Friday, 31 January 2014

Valentine's: Is it all it is cracked up to be?

You know as well as I do that when you think of Valentine's the colours pink and red come to mind, as do massive bunches of roses, lovehearts and Valentine's cards. Valentine's which is the 14th february if you didn't know is the biggest greetin card holiday in the whole year. It also seems to be completely marmite, something that you either love or hate.

Ladies, I must confess that I LOVE Valentine's day. Well I love the idea of it. To be quite honest my expectations have never quite been lived up to yet...sadface, and also hint, hint. I am a big romantic at heart, I melted over the Notebook and long for that enduring romance that Noah and whatever her face had. Lets face it, its all about the Gosling in that movie.

I want a romace like Noah and Allie, obviously without the Alzeimhers, but they are literally the cutest old couple ever. I am that girl that wants the massive bunch of roses, the romantic trip to Paris, or just a five star hotel here at home, the jewlery...basically to be treated like a princess, and hey there is nothing wrong with having standards. Well a girl can dream...

Unfortunately most guys haven't a romantic bone in their body or else are too tight to show the girl he cares. So this is for all those anti Valentine's people out there, happy single awareness day!

If you are a girl don't pretend you don't get a dart of jealousy when you see other couples posting about all the gifts and "romance" they were showered with on the day.

Valentine's Crafts Ideas:

I love getting a bit crafty so here is some cutesy Valentine's ideas to make at home.


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