Friday, 3 January 2014

Inglot Cranberry Smoky Eyes Tutorial

Today I headed to Inglot Liffey Valley for a complimentary makeup lesson I received at an Inglot Blogger event, I rang up and booked in for 2pm with MUA Nicole.
I like most other girls get stuck in a rut of always using the same shades when doing my eye makeup. My go to makeup is always a bronze smoky eye so I wanted to change it up a little bit by trying out the cranberry smoky eye Inglot practically have patented by now.
The eyeshadow shades used are as follows, cranberry in the crease shade 55, 609 a light cranberry in outer lid, 329 matte brown in the crease, 31 rose gold on the lid and 395 a white highlighter with gold flecks on the brow bone. The liner was their AMC gel liner in 77.
You can't see the colours as well in the picture but they really make my eyes pop in person, absolutely loving this look! Nicole did my right eye and talked me through it, including which brushes to use, and then I copied her work on my left eye. They look pretty similar thank god! :)
When doing your gel liner, stretch out the eye, and lightly trace the line before lining it, thicker on the outer edge, thinner on the inside. You can also line your waterline with this gel liner and it is fantastic, it doesn't budge!
Tip: Use a light hand as these shades are heavily pigmented which is great, with almost no fall out which is fantastic!
Let me know if you try this look out :)
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  1. I love cranberry eyeshadow. I've got hazel eyes and it's good for that colour to, but your right it does make your eyes pop xx xx

  2. Thanks, I think greens and golds would be gorgeous with hazel eyes as well xxx


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