Saturday, 31 August 2013

Makeup of the day

 Good morning beautiful! I've decided every so often to do a Makeup of the Day post to show you all what products I use and to give a bit of background on how I apply my makeup. I'm not a pro, I have never done a makeup course but I fancy myself as a bit of an artiste so I said I would give it a go anyways. Let me know if you like :)
Products I used:
  • Rimmel BB cream in Medium
  • Rimmel 25 hour stay foundation in soft beige shade 200
  • Natural Collection face powder in neutral transulecent
  • Essence Sun Club bronzer for blondes 01 natural
  • MAC false lashes mascara in black
  • Urban Decay eyeshadow in twice baked
  • MAC pinky beige brown eyeshadow not sure of shade in old palette
  • No7 Perfect lips Pencil in 20 Nude
  • Palmers Cocoa Butter lipbalm
  • Essence eyebrow stylist set in light brown
As you can see the majority of the products I used are bargain brands. In these recessionary times and currently unemployed I see no need to spend colossal amounts of money on makeup. Normally I wouldn't recommend Rimmel for staying power but I just layer my foundation over BB cream and powder, powder, powder and it stays for as long as it needs to. Disclaimer: Not 25 hours though!
The MAC false lashes mascara is definitely my most favourite mascara. It gives gorgeous long lashes without clumping or fall out. I have had this mascara since last Christmas, it was a great buy.
The Essence range is fantastic for bronzers, eyeshadows, and eyebrow products. I recently purchased the eyebrow stylist set which comes with two shades, light brown and dark brown, a little eyebrow brush and three eyebrow stencils. All at the fab price of €3.09!
I apply my makeup using my MAC stippling foundation brush. I think if you are going to spend money on makeup you need to invest in the proper tools, and MAC do fabulous foundation brushes. I wouldn't recommend Benefit foundation brushes, but I would recommend their powder and contour brushes. I love using them to apply bronzer, they are so soft and come in such cute and quirky packaging.
My number one tip for applying eyeshadow is use a lighter shade on the inner corner and a darker shade on the outer corner. Using the darker corner blend in a C shape around the edge of your eyes. Blend, blend, blend! Use a highlighter under your brow bone to really bring out your eyes. And remember, brows frame your face so tidy them up girls!


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