Tuesday, 29 April 2014

"No Carbs Before Marbs" Fab or Fad?

We are constantly bombarded with the latest quick fix weight loss tricks or tips, especially in the lead up to summer this tends to happen. Now if you are like me and had your way with three too many easter eggs in the last while you will be in a mad panic to drop the bloat and look super toned for the upcoming holidays and the big 'reveal', aka stripping down to your bra and undies (bikini) on a beach for a week, ten days or a fortnight.
  • No SUGAR – that means no cakes, muffins, chocolate, and the list continues, they are no longer your friends!!!
  • No WHEAT – this includes, bread and pasta, so bring on the salads!!
  • No DAIRY – milk & cheese….need we say more.
  • No PROCESSED FOODS – this is anything that contains e-factors or foods that are packaged, boxed or can be microwaved.
  • No CAFFEINE - yes this includes both Tea AND Coffee. Be positive, just think though of all that money you will be saving!
  • and finally, the pièce de résistance, No ALCOHOL - NONE, NADA, ZIP….no one said this was going to be easy.
    I'm going to Portugal in about seven weeks, and I have a wedding to attend in eight weeks. Both big events that I want to look well for. I just have one problem...I have zero willpower. Like seriously. I haven't always been this way but I think I have fallen way, way down deep into that relationship rut where you just don't give a shit anymore...Haha I know this sounds terrible but we are talking hairy legs zone. So! I have decided I need to dún do bhéile and stop chewing. I work on my feet as I am in hospitality so I honestly don't know if I can hack walks/runs after work but I am planning to try incorporate some weight training into this plan.
    No wheat/ no dairy is the latest thing to be marketed to us as a weigh (excuse the pun) to lose weight. I think this is definitely a fad but with some truth to it. An awful lot of people have an intolerance to wheat and dairy. Some people are lactose intolerant which causes them to bloat. I honestly notice if I consume a lot of dairy mainly milk I get stomach pains, and wheat makes me bloat an awful lot. So I am thinking of switching to soya or almond milk, cutting out cheese, and doing my best to cut out wheat. Cutting out wheat will mean you also cut out a lot of carbs so I see why it can help you lose weight. Veg, sweet potato and I'm pretty sure bananas are considered carbs though so you won't be going hungry or feeling a lack of energy.
    No alcohol- well I don't really drink, I mean when I get the chance it is like wine o'clock a go go, I wouldn't turn down cocktails or a rum and coke but I am working a lot these days and so I don't feel like doing a shift hungover so this one shouldn't be too bad. It takes your body three days to get alcohol out of the system and get the metabolism back to normal so you can see why it is bad for you!
    Sugar: I can see myself seriously struggling with this one. I honestly think I have an addiction to chocolate. I am no even joking, I get so cranky when there is none in the house and I usually need to have some everyday. I don't take sugar in tea or on cereals though so that isn't the problem its basically just chocolate itself. I'll have to monitor this one and really try!
    No caffeine...ah I am partial to a good cup of tea but lately I have been drinking green tea or a Pukka detox tea so I shall try stick to that. Lemon in hot water is also fab for eh 'cleansing the bowel' if you get my drift...
    Sample daily menu plan:
    Breakfast: Porridge with water or almond milk & fruit eg berries/banan/stewed apple & mixed seeds
    Two egg omelette or three egg scramble include mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers basically ALL THE VEG
    plus Green tea/ Hot water and lemon to detox
    Snack: Fruit & 2 litres of water
    Lunch: Chicken/ Tuna salad made of mixed leaves, kidney beans, peppers, boiled egg
    Homemade veg soup no cream or butter
    Snack: dried fruit, apricots are ok, normal fruit, mixed seeds, walnuts are alright, and even granola bars for a snack.
    Dinner: Stirfry with salmon, Steak with sweet potato and veg
    My motivation is Vicky Pattison from Geordie shore, she looks fab now!
    A ton of exercise obviously went into this transformation but if you follow her Instagram she also posts up healthy pics of what she eats. She snacks on sugar snap peas, and eats porridge and fruit for breakfast ever day. Food is fuel.
    Best of luck if you are trying to lose weight or have lost weight (shout out to Laura Cullen)
    Hope you enjoyed this post & can take away some tips! I am trying to motivate myself but if that doesn't work hopefully I've motivated you guys! :-)

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