Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Lily Allen vs Katie Hopkins

It's hard out here for a b***h, especially when you are Lily Allen.

The latest celebrity spat to be played out in the media is Katie famous for being a "posh" gobby cow Hopkins and Lily Allen.

Okay, that does sound biased already but anyone who has seen any of Katie Hopkins face offs with celebs, namely Peaches Geldof, can see how invalid and absolutely flawed her arguments are.

Her issue with Peaches, which was played out on TV show This Morning was that she was calling her a bad mother.

She also had a debate over childrens names and how their names could define who they came to be. She said she hated children who were named after places. Yet her daughter is named India...go figure.

This womans logic is deeply skewed and to be honest I would say she is only controversial to keep the ratings up. There is no way someone could honestly be that much of an outright cow.

I say this as a result of her recent cruel comments about Lily Allen's weight gain during pregnancy. She is quoted as saying, ""she (Lily) wanted to be a mother and that largely involved gaining two stone and looking pretty hideous." Lily Allen had two miscarriages before her latest successful pregnancy and she hit back with a string of tweets in which she explained how since she was so scared after the previous miscarriages she did not exercise and was on bed rest for most of her pregnancy.

What sickens me is the fact that one woman was attacking another woman for gaining weight during a pregnancy?! Surely that is expected, two stone is what is expected of any healthy female to gain while pregnant.

The point that she gained weight is redundant however, it is simply not acceptable for the level of anti feminism going on in todays media. This act of misogyny is actually carried about by woman hating on other woman, an example of this can be the Miley Cyrus vs Sinead O'Connor debacle in which Cyrus mocked O'Connors mental health.

Women should be supporting one another with so many crimes against women such as rape, discrimination in the work place, domestic abuse and considering that the world is thankfully advancing in their acceptance of mental health we do not need prominent media figures attacking one another for perceived imperfections.

Embrace and support one another for not one of us is perfect, everyone is struggling with their own insecurities.

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