Monday, 18 August 2014

Makeup Storage Ideas

My makeup area was looking a little less than fabulous recently so I decided to head to Ikea on Sunday to have a root around for something suitable. A favourite by bloggers is the Malm desk and the Alex drawers from Ikea, it is somewhat of a cult item among beauty bloggers! I was recommended this by Sinead at The Beautiful Truth and I have seen Fleur De Force on Youtube's makeup storage. I have a chest of drawers already from Ikea, so I was more so looking for something to divide the drawer up.
Here is a pic of Sinead's gorgeous makeup corner above!
I headed to the kitchen section first in Ikea which does sound a bit strange but if you are seriously strapped for cash they have these white inserts white inserts like something you would put cutlery in!! It only cost €1.50 and I was seriously considering it until I spotted my amazing clear plastic storage boxes specifically for beauty products in the bedroom section. They remind me of the HerClutterboxes without the crazy prize tags!
Here is what I ended up with above! There is  section for lipsticks, a section big enough to fit my palettes, a brush section, and a section where I keep all my compacts and primers. Then I got a selection of different sized clear plastic boxes to keep other items in. The first storage box cost €17, and the second set of five boxes cost only €11! So in total €28 was all my makeup storage came too which I think was pretty thrifty.
I know some people might think clear plastic is boring but it helps you to see everything at once, and I love seeing all my makeup organised as soon as I open the drawer!
That is the final result above! :)
I also store my makeup brushes in a yellow cylinder that came with my makeup brushes. You can purchase one at or Tiger and Ikea both have gorgeous little pots to keep your makeup brushes, eye lash curlers and tweezers in.
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Would love to know any creative ways you ladies have of storing your makeup. My own personal makeup goes in these drawers, and my makeup kit stays in a big pink vanity case I picked up in Argos. I've heard of people using tool boxes as well!
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