell out. 

10. A classic long cardigan. 

So those are my college/wardrobe essentials. To be honest, I mostly shop in charity shops as you can find the most amazing pieces for such good value. I also, like any Irish girl, love all things Penneys and could spend hours in the place. 

If there is one other thing I could add though is if you have never set foot in a charity shop, just try it. You might be amazed at what you can find! 

Keep on blogging it beautiful 

xoxo Wheelo


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