Friday, 28 March 2014

Penney's Bargains

I absolutely love reading and watching Penney's Hauls on YouTube or via blogs. It must be because everything is so cheap and affordable, and you can really just pick up some great bits in general from Penneys! I headed into town today to treat myself. I am running the Flora Women's Mini Marathon for an animal charity be it the DSPCA, or Collon Animal Sanctuary where we rescued my dog Charlie from. I decided to buy some workout gear and where else to go but Penneys?! Cheap as chips, and they have seriously upped their game of late. Unfortunately they didn't have much variation in the way of colour which is why I didn't get a top. Don't worry, I would never subject people to the sight of myself just in a sports bra and leggings!

1. Water bottle €2
 I got myself a fancy shmancy runner's water bottle that you can hold easily in your hand, and look how cheap it was. 2 yo-yos, shure where yould ya be going?
2. Sports bra €6
You gotta give them girls some support. Oh god, once I went to the gym and innocently started my workout as usual but having forgotten my sports bra I attempted to run in a normal bra. Well holy god, did I almost get knocked out by my nunga nungas. Do not try this at home.
3. Yoga Pants €10
While technically yoga pants I will be using these for all gym/running work. They are so soft, I am a bit concerned about the waistband however, not sure if they will be great for running because of slippage.

My next purchase was this fab collapsible jewlery organizer that you can easily hang on the back of a door, in your wardrobe, etc. I was planning on trying to use it to store my makeup somehow but it is definitely more jewlery sized and I discovered I had a lot more jewlery laying around than I actually thought! This is double sided, I have one side filled with earrings, bracelets and necklaces and one side to go.

Look how tidy, neat and organized I am! :)
4. Jewellery organiser €4
Tempted to go back and pick up the handbag organiser also!
5. I saw these shampoo and conditioner recommended by Tara Makeup on Facebook so I said I would pick up the blonde version! €3 for a shampoo AND a conditioner? Come to mama.
6.I also was thinking about getting my unpolished paws on a new nail varnish shade and this lil' baby caught my eye. Minty fresh at €1.50!
I will be posting a review of the nail polish shortly along with one of the shampoo and conditioner. Keep those peepers peeled.
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Did you lay your mitts on any dzeadly Penney's bargains of late? To the comments!

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  1. I was tempted to get the shampoo & conditioner but didn't, would love to know what you think of it when you start using it. Love the jewellery organiser I must get myself down to Penneys asap :)


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